Accelerating Road Construction Progress: AIMIX’s Latest Asphalt Batch Plant Installed in The Philippines

In the development of the road construction landscape of the Philippines, AIMIX, a global leader in road construction machinery, has introduced the Asphalt Batch Plant to bolster road construction projects across the nation more than one time. Check the cooperation details below. Swift Procurement, Timely Installation In August 2023, AIMIX … Read more

AIMIX Machinery Continues to Shape Infrastructure in Malvar with AJT30 Drum Mix Concrete Batch Plant

AIMIX Machinery Continues to Shape Infrastructure in Malvar

AIMIX Machinery takes center stage in Malvar, Batangas in an ongoing commitment to advancing construction capabilities. Because the AJT30 drum-type concrete batching plant has been finished installation on-site. This development is part of a broader initiative to enhance the construction capabilities of factory buildings in the region. The project, initiated … Read more

After-sale service for AJ60 Batching Plant

The Philippine Customer Bought the AIMIX Batching Plant for Long-term Use

Amazing! One of the AIMIX concrete batching plants in the Philippines has been used for two years. Now the batching plants still performs well on-site. Here let’s explore the customer’s experience with AIMIX’s batching plant, the specific usage for self projects, and the long-term performance and quality of the equipment. … Read more

Concrete Line Pump For Seaside Resort Project In Siargao

30 Cubic Meters Concrete Line Pump for Seaside Resort Project in Siargao

In August, 2023, AIMIX 30 cubic meters concrete line pump has been used for a seaside resort project in Siargao, Philippines. After several days’ work, the project was completed. However, in the beginning, the client did not use AIMIX concrete line pump. Let’s learn about his project together and compare … Read more

AIMIX Diesel Line Pumpcrete Boosts Construction In Pagadian City

AIMIX Diesel Line Pumpcrete Boosts Construction in Pagadian City

AIMIX is a highly trusted construction equipment manufacturer that has recently proven its superior product quality and customer trust once again. Last month, a long-term customer purchased an AIMIX ABT40C diesel line pumpcrete from AIMIX Philippines Branch for use in his building construction project in Pagadian city. Why Choose AIMIX … Read more

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump for House Construction in Ormoc

Diesel Concrete Mix Pumping Machine for House Construction in Ormoc

In May, the AIMIX ABJZ40C diesel concrete mix pumping machine began to use for house construction in Ormoc. At the end of May, the AIMIX sales team and after-sales service team decided to come to the construction sites and check whether the concrete mixer with pump run smoothly. How Did … Read more

self loading concrete mixer after-sales service in Cebu

AIMIX Engineer Assembling, Testing, And Debugging AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer In Cebu

Congratulations! The AS-4.0 self loading mixer plans to be put into use for concrete mixture production in Cebu after the AIMIX engineers assembled, tested, and debugged it successfully. It only took the engineer about three days to finish all these procedures, including installing and testing. The customer took the video … Read more

ABT40C Diesel Line Concrete Pump in Manila, Philippines for Building Construction

ABT40C Portable Concrete Pump For Building Construction in Manila

Good news! AIMIX portable concrete pump in the Philippines has been put into use for building construction in Manila normally at the construction site in May 2023. The customer has sent us some working pictures and videos of the diesel concrete pump machine working. 40 m3/h Line Concrete Pump for … Read more

Concrete Mixing Pump Was Used for Seaside Trestle Project In Manila

ABJZ40D Mixing Pump Was Used for Seaside Trestle Project In Manila

Another unit of 40 m3/h concrete mixer and pump was put into use normally at the construction site. This time, the customer chose to buy an electric motor concrete mixing pump that is mainly used for his seaside trestle project in Manila. The following is the basic information about his … Read more

AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Used for Flood Protection Project in Taytay, Rizal

In March, the self loading mixer truck was working normally at the construction site. At the same time, AIMIX sales and engineers also came to the construction sites for visiting. In general, the AIMIX team would regularly visit the customers and the equipment on-site for free inspection and maintenance. AS-3.5 … Read more