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Rock Crusher for Sale Philippines

Rock crusher for sale Philippines is the equipment used to crush rocks into pieces of different desired sizes. The rock crushing equipment for sale is generally used for gravel, sand and other construction applications. Some of the most common aggregate types in rock crushing are gravel, limestone, and gravel. In fact, the type of rock you plant to process will determine the type of rock crusher you need. In Aimix, there are different kinds of rock crushers for sale for Philippines clients. You can check them below.

Rock crusher for sale Philippines

Different Types of Rock Crushers for Sale In the Philippines

  • As we all know, it is common that use different types of compact rock crusher machines to finish the whole crushing task. Primary, secondary, and tertiary crusher machines for sale can all be used to achieve the desired size of the final products.
  • In some applications, it is enough to use the primary crushers alone to do all work. While primary crushing is often followed by secondary crushing and tertiary crushing. And secondary crushing and tertiary crushing can reduce the size of materials down to the exact size needed.
  • In general, there are several types of rock crushers that are used in the crushing processes, including jaw crusher, cone crusher, and impact crusher for sale. Here I would introduce you the crushers one by one.

APJ Series Jaw Rock Crusher – for Primary Crushing

  • The jaw type rock crusher is often used in the primary crushing process because it is usually used to break up larger and harder materials into more manageable pieces.
  • It tends to handle different types of materials well and doesn’t show as much wear and tear as impact rock crushers. Besides, it also produces little dust although the final product from this jaw crusher for sale always needs secondary crushing.
  • Aimix jaw crusher rock for sale has wider capacities ranging from 8 tph to 500 tph. Thus, clients have many free choices according to the mining construction demands.
  • Jaw rock crusher for sale Philippines is the one of hot-selling crushing equipment in Aimix. Therefore, we have manufactured different kinds of jaw crushers based on the market demands. The types include APJ-E type, APJ-V type, and APJ-X type. Please check some models below.
APJ-4060E Jaw Rock Crusher

APJ-4060E Jaw Rock Crusher

Feeding Opening Size(mm): 400×600
  • Max. feeding size(mm): 340
  • Discharging open size(mm): 40-100
  • Capacity(t/h): 16-60
  • Motor power(kw): 30
  • Total weight(t): 6.7

APJ-5075E Jaw Type Rock Crusher for Sale Philippines

APJ-5075E Jaw Type Rock Crusher

Feeding Opening Size(mm): 500×750
  • Max. feeding size(mm): 425
  • Discharging open size(mm): 50-100
  • Capacity(t/h): 40-110
  • Motor power(kw): 55
  • Total weight(t): 11.7

APJ-125V Jaw Rock Crusher for Sale in the Philippines

APJ-125V Jaw Rock Crusher

Feeding Opening Size(mm): 950×1250
  • Max. feeding size(mm): 800
  • Discharging open size(mm): 100-250
  • Capacity(t/h): 290-500
  • Motor power(kw): 160
  • Speed(rpm): 36.7

APC Series Cone Rock Crusher – secondary and tertiary crushing stages

  • The cone crusher is a type of crusher that is generally applied for processing rocks in mining and aggregate applications. The rock crusher cone uses compression force to break large rocks or other materials into small rocks, gravel, and sand.
  • In general, the industrial rock crusher cone is usually used in the secondary and tertiary crushing stages. Designed especially for the hardest material types, the industrial rock crusher for sale Philippines is one of the best choices for crushing river gravel, basalt, and granite.
  • As one of the important crushers in the crushing process, many clients would consider different kinds of cone crushers for choices. And Aimix also has manufactured different kinds of best rock crushers for reference.
  • There are several types for reference: APC-Y spring type, APC-C compound type, APC-D single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, and APC-M multi-cylinder hydraulic type. Clients can choose one of them for construction. If you are not certain to choose which one, please consult our sales for the advice!
APC-1200Y Spring Cone Rock Crusher

APC-1200Y Spring Rock Cone Crusher

Crushing cone diameter(mm): 1200
  • Maximum feed size(mm): 50-145
  • Outlet adjustment range(mm): 3-50
  • Capacity(t/h): 18-200
  • Motor power(kw): 110
  • Total weight(t): 25.5

APC-132C Compound Cone Crusher Rock for Sale

APC-132C Compound Cone Crusher

Crushing cone diameter(mm): 1000
  • Maximum feed size(mm): 90-180
  • Outlet size(mm): 10-38
  • Capacity(t/h): 80-260
  • Motor power(kw): 132
  • Total weight(t): 15.5

APF Series Impact Rock Crusher – Crushing Different Sizes of Raw Materials

  • Impact crusher is named after the way it breaks larger pieces of rocks into smaller particle sizes. As the name implies, it accelerates the feed material to a high speed, and then throws the fast-moving rocks against the walls of the crushing chamber and collide with each other. Repeatedly, the rocks would be broken down into smaller sizes.
  • Therefore, the impact hydraulic rock crusher is suitable for crushing different sizes of materials, including coarse, medium, and fine types. .
  • In Aimix, we provide APF series impact crushers. Its capacity of it can range from 100 tph to 550 tph. Clients need to choose the right model according to the feeding size of materials and actual crushing demands.

APF1214 Impact Rock Crusher
APF1214 Impact Rock Crusher
APF1315 Rock Impact Crusher in The Philippines
APF1315 Rock Impact Crusher

Types of Rock Crusher Plants for Sale Philippines – Stationary Type and Mobile Type

As we all know, it is not enough to own one type of rock crusher machine for sale to finish a complete crushing job. In general, the crushing job needs several big rock crushers to establish the rock crushing plant for sale. To meet different clients’ crushing demands, it has been divided into two types in the Philippines market: stationary type and mobile crusher plant for sale.

  • The stationary rock crusher machine for sale can’t be moved easily after it is installed on-site. Thus, it is suitable for projects where the materials are close to the construction sites.
  • Stationary Rock Crusher Plant for Sale in the Philippines
    Stationary Rock Crusher Plant in the Philippines
  • The mobile rock crusher for sale near me has two types: tire type and crawler type. The tractor rock crusher for sale is flexible and can move among the construction sites. Many clients in the Philippines prefer to buy the tractor mounted rock crusher for sale Philippines for their projects.

mobile crawler rock crusher for Sale Philippines
mobile crawler rock crusher in the Philippines
mobile tractor mounted rock crusher in the Philippines
mobile tractor mounted rock crusher in the Philippines

Unique Rock Crushing Solutions for You

In fact, when the client chooses a crusher for his project, it is necessary for us to provide the whole solution. We need to customize the solution according to the feeding size of materials, type of materials, capacity, layout, site location, etc. In Aimix, we have professional technical engineers who can provide solutions soonest! Here are some solutions of stone crusher plants we have provided for Philippines clients.

300-350TPH Stationary Crusher Plant For Crushing Limestone

  • Configuration: APG-6015W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-110V (jaw crusher) + APF-1620H (impact crusher) + APS-3072Y3 (vibrating screen)
  • Raw materials used: ≤750mm
  • Finished product requirements: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-30mm
  • Yield requirements: 300-350TPH

APG-6015W vibrating feeder
APG-6015W vibrating feeder
APJ-V100 rock jaw crushing machine
APJ-V100 rock jaw crusher
APF-1620H impact rock crusher
APF-1620H impact rock crusher
APS-3072Y3 vibrator screen
APS-3072Y3 vibrator screen

150TPH Stationary Crushing Plant For Producing Concrete

  • Configuration: APG-3895W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-6090E (jaw crusher) + APC-132C-M (medium crushing compound cone crusher) + APC-132C-F (fine crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-2160Y4 (vibrating screen)
  • Raw material size: maximum 500mm
  • Finished particle size: four kinds of sand between 0-38mm
  • Yield demands: 150 t/h

150tph crusher plant for concrete production

Choose Reliable Aimix Rock Crusher Manufacturer

In the Philippines, there are many rock crushing equipment manufacturers for choices. Clients can find many brands online or offline. Before making an order, it is necessary for clients to choose a reliable and professional one among rock crusher manufacturers. Aimix is one of the reliable manufacturers in the Philippines market. Many clients have cooperated with us. And here are the main reason why you can choose Aimix for safety.

  • 1. Aimix has owned over 30 years of crusher manufacturing experience. We have advanced technology and mature skills to upgrade crushers to meet different clients’ demands.
  • 2. We have exported many crushing production lines to the Philippines market. If necessary, the clients can visit the nearby aggregate crushing plants at the construction sites before making an order.
  • 3. Aimix has branch offices in Manila. Clients can come to visit our sales and communicate with the deal face to face.
  • 4. There is a resident engineer in the Philippines who can help solve all kinds of after-sales problems, such as testing, installing, checking, and maintaining the towable rock crusher.
  • After-Sales Service Team
    After-Sales Engineers
    Technical Support Team
    Technical Support Team

  • 5. Spare parts are available in the Philippines. AIMIX has established a warehouse to store some spare parts for the rock crusher Philippines.

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Due to the specialty of the crushing demands, if the clients buy rock crusher, it is better for them to consult our sales for customized solutions for the crushing projects. In addition, the solutions are with different configurations, thereby the rock crusher prices are different. If you wanna get the rock crusher machine price, contact us through email, tel, Viber, and WhatsApp. Later our sales would contact you and reply to you with details.

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