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Jaw Crusher For Sale

Jaw crusher is the most common crushing equipment in the crushing industry, Because of its simple structure, reliable performance, and easy maintenance, jaw crusher is widely used for different projects in the Philippines. In general, you can use the jaw crushers in the stage of coarse crushing to crush granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, river pebbles, iron ore, copper ore, etc. You can put the materials, size between 1500 and 500mm into the jaw crusher equipment. Then you can get the smaller materials, about the size between 400 to 125mm. In recent years, in order to meet the requirement of crushing high hardness materials and different customer needs, we can provide different types of jaw crushers for our customers, such as small type, strong big jaw crusher, and mobile type, etc.

Jaw crusher production line at construction site
Jaw crusher production line at construction site

small type Jaw Crusher For Sale

Small jaw crusher
Small jaw crusher

Small jaw crusher for sale
Small jaw crusher for sale
Small jaw crusher for sale

Model Feed Opening(mm) Max.Feed size(mm) Css Min-Max(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(hp) Dimension(l*w*h)(mm) Weight(t)
PE150*250 150*250 125 10-40 1-3 5.5 896*745*935 0.8
PE200*350 200*350 180 15-50 1-6 11 996*800*760 1.2
PE250*400 250*400 200 20-60 5-20 15(20) 1150*1275*1240 2.8
PE250*1000 250*1000 210 15-50 15-50 30(40) 2790*2670*1380 6.5
PE400*600 400*600 350 40-100 15-60 30(40) 1700*1732*1653 6.5
PE500*750 500*750 425 50-100 50-100 55(75) 2035*1921*2000 10.3

Small Jaw crusher capacity – Hot model:PE250,PE400,PE500

Our jaw crusher for sale philippines is PE series. Let’s take PE250×400 as an example. The letter P stands for crusher machine and E stands for jaw type. The length of inlet is 250mm and the width of inlet is 400mm. The larger the size of the inlet, the larger the crushing materials. Therefore, you can choose suitable model of double toggle jaw crusher according to the size of materials you need to crush.

PE250×400 jaw crusher machine
Model PE250×400
Feed Opening(mm) 250×400
Max.Feed size(mm) 200
Css Min-Max(mm) 20-60
Capacity(t/h) 5-20
Power(hp) 15(20)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 1150×1275×1240
Weight(t) 2.8

PE400×600 jaw crusher
Model PE400*600
Feed Opening(mm) 400*600
Max.Feed size(mm) 350
Css Min-Max(mm) 40-100
Capacity(t/h) 15-60
Power(hp) 30(40)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 1700*1732*1653
Weight(t) 6.5

application of jaw crusher machine
PE500×750 jaw crusher in construction site
Model PE500*750
Feed Opening(mm) 500*750
Max.Feed size(mm) 425
Css Min-Max(mm) 50-100
Capacity(t/h) 50-100
Power(hp) 55(75)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 2035*1921*2000
Weight(t) 10.3

raw materials
the materials that jaw crusher can crush

Mobile type jaw crusher for sale

In order to apply to the complex terrain of various regions and facilitate movement in the Philippines, we have developed a mobile jaw crusher,Its production capacity can reach: 100-500T/H, and can crush various materials, such as granite, marble, basalt, iron ore, river pebbles, construction waste, etc. Customers can choose the appropriate model and capacity according to their needs:

VPE mobile jaw crusher plant
VPE mobile jaw crusher plant

mobile jaw crusher
mobile jaw crusher

Model Vibrating  Feeder Crusher  model Main  Conveyor Seconday conveyor Number of Axles Capacity (t/h) Power Hydraulic system
VPE96 ZSW380×96 6CX96 B800×8.5M B650×3.5M 2 100-200 101.5 Hydraulic lifter
VPE110 ZSW420×110 6CX110 B1000×8.5M B650×3.5M 3 250-500 192 Hydraulic lifter

big size jaw crusher

The productivity of the big jaw crusher can reach 190-1000 tons, the maximum feed particle size is 660-1200mm, and the adjustment range of the discharge port is 950350mm. But at the same time, its weight will be relatively heavy, which will affect transportation, foundation, and transportation costs. Therefore, the customer should consider the project capacity and transportation costs to choose the appropriate model.

PE600×900 jaw crusher
Model PE600*900
Feed Opening(mm) 600*900
Max.Feed size(mm) 500
Css Min-Max(mm) 65-160
Capacity(t/h) 60-130
Power(hp) 75(100)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 2290*2206*2370
Weight(t) 16

PE750×1060 jaw crusher
Model PE750*1060
Feed Opening(mm) 750*1060
Max.Feed size(mm) 630
Css Min-Max(mm) 80-140
Capacity(t/h) 110-250
Power(hp) 110(150)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 2620*2302*3110
Weight(t) 27

PE900×1200 jaw crusher for sale
Model PE900*1200
Feed Opening(mm) 900*1200
Max.Feed size(mm) 750
Css Min-Max(mm) 100-200
Capacity(t/h) 160-380
Power(hp) 130(175)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 3789*2826*3025
Weight(t) 46.5

Features of jaw crusher for sale

1. Use the highest quality materials. Unique jaw structure guarantees sealing and extend the life of bearing.

2. The jaw rock crusher has the features of a deep crushing cavity and no dead zone, greatly improving the feeding capacity and output. Its crushing ratio is large and the product particle size is even.

components of jaw crusher for sale

3. Unique flywheel design can effectively reduce vibration, which makes the machine performance more stable.

4. The lubrication system is safe and reliable, the parts are easy to change and the maintenance work is simple.

5. The discharge port can be adjusted in a wide range to meet the requirements of different users.

6. Our jaw stone crusher in the Philippines are equipped with larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings, whose higher bearing capacity and effective labyrinth seal greatly extend the bearing life.

Jaw crusher operating process

If you want to judge the quality of a jaw crusher for sale, here are some useful tips for you. For the quality of jaw crusher for sale, you should notice the following aspects: the material and quality of eccentric shaft; welding strength of housing; the wear resistance of the jaw; defects in flywheel casting; the condition of bearing installation and so on. Only you notice each part of a small jaw crusher for sale, you can purchase a high quality of the machine.

Application of a complete jaw crushing production line
Application of a complete jaw crushing production line

jaw crusher price in Philippines

If you want to consider the price of a jaw crusher, the first thing to consider is the production capacity. The capacity is related to the overall project demand. Therefore, after determining the specific construction plan, you can determine the specific model with our engineers. The model of the jaw crusher is the most important factor in determining the price. If you encounter problems in selecting a model, you can directly consult our engineers, and we will provide you with professional advice based on your requirements.

In addition, for customers in the Philippines, there are many factors that affect the price of jaw crushers, such as after-sales maintenance costs of equipment and pre-installation costs. In the Philippines, we have set up an office. Therefore, we have our unique advantages in after-sales installation and maintenance. We can provide customers with timely on-site repair services, which greatly reduces the cost of equipment.

AIMIX Group After service team
AIMIX Group After service team

Jaw crusher manufacturers in Philippines

Maybe you can search many jaw crusher manufacturers in the Philippines market, but which of them is trustworthy? You can search the jaw crusher supplier information online and you can get many results. You can browse the website of these jaw crusher manufacturers. Then maybe you can choose several manufacturers that you think they are reliable. Next, you will learn these jaw crusher manufacturers in detail to ensure which one manufacturer you should select. Or you can find a reputable jaw crusher manufacturer directly.

aimix office in philippines
Aimix office in Philippines
aimix group in philippines
Aimix Team in Philippines

Our Aimix Group is a professional crusher machine manufacturer with over 35 years production experience. As the Philippines market is expending, we set up our branch office in Manila, Philippines. It is convenient for you if you choose our company. Besides branch office, we also have warehouse in Philippines. After you purchasing our jaw crush for sale, our engineers can help you install and debug it. When you need to change the jaw crusher spare parts, we can also deliver you in 12 hours. We promise to offer you good machine and affordable jaw crusher machine price.

Aimix In Philippines
Aimix In Philippines

To sum up, if you want to buy jaw crusher for sale, welcome to contact us now!

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