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cone crusher for sale in the Philippines

Medium and Fine Crushing – APC Series Cone Crusher

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Feeding SizeFeeding Size:35-300mm

【Applicable Material:】

Limestone, granite, river pebble,  river cobble, dolomite, green stone, glass, basalt, iron ore, calcite, etc.

【Applicable Fields:】

Widely used in sand and gravel yard, concrete sand making, dry mortar, construction waste, mechanism sand, power plant desulfurization and other industries.

Cone crusher for sale in the Philippines is ordinary crushing equipment for medium and fine crushing in the processes. With the features of high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, and uniform particle size, it is used for crushing various ores and rocks of medium and medium hardness (below 350 MPa), like limestone, granite, river cobble, iron ore, etc. The cone crushers manufactured by Aimix have incorporated a large number of international advanced technologies, and are verified by finite element stress analysis. Therefore, a lot of customers in the Philippines choose to invest in one for their mining industry business.

Cone Crusher Plant for Sale Philippines

Kinds of Cone Crusher Plants in The Philippines

In terms of mobility, the crusher plant in the Philippines can be divided into stationary cone crushing line and mobile cone crusher for sale.

  • The stationary cone crusher can not be moved once it is installed at the crushing site. Therefore, the location of the stationary superior cone crusher is near the crushed material site;
  • While the portable cone crusher has wheeled type and crawler type. The wheeled cone crusher for sale can realize flexible movement at the construction site using a truck; the crawler cone crusher is designed to be moved around constantly. It is more compact and weighs less than the wheeled-type mobile crusher plant.

Stationary Cone Crusher Line
Stationary Cone Crusher Line
Mobile Cone Crusher - Wheel Type
Mobile Cone Crusher – Wheel Type

Types of Cone Crushers for Sale in The Philippines Market

As we all know, the cone crusher plant is composed of cone crushers, belt conveyors, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, and other parts. The crusher unit is one of the most important components for crushing. To satisfy different customers’ requirements, Aimix has manufactured several types of cone crushers for sale, including APC-Y spring type, APC-C compound type, APC-D single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, APC-M multi-cylinder hydraulic type. You can check some models of each type of cone crusher for sale below.

APC-Y Spring Type

APC-Y spring type cone crusher for sale in the Philippines is suitable for crushing medium and high hardness materials such as chrome ore, iron ore, basalt, granite, etc. The capacity ranges from 5 tph to 1000 tph. Due to the different cavity types on cone crushers for different degrees of crushing, the feeding size varies. The maximum feeding size is about 35mm to 300mm. Besides, the diameter of cone includes several kinds, including 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1750mm, and 2200mm. Accordingly, the models of APC-Y spring cone crushers are APC-600Y, APC-900Y, APC-1200Y, APC-1750Y, and APC-2200Y. You can check the hot-sale models below.

APC-900Y Spring Cone Crusher Sale

APC-900Y Spring Type

Crushing cone diameter(mm): 900
  • Maximum feed size(mm): 40-115
  • Outlet adjustment range(mm): 3-50
  • Capacity(t/h): 15-90
  • Motor power(kw): 55
  • Total weight(t): 10.2

APC-1200Y Spring Cone Crusher In The Philippines

APC-1200Y Spring Cone Crusher

Crushing cone diameter(mm): 1200
  • Maximum feed size(mm): 50-145
  • Outlet adjustment range(mm): 3-50
  • Capacity(t/h): 18-200
  • Motor power(kw): 110
  • Total weight(t): 25.5

ModelCrushing cone diameter (mm)Cavity typeMaximum feed size (mm)Adjustment range of discharge port (mm)Processing capacity (t/h)Mixing power (km)Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)Weight (t)
APC-600Y600 (2’ft)B6512-2512-25301740×1225×19405.5
APC-900Y900 (2’ft)B11515-5050-90551990×1640×238010.2
APC-1200Y1200 (2’ft)B14520-50110-2001102805×2300×298025.5
APC-1750Y1750 (2’ft)B21525-60280-4801603610×2950×418550.5
APC-2200Y2200 (2’ft)B30030-60590-1000260-2804790×3430×508084

APC-C Compound Type

Indeed, the APC-C compound type is also a spring cone crusher which is the second generation cone crusher perfected on the basis of foreign technology. Therefore, it is also called as Symons cone crusher in the market. It is widely used in medium and fine crushing operations in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramics and other industries.

Compound Type Crusher Cone

  • Compared with ordinary spring cone stone crusher, it has diverse crushing cavity types, including fine crushing cavity, medium crush cavity, coarse crushing cavity, and ultra-coarse crush cavity, which can be applied for various kinds of raw materials.
  • Therefore, the feeding size have wide ranges from 30mm to 313mm. Its capacity is about 9 tph to 635 tph.
  • In Aimix, there are some models for free choices: APC-30C, APC-75C, APC-110S and APC-132C, APC-160C, APC-220C, APC-250C, and APC-315C. You can choose the suitable capacity for the project.
APC-110C Compound Cone Crush Machine

APC-110C Compound Cone Crush Machine

Crushing cone diameter(mm): 1000
  • Maximum feed size(mm): 80-165
  • Outlet size(mm): 8-31
  • Capacity(t/h): 50-235
  • Motor power(kw): 110
  • Total weight(t): 10.8

APC-132C Compound Type Cone Crushering Equipment

APC-132C Compound Type Cone Crushers

Crushing cone diameter(mm): 1200
  • Maximum feed size(mm): 90-180
  • Outlet size(mm): 10-38
  • Capacity(t/h): 80-260
  • Motor power(kw): 132
  • Total weight(t): 15.5


  • 1. It has optimized the crushing cavity and stroke with strong adaptability and high production efficiency. In addition, there are many kinds of crushing cavity types for choices.
  • 2. The materials are sandwiched between the two cones and subjected to extrusion, bending, and shearing. Thus, it has low power consumption.
  • 3. The wear of the working surface of the moving cone is uniform. And the feeding material is evenly distributed in the 360-degree circumference of the crushing chamber.
  • 4. A gravel crusher cone has adopted a hydraulic safety system, which is for overload protection and cavity cleaning. Therefore, the hard materials (such as iron blocks, etc.) can pass through the crushing cavity without damaging the machine.
  • 5. When it is used in the production of building aggregates, follow-up shaping operations are generally required; If it is used in the mineral processing industry, it is beneficial to follow-up grinding operations.

APC-D Single-cylinder Type

APC-D single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crusher independently developed by Aimix Group that has adopted advanced mechanical manufacturing technology and combined international advanced alloy materials. With the development of the mining industry, a lot of customers in the Philippines use the advanced single-cylinder rock crusher cone to replace the old type of spring cone crusher machine for sale. It is popular in the market due to its advantages of lightweight, small size, high crushing efficiency, large output, good grain shape, and a high degree of automation.

  • In Aimix Group, the capacity of APC-D single cylinder hydrocone crusher can reach 45 tph to 510 tph.
  • The maximum feeding size is about 32mm to 270mm.
  • And the minimum discharge port is about 6-16mm.
  • There are four models for choice: APC-100D, APC-430D, APC-440D, and APC-660D.

APC-100D Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher
APC-100D Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher
APC-440D Single-Cylinder Crusher
APC-440D Single-Cylinder Type

APC-M Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Type

APC-M multi-cylinder crusher is a new type of advanced hydraulic cone crusher in Aimix Group. As its name implies, it has many cylinders compared with the single cylinder stone cone crusher. The multi-cylinder feature makes it superior in design because it gives the cone crusher main shaft more power. Therefore, the fine cone crusher is mostly used in crushing the medium and hard materials without getting damaged and using a lot of power.

  • The output capability of APC-M multi-cylinder hydraulic stone cone crusher machine is 90 – 1200 tph.
  • According to the cavity types, it has a standard type and short head type. Thus, the open side inlet and minimum output size are diverse. The ranges of standard type feeding size and output size are 95-353mm and 10-32mm.
  • While the ranges of short head type feeding size and output size are 10-155mm and 6-13m.

Here are the main models manufactured by Aimix Group: APC-200M, APC-300M, APC-400M, APC-500M, and APC-800M. Check some of them below.

APC-300M Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

APC-300M Multi-Cylinder Type

Capacity(t/h): 115-440
  • Standard type open side inlet(mm): 105-230
  • Standard type minimum output size(mm): 10-25
  • Short head type open side inlet(mm): 20-75
  • Short head minimum output size(mm): 6-10
  • Motor power(kw): 180-250
  • Total weight(t): 20

APC-400M Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Type

APC-400M Multi-Cylinder Hydraulic Type

Capacity(t/h): 140-630
  • Standard type open side inlet(mm): 110-295
  • Standard type minimum output size(mm): 14-30
  • Short head type open side inlet(mm): 30-90
  • Short head minimum output size(mm): 6-10
  • Motor power(kw): 280-355
  • Total weight(t): 32

How Does A Cone Crusher Work?

1. The motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the transmission device, and the moving cone rotates and oscillates under the forced action of the eccentric shaft sleeve.

2. The section of the moving cone close to the static cone becomes the crushing chamber, and the material is crushed by the multiple extrusion and impacts of the moving cone and the static cone.

3. When the moving cone leaves the section, the material that has been broken to the required size falls under the action of its own gravity and is discharged from the bottom of the cone.

Here is a video about how it works that can better help you understand the hydraulic cone crusher working principle.

Crushing Solution for Customer: Cone Crusher + Jaw Crusher

In the Philippines market, many customers choose to buy crushers to crush river stones, granite, and basalt. In general, we would like to prefer to purchase a crushing line that mainly consists of cone crusher and jaw crusher. As we all know, the jaw crusher for sale is usually used for primary crushing, and the cone crusher is used for secondary crushing. Here is one of the customized crushing schemes for Philippines customer. You can check it for reference.

Customer Demands:

  • Crush materials: rock and stone
  • The maximum feeding size of the raw materials: 600mm
  • Finished product: sand: 0-24mm
  • Capacity: 200 TPH
  • Purpose: Production of sand and gravel aggregates for various building materials

The final solution is as follows:

After optimization, the final configuration is APG-4211W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E (jaw crusher) + APC-200C (medium compound cone crusher) + APS-2160Y4(Finished vibrating screen)

200TPH Crushing Line Scheme
200TPH Crushing Line Scheme

Some Useful Tips For Choosing A Right Cone Crusher

Choosing a suitable gyratory cone crusher for business is important for customers. It can not only improve the utilization rate but also save cone crusher cost and cone crusher maintenance costs. So before investing in the cone crusher, what should you think about? Here are some tips for reference.

1. Cavity Type

As for the small cone crusher for sale, there are many types of cavities. Different cavities can crush final materials of different sizes. Accordingly, the feeding size and outsize can be determined by different cavities. In Aimix, there are five cavity types for choice: ultra-fine cavity, fine crushing type, medium crushing cavity, coarse crushing type, and ultra-coarse crushing cavity. If you wanna get more details, welcome to consult our sales for details.

2. Number of Crusher

If you buy the tertiary cone crusher for a complete stone crusher plant, the customer should consider the number of cone crusher he needs. Moreover, the cone crusher for sale needs to match the specification of the jaw crusher.

Cone Crusher Plant At the Construction Site in the Philippines

3. Budget

As far as the budget allows, the customer can prefer to buy the highly automatic type cone crusher China. If you buy the semi automatic type cone crusher for sale Philippines, maybe you can save your original cost. But if you buy a high automatic type, you will save labor and maintenance cost.

Choose Aimix Cone Crusher Supplier

There are so many cone crusher manufacturers in the Philippines. Therefore, customers have many choices. While faced with many options, many customers may be puzzled about choosing a reliable one among cone crusher suppliers. Aimix Group is one of them. Customers can search online and find Aimix easily. Because as one of the reliable and reputable cone crusher suppliers in the Philippines, Aimix has exported many crushers to the Philippines market. Thus, you can choose Aimix manufacturer with safety. Here are also some important reasons why you can cooperate with us!

1. Local Professional Sales Team And After-sales Service Team

Aimix has established a branch office in Manila, Philippines. Besides, we have developed a local sales team and after-sales service team to provide considerate service for customers. When there is something wrong with the mini cone crusher, Aimix service staff would solve the problems as soon as possible whether through online guidance or on-site checking.

Sales Team
Sales Team in The Philippines
After-Sales Service Team
After-Sales Service Team

2. Best Cone Crusher Price

Compared with the price of cone crusher from other manufacturers, the Aimix cone crusher plant price is more reasonable and attractive. Aimix is headquartered in China and there is a large crusher factory. Therefore, we promise to provide customers with the best ex-factory price.

3. Cone Crusher Parts Available In Oversea Warehouse

During the cone crusher operation, it is unavoidable that the standard cone crusher is out of order. As we all know, repairing some cone crusher components is difficult. Therefore, the best solution is to exchange the cone crusher spare parts. To meet customers’ requirements, we have a warehouse in the Philippines that can provide spare parts as soon as possible.

Parts Available In Philippines Warehouse
Parts Available In Philippines Warehouse

Based on the above reasons, you can trust Aimix without any doubts. Aimix’s mission is to provide the best service for customers. If you are interested in our crushers, welcome to contact us for the latest price! Then our sales would reply to you in 6 hours!

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