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Quarry Crusher Plant in The Philippines

The quarry crusher plant the Philippines is a formidable machine that holds immense significance in the mining and aggregate industries. Its purpose is to meticulously fragment substantial rocks into more manageable sizes. Within the Philippine market, numerous clients invest in crushing lines to cater to their construction projects, road-building initiatives, and the production of concrete and asphalt. Within the quarry, a diverse array of materials awaits the powerful jaws of the crusher. Let us embark on a journey to explore the wide range of materials typically subjected to the crushing process within the quarry.

quarry crusher plant in the Philippines

Kinds of Materials for Crushing In the Quarry

The Philippines is a resource-rich country with a variety of raw materials for crushing and processing. In the quarry, common mining raw materials mainly include the following:

  • Sand and gravel: The sand and gravel resources include river sand, beach sand and mineral sand. These sands are often used in construction and concrete manufacturing.
  • Gravel: Gravel is a mixture of round stones of various sizes. In the Philippines, gravel is commonly used in areas such as road construction, earthworks, and drainage systems.
  • Granite: The granite is hard rock that is commonly used in construction, decoration and road laying.
  • Limestone: It is a common building and road construction material and is also widely used in cement and asphalt concrete manufacture.
  • Basalt: Due to active volcanism, it is rich in basalt resources. Basalt is commonly used in road construction, fill material, and rock engineering.

Sand & Gravel
Sand & Gravel

Apart from these stone raw materials, there are also other materials to crush. You can contact us for the best solutions. In the quarry, you can find different types of quarry crusher plants. Check its types first.

Common Types of Quarry Crusher Plants for Choices in the Philippines

In general, there are two common kinds of quarry crusher machines for sale. One is the stationary quarry rock crusher; the other one is the mobile quarry crusher plant machinery. Check each of them below.

Mobile Quarry Crusher – Easy Movement

  • Mobile quarry crusher is a kind of crusher with mobile performance, specially designed for quarrying and stone processing in different sites.
  • Compared with traditional stationary crushers, mobile quarry crushers for sale have higher flexibility and adaptability, and can be easily moved to different quarries or construction sites for crushing operations.
  • Based on different kinds of crushers, like jaw crusher, cone crusher, and impact crusher, there are three kinds of mobile crusher plants for sale accordingly, including mobile jaw crusher plant, mobile cone crusher plant, and mobile impact crusher.
  • The choice of which kind of crusher is dependent on the crushing materials and the final size of the materials. In addition, it also can be customized according to special requirements. You can check one of the mobile crushing solutions as follows:

50 TPH Mobile Quarry Stone Crusher for Processing Quartz

Because the clients have different quarries in his areas. He wanted to buy a mobile rock crusher quarry to be fully used at different construction sites. According to his requirements, we have customized the aggregate crushing plants for him. Check the info below!

  • Crushing material: quartz
  • Feeding size: <425mm
  • Output size: 0-20-40-70mm
  • Capacity: 50 ~ 60 t/h
  • Customized configurations: APG-3090W (vibrating feeder) +APJ-5075E (quarry jaw crusher)+ APC-900Y (spring cone crusher) + APS-1548Y3 (vibrating screen)

50 TPH Mobile Quarry Stone Crusher

Advantages of Using The Mobile Quarry Crusher Plant

Mobile quarry plant for sale is used in a wide range of applications including construction, road construction, quarrying, mining and more. It provides an efficient and convenient solution for the quarrying industry to meet the crushing needs of different construction sites. Here are some using advantages:

  • Due to its mobile performance, the mobile quarry crusher plant Philippines for sale can be quickly deployed to the site where crushing operations are required, avoiding the time and cost of material transportation.
  • The quarry crusher mobile-type can handle many types and sizes of raw materials, including limestone, granite, basalt, sandstone, etc., which is suitable for different crushing needs.
  • The mobile quarry crusher performs crushing operations on site, which can realize instant raw material processing and finished product production, and improve production efficiency.
  • It can reduce the cost of material transportation and resource waste while reducing the need for on-site facilities and infrastructure.
  • The mobile quarry crusher for sale usually equipped with noise and dust control equipment to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.

quarry crusher plant mobile-type

Stationary Stone Crusher Quarry – Large Output

  • As we all know, the stationary crusher plant in the Philippines is fixed and nearby the quarry. Thus, it can’t move easily once installed on-site.
  • In this way can it reduce the raw material transporting time and improve working efficiency.
  • In general, before buying a quarry stone crushing machine, the manufacturer would design the layout and customize the plant according to the client’s demands.
  • Here are one of AIMIX’s engineer who designed the quarry stone crusher plant for the client for reference.

Stationary Stone Crusher Quarry

200 tph Stationary Crushing Machine in The Philippines Quarry

The clients had relatively high requirements for aggregate particle size. Thus, the production line is with high output capacity of about 200 t/h. Here are the details about the quarry crushing plant as follows:

  • Capacity: 200 t/h
  • Crushing material: granite
  • Configurations Of the Whole line: APG-4211W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E (jaw crusher) + APF-1315H (impact crusher) + APS-2160Y4 (vibrating screen)

200 Tph Stationary Crushing Machine In The Quarry

At the same time, the clients have purchased one unit of asphalt mixing plant and one unit of concrete mixing plant. The crushed materials supplied can satisfy these plants’ requirements.

Whether for stationary or mobile-type quarry crusher, it is deserved to be invested in with considerable returns. And the customers must have a better understanding of the relationship between the quarry and crusher. In addition, how to choose between the stationary one or the mobile one? Check the descriptions in the following paragraph.

Choose Stationary Crushing Plant or Mobile Crushing Plant in the Philippine Market?

The relationship between quarries and crushers can be described as a sequential process. Quarrying operations provide raw materials, and rock crushers process these materials into the required size and quality of stone or aggregate. The relationship to the quarry plays an important role in the selection of stationary crushing lines and mobile crushers. Here are some key factors:

Quarry Size and Layout

  • The stationary crushing line is suitable for large quarries, and it is usually installed in a fixed position, and the raw materials are sent to the crusher through the conveying equipment.
  • However, the mobile crusher is suitable for small or medium-sized quarries, and can be moved to different quarries or construction sites as required.

Crushing Output and Efficiency Requirements

  • Stationary quarry crushing plant for sale is usually used for scenarios that require high output and continuous operation, and its configuration and layout can maximize production efficiency.
  • Mobile quarry crusher for sale is more appropriate for small operations and scenes that require frequent movement.
stationary quarry crusher plant in the Philippines
Stationary Quarry Crusher Plant


mobile quarry crusher plant Philippines
Mobile Quarry Crusher Plant

Shipping costs and flexibility

  • If the crusher plant is near the quarry, which can directly transport the raw rock or ore to the crusher for processing, avoiding long-distance transportation. That not only saves transportation costs, but also reduces material loss and pollution, and improves production efficiency. Otherwise, it requires raw material to be transported to a stationary crusher plant location. Therefore, in this way, it may involve long distances in transportation costs and time.
  • The quarry crusher machine for sale portable can be deployed directly near the quarry, reducing the cost and time of material transportation, and improving flexibility and response speed.

Cautions of Operating A Quarry Crusher Plant

Operating a quarry crusher requires careful attention to several important factors to ensure safe and efficient operation. Here are some key considerations for quarry crusher plant Philippines operation:

  • Training and communication: Provide comprehensive training to crusher operators and establish effective communication channels to ensure smooth operation. Encourage operators to report any issues or concerns promptly and address them promptly.
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect the crusher plant and its components to identify any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. Perform routine maintenance tasks such as lubrication, belt tension checks, and parts replacement to keep the crusher in optimal working condition.
  • Quarry Crusher Plant Operation

  • Material feed: Ensure a consistent and controlled material feed into the crusher to prevent overloading or uneven feeding, which can lead to equipment damage or reduced efficiency. Use appropriate feeding equipment, such as vibrating feeders or belt conveyors, to regulate the flow of materials.
  • Crusher settings and adjustments: Adjust the crusher settings to achieve the desired product size and quality. Monitor and adjust the crusher machine sale‘s operating parameters, such as the speed, cavity level, and feed gradation. That can optimize performance and maximize production.

By following these quarry crusher operation cations, operators can maintain a safe and efficient crushing process, optimize production, and minimize downtime and equipment failures.

If you are ready to set up a quarry crusher plant Philippines and know more information about it, welcome to contact us for suggestions! We would provide customized solutions for clients. Contact our sales through the inquiry form, tel, phone, and Viber right now!

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