AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer for Concrete Pavement Project in the Philippines

AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Was Pouring Concrete For Pavement At The Harbor in Manila

Congratulations! AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer began to work at the construction site after it was tested and debugged successfully. The client bought it for concrete pavement construction projects at the harbor in Manila. Here are some working pictures that he took during the working process. AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer … Read more

AS-5.5 self loader mixer and ABT60C diesel concrete pump in Cebu

AS-5.5 Self Loader Mixer and ABT60C Stationary Pump for Foundation Construction in Cebu

Good news! Aimix self-loading concrete mixer with pump began to be used normally for foundation construction in Cebu, Philippines. The self-loading concrete mixer with pump refers to one unit of self-loading mixer and one unit of stationary concrete pump. Many customers in the Philippines have purchased construction machine collaboration for … Read more

Aimix self loading concrete mixer with line pump for foundation construction in Manila

ABT40C Line Pump and AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer for Factory Construction in Manila

Aimix ABT40C line concrete pump and AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck were put into use normally for the foundation construction of the ice cream factory. During its working process, the client has taken some working pictures and videos of them. Please check them below. How Do The Line Pump and … Read more

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix Pump in Manila, Philippines

Manila Customer Feedback on ABJZ40C Mixing and Pumping Machine

Good news! Another unit of ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer and pumping machine was put into use normally in Oct. 2022. The customer was excited and glad to share the news with us. He has sent us some pictures and videos about its working status. Please check them below. ABJZ40C Diesel … Read more

as-5.5 self loading mixer for building construction

AS-5.5 Self Loading Mixer Machine Used for Building Construction in Bataan, Philippines

Good news! Another unit of Aimix self-loading mixer machine was also put into use for building construction in Bataan, Philippines. The client in Bataan received the AS-5.5 self-loader mixer over two months. Now, it is working well at the construction site. The client took videos and pictures of AS-5.5 during … Read more

AS-2.6 Self Loading Mixer Working in Davao for House Construction

AS-2.6 Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer for House Construction in Davao

In October 2022, a client in Davao sent us positive feedback on the Aimix self-loading mixer that he bought for his house construction project. Here are the working pictures and videos of the AS-2.6 self-loading mixer. Check them below. Small Self Loading Mixer for House Construction As the above video … Read more

AS-1.8 self loader mixer in Cebu for substation foudation construction

AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer Truck Was Used for Foundation Construction in Cebu, Philippines

Good news! Aimix self loading mixer truck was put into use for foundation construction in Cebu, Philippines successfully in October. After testing and debugging it, the customer began to apply it to his project. After using it for a while, he has taken some pictures and videos of self-loading mixer … Read more

30tph Jaw Crushing Plant to the Philippines

30TPH Crushing Plant Was Delivered to The Philippines

Congratulations! One set of 30 tph crushing plant for sale was exported to the Philippines in 2022. The customer bought the small capacity crushing line for his personal business. It is mainly used for crushing river stones in the Philippines. After manufacturing and testing, it would be ready to export … Read more

ABJZ40C Mixer Pump to Manila, Philippines

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixing Pump Was Ready to Transport to Manila, Philippines

Congratulations! One unit of ABJZ40C concrete mixer and pump was finished manufacturing in Aimix factory. Then, it was ready to deliver to Manila, Philipines after being tested and debugged successfully. Here are some testing and loading pictures and videos for customers. Check some of them below. Cooperation Process Between Aimix … Read more

ABJZ40C Mixer Pump Working for Building Construction in General Santos City, Philippines

ABJZ40C Mixer Pump Working for Building Construction in General Santos City, Philippines

Recently one of Philippine’s customers sent us positive feedback on Aimix ABJZ40C concrete mixer with pump. The concrete mixing pump was used for two-story building construction in General Santos City, Philippines. The customer has taken some pictures and videos for us. Check them below! ABJZ40C Mixer Pump for Building Constrction … Read more