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Mobile Jaw Crusher Machine

The mobile jaw crusher machine in the Philippines are among the extensively employed devices for crushing substantial stones, rocks, or other resilient substances into more compact dimensions. The crushers have gained popularity in the mining and construction sectors due to its exceptional mobility and convenient transportability between different work sites.

Mobile jaw crusher for sale in the Philippines

Frequently utilized across diverse sectors including mining, construction, recycling, and quarrying, it is instrumental in handling materials like ore, river stone, pebbles, limestone, basalt, granite, gravel, and concrete. AIMIX, a reputable mobile crusher manufacturer, has provided an array of tailored solutions to numerous clients. You may begin by exploring some of the personalized solutions available.

Customized Solutions of Mobile Jaw Crusher Machine

Customizing solutions for mobile jaw crushers is important for several reasons, as it allows the equipment to be tailored to specific operational requirements and challenges. In general, the choices of jaw crusher is determined by several factors, like types of materials, output size, feeding size, etc. Here I have listed one of solutions for reference.

Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant For Crushing Marble

  • Capacity: 200 TPH
  • Type: wheeled type
  • Put into use time: March, 2023
  • Raw Materials: Marble
  • Applications: Road construction
  • Configuration: Vibration feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, etc.
  • Reviews: I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The crusher machine‘s performance has been exceptional during the months I’ve been using it. It handles demanding materials effortlessly and delivers consistent results, making my crushing tasks much more efficient.

200 tph Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant For Crushing Marble

Mobile Crushing Machines for Processing Cobblestone

  • Capacity: 150 TPH
  • Type: tracked type/crawler type
  • Raw Materials: Cobblestone
  • Use Time: May, 2023
  • Output Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-25mm
  • Application Field: Road paving
  • Configuration: tracked mobile jaw crusher machine, mobile cone crusher and screen plant
  • Client reviews: AIMIX’s customer service is equally commendable. They provided comprehensive training during the initial setup, which helped me become familiar with the crusher’s operation quickly. Additionally, whenever I’ve had questions or needed assistance, their support team has been prompt and knowledgeable in addressing my concerns. It’s the best service that makes investing in AIMIX equipment a wise choice.

Mobile Crushing Machines For Processing Cobblestone

Mobile Crusher Plant For Crushing Cobblestone

150 tph Mobile Crusher For Processing Cobblestone

As the solutions show, there are different kinds of mobile jaw crushers for processing these raw materials. It is necessary for investors to have a better understanding of these mobile crushers. Check introductions in the following paragraphs.

Two Varieties of Mobile Jaw Crushers for Choices

Based on the chassis configuration, these mobile jaw crushers for sale in AIMIX Group can be categorized into two distinct types: tire-type(wheeled type) and crawler-type(tracked type). The distinction between these two options lies in the mobility and adaptability they offer, catering to different operational requirements. Check details of them one by one.

APY Series Wheeled type Mobile Jaw Crusher Machine – 45~400 t/h

  • The wheeled type mobile jaw crushers are designed with a wheeled chassis that enables it to be easily transported between different crushing sites. The wheeled design incorporates sturdy tires and a compact frame, allowing for efficient movement on various road surfaces.
  • It can be quickly set up and relocated without the need for additional equipment. Therefore, the flexibility makes it be an excellent choice for investors in the Philippines.
  • In AIMIX, the mobile jaw crusher for sale has wide capacity ranges from 45 t/h to 400 t/h. In addition, the feeding size of the jaw crusher machine is not over 800mm.

APY Series Wheeled Type Mobile Jaw Crusher

Tire-type Mobile Jaw Crusher
Tire-type Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant

Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3896WAPG-4211WAPG-4211W
Crusher modelAPJ-5075EAPJ-6090EAPJ-7510EAPJ-110V
Maximum feed size (mm)425500630650
Silo volume (m3)45.377
Iron separator model (optional)RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-12
Tire configurationParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Main belt conveyor modelB650×8.5mB800×8.5mB1000×10mB1000×10m
Side out belt conveyor model (optional)B500×4mB500×4mB650×5mB650×5m
Generator power (kW) (optional)120160200250
Production capacity (t/h)45-10060-160110-320250-400
Transport Length (mm)12500127501327013200
Transport width (mm)2600260028503000
Transport height (mm)3950395042004400
Weight (t)28395765

APYL Series Crawler-type Mobile Jaw Crusher Machine

  • These crawler mobile crushers feature a robust crawler chassis, which grants it superior stability and maneuverability over various terrains.
  • With the crawler design, the tracked mobile jaw crusher machine can navigate through rugged landscapes, construction sites, quarries, and other demanding locations with ease.
  • It is equipped with advanced crushing mechanisms that allow for efficient processing of a variety of materials, including hard rock, concrete, natural stone, etc.
  • The production capacity of the crawler jaw portable crusher in AIMIX can reach 80-600t/h. You can choose the suitable one among the wide capacity ranges.

APYL Series Crawler-Type Mobile Jaw Crusher

Crawler-Type Mobile Jaw Crusher
tracked type mobile crusher

Working Videos of Two Mobile Jaw Crushers

Suggestions on Choosing Either Wheeled type or Crawler-type Mobile Jaw Crusher

Choosing between wheeled type mobile jaw crusher plant and crawler-type mobile jaw crushing plant depends on various factors related to your specific needs and operational requirements. Here are some considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Mobility and Terrain

  • If you need to frequently move the crusher between different job sites and work in urban or well-paved areas, wheeled type jaw crusher mobile is a good choice. Because it offer greater mobility on roads and highways.
  • If your operations involve challenging terrains like construction sites, quarries, or rough landscapes, crawler-type mobile jaw crusher with their superior traction and stability are more suitable.

mobile jaw crushing machine for sale
mobile jaw crusher machine

Project Requirements

  • If your projects involve shorter duration at various locations and you need to set up and dismantle the crusher quickly, the wheeled type offers efficient mobility and setup.
  • For projects requiring longer duration and stability on uneven surfaces, crawler-type small mobile jaw crusher machine excels due to their ability to stay operational in tough conditions.


  • Wheeled jaw crusher plant is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is well-suited for general crushing tasks, including recycling and smaller mining operations.
  • While the crawler-type crusher is designed for heavy-duty applications and are better equipped to handle larger quantities of hard rock, concrete, and demanding materials.

choose mobile jaw crushers for your construction project


The wheeled type price is slightly lower and it can be more fuel-efficient when transporting on roads. However, the crawler mobile crusher price is a little higher, but it offer better performance and durability in challenging conditions. The price ranges of them are as follows:

  • Wheeled Type: $550000-$960000
  • Crawler Type: $950000-$2300000

If you need the exact mobile jaw crusher price, welcome to consult us right now. Send us an inquiry through the following inquiry form. Or contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp.

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