Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

Asphalt mixing plant for sale in the Philippines is used for the batch production of asphalt, including asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture, etc. In general, it has wide applications, like highway construction, municipal road construction, airport construction, port project, and so on. In the market, there are different types and models of asphalt plants sale. You can learn them briefly and then pick up a suitable one for your construction project.

AIMIX Asphalt mixing plant for sale in the Philippines

Kinds of Asphalt Plants for Sale Based on Different Classification Criteria

According to the mobility, AIMIX asphalt plants for sale can be divided into stationary type – ALQ series and mobile type – ALYQ series. Check their introduction and specifications below.

Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant – ALQ series

  • ALQ series stationary asphalt plant machine for sale is the ideal construction equipment for producing paving materials, which are widely used in large projects, like highway, freeway, and state roads.
  • With wider capacities of about from 40 t/h to 320 t/h, the customers have more choices according to the size of the projects. In general, stationary type asphalt batching plant for sale is suitable for large projects because it is not easy to move after installation.

ALQ60 Stationary asphalt plant in Kyrgyzstan
ALQ100 Stationary Asphalt Plant in Surabaya Indonesia

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant – ALYQ Series

  • Mobile-type asphalt mixing plants for sale is more convenient to move. Different from the stationary ones, it has an extra chassis on the main components, like the cold aggregate supply system and drum dryer.
  • Convenient movement can save the transportation time and shorten the construction period. So if you have several projects at the same time, mobile asphalt mixing equipment for sale is a good choice for you.
  • There are several capacities for choices: 60, 80, 100, 120, and 160 t/h. Choose one according to the scale of road projects, like rural roads, urban secondary roads, and internal roads, etc.

ALYQ Series Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

In terms of mixing methods, there are different ways, including batch mix way and continuous mixing way. The batch mix type can produce a relatively higher asphalt mixture, while the continuous mixing type can ensure continuous asphalt mixture supply on-site due to the simple drying and mixing process. Here is an introduction to each one in the following paragraph.

Drum Mix Type – ALT Series

  • Asphalt drum asphalt plant for sale can achieve continuously mixing the aggregate, which greatly shortens the working period. Meanwhile, the drying and mixing of the materials are in the drum dryer simultaneously, which improves the working efficiency.
  • If the period of your construction project is short or you need a lot of asphalt mixture in a short time, the drum mix asphalt mixing plant is a good choice for you. It is used for projects, including urban secondary arterial roads, county roads, road repairs, sidewalk construction, etc.
  • In addition, the biggest advantage of the drum mix asphalt plant is its low price. So if you want to get a return quickly, you can consider investing in one.

ALT40 drum type in Myanmar
ALT40 Drum Mix Plant
ALT60 Mobile drum type
ALT60 Mobile Drum Plant

Batch Mix Type – ALQ Stationary Type, ALYQ Mobile Type, ALYJ Simple Batch Type

  • Compared with drum mix type asphalt plant, batch type asphalt plant dries and mixes the materials in two different machines. Batch mix asphalt plant is also called a compulsory asphalt mix plant.
  • Equipped with the mixer machine, the aggregate is also weighed in different weighing systems, then the weighed aggregate is transported to the mixer machine. The asphalt production plant for sale can increase the accuracy of weighed aggregate and improve the mixing quality.
  • In AIMIX, ALQ stationary type and ALYQ series mobile type are classic asphalt batch plants for sale. To meet clients’ special requirements and lower manufacturing costs, AIMIX has designed a special type – ALYJ series, which is simple batch mix plant for sale.
  • We have introduced the ALQ series and ALYQ series above in detail. While ALYJ series simple asphalt batch mix plant with capacities of 10 t/h to 80 t/h. Therefore, it is more appropriate for small-scale road construction.

ALYJ40 Simple Batch Mix Plant for Sale
ALYJ60 Simple Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Large type, Middle type, and Small type

According to its production capacity, the asphalt mix plant for sale can be divided into large type, middle type, and small type. The division is as follows:

  • If the productivity of asphalt mixing plant for sale is below 40 ton per hour, it is small type.
  • If its productivity is above the 400 ton per hour, it belongs to large type asphalt batch plant for sale.
  • If its production capacity is between 40 t/h and 400 t/h, the asphalt mixer plant for sale is middle type.

Let’s take an example. The ALT40 model is the drum mix asphalt batch plant for sale. Its production output is 40t/h, so the ALT40 model is a small type asphalt plant.

Medium 80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant
Medium 80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant

Small 20TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale
Small 20TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant

Applications of Asphalt Mixing Plant in the Philippines

Until now, AIMIX has exported over 10 units of asphalt plant equipment for sale to the Philippines market. They are widely applied in these cities in the Philippines, like Manila, Cebu, Davao, etc. Check their application details below.

ALYJ60 Simple Batch Mix Plant Working in Cebu

  • Capacity: 60 t/h
  • Mixing method: simple batch mix type
  • Application: country roads
  • Customer reviews: I have been using it for two months. It has high working efficiency and a low failure rate. In addition, the daily asphalt mixture production can satisfy road construction demands. Thanks to the AIMIX patient sales team and considerate after-sales service team.

ALYJ60 Simple Asphalt Mix Plant

asphalt mixing plant for sale in the Philippines

ALYJ60 Asphalt Mix Plant in The Philippines

ALQ80 Asphalt Batch Plant Working in Manila

  • Production capacity: 80 t/h
  • Mixing method: classic batch mix type
  • Application: highway construction
  • Customer reviews: I bought the crusher plant and asphalt mixing plant from AIMIX. The aggregate material produced by the crushing plant can be as the raw materials of asphalt mixture production. In addition, the stone crushing plant capacity I bought is larger. I also have expanded the aggregate sale business in Manila. Now everything runs well! I believe that the equipment can bring quick returns for me.
80TPH Asphalt Mix Plant + Crushing Plant in the Philippines
80TPH Asphalt Mix Plant + Crushing Plant in the Philippines

Advantages of asphalt mixing plant for sale

  • 1. Equipped with dry powder humidifier, it can process the waste of the fly ash. When the cold aggregate is dried in the drying drum, that can produce some waste powder. The humidifier can process this waste powder again, which can achieve waste comprehensive utilization.
  • 2. We have different types of burner for your selection. You can choose a diesel oil burner or a heavy oil burner.
  • 3. Adopt international brand components, like, Siemens, FESTO, AIRTECH, and Schneider, which can reduce the failure rate and increase the service life. This can save your maintenance fees.
  • 4. Our hot mix asphalt mixing plant for sale can be equipped with the finished storage bin. This can improve the working efficiency of the mixer machine. Moreover, it can meet the requirement of small projects and reduce frequent starting.
  • 5. We also have different types of dust collecting systems that you can choose from, including cyclone dust removal, gravitational dust collection, bag dust removal, water dust removal, etc.
  • 6. The control system includes the PLC control and panel control, which can fully guarantee the working of portable asphalt mixing plant for sale. In general, you can use the PLC control, namely the computer control. When the PLC control is wrong, you can also use the panel control, which doesn’t delay your construction period.

How Does Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale Work?

The asphalt plant equipment for sale combines various aggregates, fillers, and bitumen in specific proportions to create asphalt mixtures of different grades. Here are six simplified steps to understand how an asphalt mixing plant works:


The process begins by handling various aggregates like crushed stone, sand, and gravel. These aggregates are stored separately and measured precisely. Then they would be transported to the drying drum.


The aggregates are then taken to a drying drum where they undergo a drying and heating process. This helps remove any moisture present and heats the aggregates to a specific temperature.


Once the aggregates are dried and heated, they are transferred to a mixing unit. In this unit, the aggregates are combined with the right amount of bitumen, which acts as a binder. The mixing process ensures that the bitumen is evenly distributed throughout the aggregates, creating a homogenous mixture.


The finished asphalt mixture is stored either in storage silos or loaded directly onto trucks. Storage silos help to keep the mixture hot and prevent it from cooling down and solidifying before use.


The stored asphalt mixture is then transported to the construction site. It can be loaded onto trucks, which are specifically designed to carry asphalt, and transported safely to the desired location.


Throughout the production process, measures are taken to minimize emissions and control pollution. Dust collectors are employed to capture and filter out any airborne particles or pollutants generated during the process.

If you want to have a better knowledge of the asphalt batch mix plant for sale working process. Taking ALQ80 for example, here is 3 3D Workflow video for reference:

Reasons for Choosing AIMIX Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

The Philippines is our main oversea sale market. We have exported countless units of construction machines, especially asphalt plant sale, pumpcrete machine, self loading concrete mixer machine, crushing machine, etc. Here are some main reasons why you can choose to cooperate with us.

  • AIMIX is headquartered in China. We have our own large asphalt mixing plant manufacturing factory, which can ensure quick production. In addition, the ex-factory asphalt mixing plant price is cheap.
  • Aimix has establish a branch office and a warehouse in Manila. Clients not only can visit us in our office, but get asphalt mixing plant spare parts easily.
  • Philippines Sales Team
    Sales Team
  • We have obtained CE and ISO certificates of the asphalt batch mixing plant for sale, which can ensure its quality and performance.
  • CE certificate Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • AIMIX has dispathed engineers who lived in the Philippines. He can solve all kinds of after-sales issues for the asphalt manufacturing plant for sale, including testing, debugging, and checking equipment on-site or online support.

Aimix Considerate Service Team in the Philippines

If you want to get more details about the AIMIX asphalt mixing plant for sale, contact us right now through email, tel, or the following chart. Then our sales would contact you in 6 hours.

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