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Mobile Impact Crushers

Mobile impact crushers are the type of crushing equipment that takes the impact crusher as the main crushing machine to process materials. Mounted on tracks or wheels, they are designed to be easily transported from one location to another.

Mobile impact crushers in AIMIX

Thus, it is particularly suitable for applications in the construction and mining industries where materials need to be crushed at various sites. However, which kind of materials is the mobile impact crusher suitable for crushing on-site? Let’s explore more details about it below.

Kinds of Materials Mobile Impact Crushers Processing

In general, according to the hardness, the raw materials can be divided into hard rock and soft rock. Fortunately, the mobile impact crushers for sale are versatile machines that can be used for both hard and soft rock materials, depending on their design and specifications. Here’s a breakdown of their suitability for different types of stone materials:

Hard Rock Materials

  • Mobile impact crusher for sale is well-suited for crushing hard rock materials like granite, marble, basalt, grass, quartzite, and construction waste.
  • The mobile impact crusher’s high-speed rotation and impact forces are effective in reducing hard stone into smaller, more manageable sizes.
  • These crushers are commonly used in recycling, quarrying, mining, and construction applications to process hard rock.

construction waste
Construction Waste

Soft Rock Materials

  • It also can handle soft stone materials like limestone, gypsum, and sandstone.
  • The adjustable settings allow operators to control the size of the final product, making it possible to crush and shape soft stones according to specific requirements.
  • Soft stone materials are typically easier to crush than hard rocks, and the mobile impact crushing machine for rock can provide precise control over the crushing process.
  • They are often used in applications where high-quality aggregates are needed, such as in the production of concrete and asphalt.


Therefore, its versatility makes it capable of efficiently processing different types of rock to meet various project needs. Well, the choice of crusher will depend on the specific characteristics of the stone material and the desired final product. Here I will introduce you two kinds of mobile impact crusher plants for sale in AIMIX based on different chassis.

Two Types of Mobile Impact Crushers

APY-F Series Mobile Impact Crusher Plant – Wheeled Chassis

  • The APY-F series mobile crusher has the wheeled design, allowing for easy mobility and transportation between crushing sites. It is suitable for applications where frequent relocation is required.
  • In addition, the wheel chassis offer stability on a wide range of terrains, making the portable crusher suitable for use in both urban and rugged outdoor environments.
  • It also can achieve quick setup compared to tracked type, easy for faster deployment on-site.
  • The wheeled type mobile impact crusher machine has capacity ranges from 70t/h to 500t/h. It can process different kinds of materials, like granite, marble, basalt, limestone, etc.
APY-F Series Mobile Impact Crusher Plant – Wheeled Chassis
APY-F Series Mobile Impact Crusher Plant – Wheeled Type

APYL Series Mobile Impact Crusher – Tracked Chassis

  • The crawler type mobile impact crushing equipment is known for the precision tracking capabilities, allowing for precise positioning and maneuverability.
  • Its crawler design can be used for challenging terrains, such as rough construction sites and quarries, offering excellent off-road performance. Besides, the crawler mobile crushers provide stability and control in demanding conditions.
  • AIMIX tracked mobile impact crusher also has remote control function, enhancing safety and efficiency during operation.
  • In general, the crawler mobile crusher for sale excel in applications where maximum mobility and stability are essential, especially for recycling construction waste at the construction sites.

APYL Series Mobile Impact Crusher - Tracked Type
APYL Series Mobile Impact Crusher - Tracked Chassis

Thus, according to the environment of crushing site, the customers can initially choose the type of mobile crushing plant above. Well, as for the model selection, our engineers would customize the whole crushing line according to specific requirements, such as raw material feeding size and finial product output size. Therefore, every crushing lines need to customize. Here is one of customized solutions that AIMIX engineers have designed for global clients for reference.

Customized Mobile Crushing Solutions

70-100TPH Mobile Impact Crushing And Screening Plant to Crush Limestone

70-100TPH Mobile Impact Crushing And Screening Plant To Crush Limestone

  • Raw materials: Limestone
  • Raw material size: below 180mm
  • Finial product size: 0-1/4”-1/2”-3/4”-1′
  • Customized configurations: APY3-1210F mobile impact crusher plant: (APG-3896W vibrating feeder + APF-1210H European version hydraulic impact crusher + APS-1848Y4 vibrating screen)
  • APG-3896W vibrating feeder
    APG-3896W Vibrating Feeder
    APF-1210H Hydraulic Impact Crusher
    APF-1210H Hydraulic Impact Crusher
    APS-1848Y4 Vibrating Screen
    APS-1848Y4 Vibrating Screen

  • Introduction: The customer is a owner of quarry, mainly limestone. He wanted to bought the crushing machines for concrete mixture production. After considering the limestone feature of low hardness and flexible crushing demands, we advised him to choose the wheeled type mobile impact crusher. He was satisfied with the customized crusher equipment and decide to buy it finally.

80TPH Mobile Crawler Impact Crusher for Recycling Construction Waste

  • Production capacity: 80 t/h
  • Processing materials: construction waste (waste bricks, waste concrete, etc.)
  • Feed particle size: less than 500mm
  • Outlet specifications: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm
  • Customer reviews: “I recently purchased the AIMIX construction waste recycling plant, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. One of the standout features for me is the mobility of this construction waste recycling plant. The crawler design allows us to move it around our construction sites effortlessly. Another big advantage is the quick setup time. Plus, the maintenance has been straightforward, which is a big plus for our team. In terms of sustainability, the recycling capabilities of this plant have helped us reduce waste and contribute to a greener construction process. Overall, I highly recommend the AIMIX impact crushing plant to anyone in the construction industry looking to efficiently manage and recycle construction waste.”

80TPH Mobile Crawler Impact Crusher For Recycling Construction Waste
Crawler Mobile Crusher For Processing Construction Waste

What Service Can We Provide If You Buy from AIMIX?

Pre-sale service:

  • Online communication for confirming the preliminary determination of the needs of the crushing plant.
  • According to the requirement, designing for a 3D layout for reference and revise it until achieving customer’s satisfaction. If necessary, engineers would personally survey the crushing site and design the layout of mobile impact crushing plant on the spot based on the site conditions.

Design for Layout
Layout Design
AIMIX Surveying The Crushing Site
Survey The Crushing Site

During sale Service:

  • Real-time update of crushing machine production progress, delivery progress, and transportation status.

After-sales service:

  • AIMIX will dispatch engineers to the crushing sites for installing, testing and debugging the mobile impact crusher for stone.
  • We have branch office and warehouse in Manila. Whenever you need to exchange the main components, it is easier to get it in several hours because of stocked spare parts in warehouse.

AIMIX Warehouse
AIMIX Warehouse

All in all, AIMIX mobile impact crusher manufacturer can provide on-stop service for clients who have purchased crushing machines from us. If you need some other support or want to get the mobile impact crusher price, welcome to contact our sales for solutions. Contact us through the following form. Or email and call our sale directly. Later they would reply to you soonest!

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