Mobile Crusher Plant

crusher for sale Philippines
Wheeled Type and Crawler Type

Capacity:50-500 t/h

Process materials: river stone, cobblestones, peddles, granite, limestone, marble,
basalt, quartz, iron ore, construction waste, etc.

Mobile crusher plant is also called a mobile crusher. It is different from conventional stone crushing equipment because it can be driven to the site and directly output the finished aggregate without transportation. In the Philippines, mobile crushing plants are widely applied processing and production of stone materials in the construction industry, sand and gravel plants, infrastructure projects, road construction projects, and other departments. The applicable materials consist of river pebble, river stone, construction waste, waste concrete, mine tailings, basalt, rock, limestone, and other materials. Here are some kinds of mobile crusher plants for sale in the market. You can check them first.

Mobile Crusher Plant in The Philippines

Types of Common Mobile Crusher Plants
in The Philippines Market

According to different criteria, it can be divided into different types of mobile crushing and screening plants. Based on the chassis, we can divide them into two kinds: tire type and crawler type. In general, the tire type mobile crusher is mainly used for the crushing of small and medium-sized ore and stone yards, as well as some urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, and other site operations. While the crawler mobile crusher plant is generally used in a harsher environment, and even requires climbing operations in large-scale crushing production lines. Let’s get more details about them below.

APY Series Tire-type Mobile Crushing Equipment In The Philippines

Due to the the different fineness of crushed products, it is better to adopt different main crushers to crushing coarse, medium, and fine materials into ideal particle sizes.

The main crushers include jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact cusher. Accordingly, there are three kinds of mobile crushers for choice: mobile jaw crusher plant, mobile impact crusher plant, mobile cone crusher plant, and mobile screening machine, etc.

As for how to select the right one for the project, it is determined by the type of local raw materials of the customer and the requirements for output and finished materials. You can check the main specifications of each mobile crushers below, like feeding size, output size, capacity, etc.

Wheeled Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant

mobile crusher with main jaw crusher
Main Specifications
Basic Introduction
Working Principle

Feeding Size: ≤800mm
Capacity: 45 – 400 t/h
Applicable Materials: river pebbles, quartz sand, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, construction waste, etc

Jaw mobile crushing plant is also known as a coarse crushing tire mobile crushing station. Therefore, it is usually used for primary crushing equipment. The small mobile jaw crusher plant adopts an integrated operation method, which eliminates the installation of complex site infrastructure and auxiliary facilities. The overall structure of the mobile jaw crushing station is actually very simple, including a solid frame, jaw crusher, feeder, conveyor belt, motor, control box, etc.

During the operation of the mobile jaw crushing station, the material is evenly transported to the crusher by the feeder. After the initial crushing, a closed-circuit system is formed by the circular vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of the material, and the finished material is output by the conveyor. Repeatedly for continuous crushing operations. Besides, The size of the discharge port can be freely adjusted according to user needs

Working Principle of Jaw Crushing Plant

In fact, the choice of main jaw crusher model is also important. In the Philippines, many clients would like choose the feeding opening size, like 400×600mm, 500×750mm, 600×900mm, 900×1200mm, and 1000×1200mm.
Indeed, we would according to the customer’s raw material sizes to customize the model of jaw crusher machine. If you want to request more information, you can contact our sales for suggestions directly.
In general, if the customer has further crushing demands, please go on the secondary crushing stage through mobile cone crusher crushing.

Mobile Cone Crusher Plant

mobile cone crushers
Main Parameters
Working Principle

Production Capacity: 50 – 420 t/h
Outlet specifications: 0-5, 12, 13, 4-6mm
Applicable Materials: cobblestone, limestone, bluestone, sandstone, shale, marble, construction waste, coal gangue, coal, etc

Cone mobile crushing station is mobile crushing equipment for medium and fine materials. It is equipped with a cone crusher, vibrating screen, and conveyor, which is suitable for two-stage and three-stage crushing.

The main crushing system can be freely matched with single-cylinder, multi-cylinder, and full hydraulic cone crushers. It has the advantages of flexible fuselage, intelligent operation, green and environmental protection, which can reduce the cumbersome process and labor consumption of infrastructure installation.

When the cone crusher is working, the rotation of the motor rotates around a fixed point through the pulley or coupling. The drive shaft of the mobile cone crusher and the cone part of the cone crusher are driven by the eccentric sleeve to swing around a fixed point.

Cone Crusher Working Principle

Therefore, the cone crushing wall sometimes approaches and leaves the surface of the mortar wall fixed on the adjustment sleeve. And the materials are continuously impacted, squeezed, and bent in the crushing cavity to achieve crushing.

Among various kinds of cone crushers for choices, like spring type, compound type, single-cylinder type, multi-cylinder, and full hydraulic type, clients in the Philippines prefer to choose spring and compound type as the main cone crusher to crush river stone in the mobile crushing line.
If you also want to get more details for other main cone crushers, you can directly contact our sales for help.

Mobile Impact Crusher Plant

mobile crusher with main impact crusher

Feed particle size:≤800mm
Capacity: 70-500 t/h
Applicable Materials: river pebble, granite, limestone, quartz sand, basalt, construction waste, etc.


In general, the mobile impact crusher plant is used as secondary crushing equipment to achieve “more crushing and less grinding”. It can crush various medium hardness and soft materials (limestone, coal gangue, concrete, etc.).The mobile impact crusher is widely used in railways, highways, cement, chemical, and other industries.

Working Principle

The impact crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at a high speed. When the material enters the blow hammer action area, it collides with the blow hammer on the rotor and is broken, and then is thrown to the counterattack device to be broken again, and then bounces from the counterattack liner back to the blow hammer action area to be broken again.

Working principle of impact crusher for sale Philippines

This process is repeated, and the materials enter different counterattack chambers from large to small for repeated crushing until the materials are crushed to the required particle size. Last, unloading from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the material discharge particle size and material shape.

The above mobile crushers are all mounted on the chassis with movable tires. If you don’t want to use the wheeled type, AIMIX has other choice: cawler type. You can learn more about it below.

APYL Series Crawler Mobile Crusher In The Philippines

Crawler mobile crushers in the Philippines are mounted on tracks (crawler chassis) instead of wheels, which provides excellent mobility. They can move easily over rugged terrain, making them suitable for projects in challenging environments.

It is designed to handle a wide range of materials, including rocks, ores, construction waste, concrete, and more. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various applications.

Same as the wheel type, it also can be equipped with powerful kinds of crushers and screening units, enabling them to process large volumes of material efficiently, like crawler jaw crusher, crawler cone crusher, tracked impact crusher, and crawler crushing machine. Check pictures of them below.

crawler jaw crusher
Crawler Jaw Crusher
crawler type cone crusher
Crawler Type Cone Crusher
Tracked Impact Crusher In AIMIX
Tracked Impact Crusher
crawler crushing machine
Crawler Crushing Machine

In fact, in the quarry, sometimes it is not enough to own only one type of mobile crusher to achieve the finial aggregate size. In general, the mobile crusher manufacturer, such AIMIX Group, would provide customized solutions for clients. Here is one of designed solutions for reference.

Customized Solution For Mobile Crusher And Screening Plant

Due to the particularity of the machine, we need to customize a set of crushing solutions for his own project according to the specific needs of the customer. Here is one of the designed schemes of mobile quarry crushing plant for customers.

200tph Mobile Crusher And Screening Plant Customized
200tph Mobile Crusher And Screening Plant Customized
Customer Requirements
Crush hard rock and mountain rocks from different origins and produce sand and gravel aggregates for various building materials;
Since the size of the raw materials reaches a maximum of 600mm, the finished crushed product is sand and gravel between 0-24mm.
The output is positioned at 200tph according to the return on investment budget.

Customer Demand Analysis
Because the particle size of the raw material is too large, a large crushing ratio main machine must be configured, and the finished product size is divided into two stages of crushing. However, due to the uncertainty of the site and storage capacity of raw materials, semi mobile crushing plant is the best choice.

Final Solution
After optimization, the final configuration of the mobile crusher and screening plant is APG-4211W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E (mobile jaw crusher for sale) + APC-200C (medium crushing compound mobile cone crusher for sale) + APS-2160Y4(Finished vibrating screen).

Wide Applications of Mobile Crusher Plants All Over The World

In the market, a lot of global customers prefere to use mobile crusher instead of the stationary one. Until now, AIMIX mobile crushers have covered over 60 countries, like the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Madagascar, Tanzania, etc. Check the configurations and customer reviews below.

Characteristics Of Mobile Crushing And Screening Plants

  • 1. Flexible, convenient and movable. Therefore, it can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs.
  • 2. The reasonable and compact space layout of the mobile crusher machine minimizes the space occupied on-site.
  • 3. The material can be crushed on-site, and it can move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, which greatly reduces the material transportation cost.
  • 4. The mobile crusher plant for sale has a modular design. One frame for multiple models. All levels of the plants are independent working units, which can each fulfill their crushing tasks.
  • 5. It can be connected to an external power supply, and can also be equipped with a high-reliability diesel generator.
  • 6. The mobile crushing and screening plant for sale manufactured by Aimix Group has mature technology, compact structure, and stable performance. Thus, our equipment has a low failure rate during operation.

Factors Affecting Mobile Crusher Plant Price

The market demand for mobile crusher for sale in the Philippines is relatively large, but the mobile crushing plant price is diverse. Therefore, the Philippines customers have some confusion in the selection of the crushing equipment. Here are several factors that influence the price of crushing equipment.

Manufacturing raw material

As we all know, steel is the main material to produce a mobile crushing machine. Thus, the price fluctuation of the steel in the market can directly influence the machine price.

Manufacturing Technology

The production process of mobile crushing plant manufacturers. Due to the different strengths of manufacturers, the technology and technical strength are also diverse. The technology can affect the quality and performance of the whole machine.

Crusher selection

According to the type of crusher equipment the user needs to choose, the price of the mobile stone crusher also varies greatly. There are many types of crushers for selection from jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, etc. In addition, different models of crushers are suitable for different materials with different hardness and sizes.

Before investing in a crushing plant, you can take the above three factors into consideration. Hope you can find the most ideal equipment to provide a guarantee for the machine.

benefits investing crusher

About Aimix Mobile Crush Plant Manufacturer

Aimix Group is a large joint-stock enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and service. After over 30 years of innovation and development, we are one of the top 10 reliable and professional mining machinery manufacturers in China. Our mobile crush plants for sale have been exported to over 120 countries all over the world, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, etc. We have strong strength to manufacture and provide the high-quality machines for customers. While for the Philippines customers, there are some core strengths:

  • 1. Aimix has established a branch office in Manila. Customers can visit anytime and communicate with our local sales face to face.
  • 2. Spare parts available. We have a warehouse in the Philippines. There are some spare parts for mobile crushing plants. Customers can change the parts timely to save maintenance time.
  • 3. Considerate after-sales service provided. Aimix has developed a local installing and debugging team to provide the best after-sales service for customers. Thus, there is no need of worrying about the issues of rock crusher plant after-sales service.

Aimix Philippines Team
Aimix Philippines Team
After-sales Service for Mobile Crushing Plant in the Philippines
After-sales Service

If you plan to invest in a mobile crush plant for business, you can choose Aimix brand without hesitation! You can consult our sales for professional advice and solutions! Contact us through the following form! Or email, tel and WhatsApp us! Then we would reply to you as soon as possible!

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