PYD900 cone crusher

Crusher Machine For Sale

Crusher machine for sale is the mechanical equipment used to crush minerals. Generally, crushing machine can crush different materials, such as, river pebbles, granite, limestone, basalt, ore, rock, stone, gypsum, coal, etc. According to the feed particle size and discharge size, the process of crushing includes three stages, coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. In the stage of coarse crushing, the size of feed particle is 1500 to 500mm and the size of discharge particle is 400 to 125mm; in the medium crushing, the feed particle size is 400 to 125mm and its discharge size is 100 to 50mm; in the fine crushing, the feed size is 100 to 50mm and discharge size is 25 to 5mm.

application of crusher machine for sale
application of crusher machine for sale

Different crusher machine for sale

Crusher for sale includes many different types. According to the crushing way, china crusher machine has jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, gyratory crusher, compound crusher, roll crusher, etc. According to the materials of crushing, big crusher machine includes stone crusher, rock crusher, limestone crusher, quarry crusher, coal crusher, granite crusher, gravel crusher, gypsum crusher, ore crusher and so on. Now, I will introduce some important and common crusher machines for you.

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is usually used for coarse crushing, which is suitable to crush hard materials. Although jaw crusher machine is an old type of crusher machine, it is widely used in various of industries because of its simple structure, easy production and maintenance. Its working principle is simple. Jaw crusher machine produced by Aimix crusher machine suppliers mainly uses the extrusion pressure between a reciprocating jaw plate and a fixed jaw plate to crush materials. Its features are as follows: high production capacity; simple structure; easy production and maintenance; reliable performance; not easy to jam.

PE250×400 jaw crusher machine
Model PE250×400
Feed Opening(mm) 250×400
Max.Feed size(mm) 200
Css Min-Max(mm) 20-60
Capacity(t/h) 5-20
Power(hp) 15(20)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 1150×1275×1240
Weight(t) 2.8

PE400×600 jaw crusher
Model PE400*600
Feed Opening(mm) 400*600
Max.Feed size(mm) 350
Css Min-Max(mm) 40-100
Capacity(t/h) 15-60
Power(hp) 30(40)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 1700*1732*1653
Weight(t) 6.5

PE750×1060 jaw crusher
Model PE750*1060
Feed Opening(mm) 750*1060
Max.Feed size(mm) 630
Css Min-Max(mm) 80-140
Capacity(t/h) 110-250
Power(hp) 110(150)
Dimension(l×w×h)(mm) 2620*2302*3110
Weight(t) 27

application of jaw crusher machine
Aimix jaw crusher works in the construction site

Cone crusher

As its name implied, the cone crushing machine is similar to the circular cone. Its working principle is that the material is placed between the inner and outer cones. The outer cone is fixed, and the inner cone is eccentric oscillating to crush the material clamped in it. You can use the cone crusher machine for sale in the stage of medium or fine crushing. Among all crushing machine, the structure of cone crushing machine for sale produced by our crusher machine manufacturers is the most complicated. Its features are as follows: large reduction rate; high production capacity; high automatic degree; less wearing crusher spare parts and long service life; flexible application and strong adaptability.

PYD600 cone crusher
Model PYD600
Crush Cone Diameter Φ600
Size of feeder opening(mm) 40
Max.Feeding size(mm) 2~13
Discharge adjustment range 35
Eccentric rotate speed 356
Capacity(t/h) 12~23
Power(hp) 30
Weight(t) 5.5

PYD900 cone crusher
Model PYD900
Crush Cone Diameter Φ900
Size of feeder opening(mm) 50
Max.Feeding size(mm) 3~13
Discharge adjustment range 50
Eccentric rotate speed 15~50
Capacity(t/h) 333
Power(hp) 55
Weight(t) 11.3

PYD1200 cone crusher machine
Model PYD1200
Crush Cone Diameter Φ1200
Size of feeder opening(mm) 60
Max.Feeding size(mm) 3~15
Discharge adjustment range 50
Eccentric rotate speed 18~105
Capacity(t/h) 300
Power(hp) 110
Weight(t) 25.3

different size of raw materials
different size of raw materials

Impact crusher

Impact crushing machine for sale can be used in the stage of medium and fine crushing. The impact crusher machine produced by Aimix crusher manufacturer makes full use of the crushing space in the machine.?It hits the material from bottom to top with the hammer head turning at high speed, and at the same time, the impacted material hits the counter plate and is smashed. Impact crusher machine for sale has the characteristics of large reduction ratio, low energy consumption, high yield, light weight, the finished product after crushing into a cubic shape.

PF1010 impact crusher
PF1010 impact crusher
Model PF1010
Rotor size (mm) Φ1040*1000
Feed opening (mm) 510*1040
Max.Feed size(mm) 200
Capacity(t/h) 50-90
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 2455*2090*2800

PF1214 impact crusher
PF1214 impact crusher
Model PF1214
Rotor size (mm) Φ1260*1400
Feed opening (mm) 165*1485
Max.Feed size(mm) 300
Capacity(t/h) 90-180
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 2582*2410*2810

Pick up a suitable crusher machine for your projects

In order to pick up a suitable crusher machine, you should ask yourself some questions: what kind of rock are you going to use? You need to identify the hardness, which has great impact on?the productivity of the crusher machine for sale; what is the final products sizes? How much capacity do you require to process? These questions will help you identity the type and model of crusher machine for sale.

As a reputable crusher machine supplier in Philippines, our Aimix Group receives high praise coming from our customers. Choose our company and we can guarantee that we can provide you with high quality crusher, acceptable crusher machine price list and the most thoughtful service. Get the quotation now!

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