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Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile cone crusher for sale in the Philippines is applied in the processing of medium-hard to hard and abrasive natural rock formations, as well as for raw materials processing in mining applications. It excels particularly in producing finely crushed cubic particles during the secondary and tertiary crushing process.

mobile cone crusher plant for sale Philippines

In general, the cone crusher setups are well-suited for integration with primary crushers and screening plants, enhancing the overall efficiency of material processing workflows. Let’s check the role mobile cone crusher plays in the whole working process.

The Role of Mobile Cone Crusher In The Crushing Process

As above description, the cone crusher is always set between the primary jaw crushing and finial screening processes for secondary crushing. AIMIX has designed many these solutions for clients. Here are one of mobile crushing plant solutions for reference.

200TPH Stone Crushing Lines for Crushing Granite

  • Raw materials: Granite
  • Capacity: 200tph
  • Feeding Size: < 700mm
  • Output size: 0-2-5-25mm
  • Configurations: APY2-110J mobile jaw crusher + APY2-200C mobile cone crusher + APS-2160Y2 Vibrating Screen + APY2-9532V sand making machine

200TPH Mobile Crushing Plant for Processing Granite

Why Customize This Configuration?

As the above project demand lists, it not only need crushing but screening in the process according to the demands of out put sizes.

  • 1. Because the raw material size of granite is a little large. However, its largest size is not over 700mm. Among all jaw crushers for sale, the APJ-110V mobile crusher is the ideal one because of its max. feeding size about 720mm, closest to the customer’s needs. With mobile chassis, it is named after APY2-110J mobile jaw crusher. Its discharging open size is about 70-200mm.
  • 2. Then the materials with 70-200mm still need to crusher through the cone crusher. According to the requested output size 5 ~ 25 mm, we have adopted the APY2-200C mobile cone crusher. The APY2-200C compound cone crusher have output size ranges from 5mm ~ 50mm, which can totally cover the ranges of client demand.
  • 3. In order to produce smaller particle size sand and gravel, it is necessary to use the VSI sand making machine. Only the VSI crusher can reduce the particle size to small, ranges from 0-2mm and 2~5 mm.
  • 4. During the whole crushing process, there are two vibrate screens setup. One is set up after the mobile cone crusher plant, the other one is installed after the VSI sand making machine. The main function is to separate materials into different sizes and grades.

flowsheet of customized 200tph mobile crushers

Based on the above analysis, you must have a better understanding of the meaning of customization for the solutions. Because every client has different special crushing demands. As the solution shows, it adopts the APY2-200C mobile cone crusher which is mounted on the wheeled chassis. Let’s know more details of the wheeled mobile cone crusher in the following paragraph.

Mobile Cone Crusher – Wheeled Type

  • The wheeled mobile cone crusher is a type of mobile crushing equipment offers the advantage of mobility and flexibility, allowing it to be easily transported from one location to another for various crushing and screening applications.
  • It is designed for quick setup and disassembly. This allows the clients to start crushing operations shortly after arriving at a new site and reduces downtime during transitions between locations.
  • With capacities of 50-420t/h, the cone crusher for sale has been widely applied in these fields, like construction sites and demolition works, quarries and mines, roadworks, temporary works, urban Construction, etc.

Mobile Cone Crusher – Wheeled Type

Wheeled Type Mobile Crusher

Wheeled Type Mobile Crusher Machine

Main Components of Mobile Cone Crusher

It consists of several key components that work together to enable efficient crushing and screening processes. The components ensure that the crusher operates effectively and produces high-quality aggregates. Here are the main components:

Cone Crusher

It is the core crushing component. The cone crusher is for crushing raw materials into smaller aggregates. The material is fed into the top of the cone crusher and is crushed as it moves between the mantle and the concave. In general, the cone crusher selection is diverse, including APC-Y Spring Type, APC-C Compound Type, APC-D Single-Cylinder Type, and APC-M Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Type. The choice is determined according to project needs.

APC-Y Spring Type
APC-Y Spring Type
APC-C Compound Type
APC-C Compound Type
APC-D Single-Cylinder Type
APC-D Single-Cylinder Type
APC-M Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Type
APC-M Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Type

Wheeled Chassis

The wheeled chassis provides mobility to the crusher, allowing it to move easily on-site. The chassis typically features wheels, a frame, and support structures.

Feed Hopper

The raw materials are loaded into the crusher for processing through the feed hopper, which maintains a regulated and consistent material flow into the crushing chamber.

Vibrating Feeder

Some wheeled mobile cone crushers for sale would include a vibrating feeder to control the material flow into the cone crusher. The vibrating feeder guarantees a uniform and steady supply of materials, enhancing the operational efficiency of the crusher.

Vibrating Feeder
Vibrating Feeder

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts transport materials between different components. They are used to transport raw materials from the feed hopper to the cone crusher or delivery crushed materials away from the crusher for further processing or stockpiling.

Screening Unit

Some wheeled mobile cone crusher machines may include a screening unit that separates and classifies the crushed aggregates into different sizes. The screening equipment can ensure the final product meets specific size requirements.

Screening Unit
Screening Unit

Among them, Vibrating Feeder and Screening Unit are optional components. Whether need them or not is determined by the actual crushing demands. According the above listed main components, you maybe imagine how it works. Let me introduce you as follows.


Working Process of Mobile Cone Crusher Plant

Actually, the working process of the mobile cone crusher machine is simple due to its simple design. It mainly is composed of these procedures:


Raw materials are loaded into the feed hopper. It can load through wheel loader equipment or conveyors. The feed hopper ensures a controlled and consistent flow of materials into the crushing chamber.


The raw materials are transported to the cone crusher, where the cone’s movement compresses the materials between a stationary mantle and a rotating concave liner. It breaks down the materials into smaller particles, producing the desired aggregate size.


If the mobile cone crusher plant is equipped with the screening unit, the crushed materials would be loaded into the screening equipment. It would divides the crushed aggregates into different sizes.


Once the materials are crushed and screened, they are conveyed by conveyor belts to stacking areas for storage or further use.

Here is an working video about how the mobile cone crusher works that can help you understand the whole process.

Choose AIMIX Mobile Cone Crushers for Mining Construction

  • AIMIX, one of reliable crushing machine manufacturers in the Philippines, is headquartered in China.
  • We have been dedicated to manufacturing and upgrading the crushing machines for decades since 1982. Therefore, AIMIX promises to offer high-quality machines for Philippines clients.
  • There is an oversea office and warehouse in the Philippines. Clients can get parts as soon as possible when they are break out.
  • Philippines Sales Team

  • Moreover, Aimix engineers would come on-site for maintenance if necessary. Thus, clients needn’t worry about the after-sales service.

If you are interested in investing in mobile cone crushing machines, welcome to contact us right now! Then our sales in the Philippines would contact you soonest.

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