ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump in our factory

ABJZ40C Mixer Pump And ABM-3S Block Machine To The Philippines

This time the customer first purchased the ABJZ40C diesel mixer pump. After understanding the local construction conditions and engineering needs, we recommended the diesel generator set and ABM-3S brick machine to the customer. The customer accepted our proposal with satisfaction and made the payment soon. We arranged for the concrete … Read more

ABJZ40C Mixer Pump Reached The Construction Site And Started Unloading In The Philippines

ABJZ40C Mixer Pump On The Construction Site In The Philippines

The concrete mixer pump purchased by the customer from the Philippines has arrived at the construction site. From the video, you can be seen that the workers are unloading. The video was taken from the customer’s perspective. The customer’s company is a construction company. The purchase of our concrete mixer … Read more

3.5C Self Loading Mixer Truck sent to the Philippines

3.5C Self Loading Mixer Truck Sent To The Philippines After Being Tested In Factory

The 3.5-square self-loading mixer truck is our best-selling model. Generally, this self-loading mixer can have 3 types: AS-3.5A, AS-3.5B, AS-3.5C, and the different types are mainly to meet different customer requirements, such as the difference in rotation angle, structure, and driving methods, etc. The self-loading concrete mixer of 3.5 square … Read more

ABM4S CHB Block Machine In Manila, The Philippines

ABM4S CHB Concrete Block Machine Working Video In Manila, The Philippines

ABM4S CHB concrete block making machine started to work normally in Manila, Philippines. The following photos and videos are taken by our customers at the construction site. You can clearly see that the equipment has started to operate normally and reached normal production capacity. ABM4S Concrete brick machine working video … Read more

As-3.5C Self-Loading Mixer Truck Is Is Being Shipped To Somalia

As-3.5C Self-Loading Mixer Truck Is Is Being Shipped To Somalia

On October 23, 2020, the 3.5-square-meter self-loading mixer truck ordered by the customer from Somalia was produced in our factory. We have conducted various tests on its various accessories and performance to ensure that the equipment can operate normally and ensure sufficient safety. Now the relevant accessories of this self-loading … Read more

Aimix Concrete Block Making Machine In Our Factory

Transport ABM4S Block Making Machine to Tanzania in 2020

The ABM4S brick machine Order from our customers in Tanzania has completed production and is being packed to the port. Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the production progress of many orders has been affected. After the factory resumed work, we implemented a shift system, overtime, and overtime … Read more

2.6 Cub Self-loading Concrete Mixer to Philippines

2.6 Cub Self-loading Concrete Mixer is Ready to Ship to Philippines On June 29, 2020

The 2.6 cub self-loading mixer truck has been tested by engineers in our factory and is being shipped to the Philippines inboxes. The color of the self-loading truck is green this time, the model is AS-2.6, and the theoretical stirring capacity is 2.6m3. the AS-2.6 self-loading mixer is one of … Read more

ABM-4S to Philippines

ABM-4S Brick Machine is Shipping to the Philippines on March 6, 2020

In recent years, our brick machine has become a hot-selling product in the Philippines. We continue to receive good feedback about our block machines from our old Filipino customers, such as the simple operation of our equipment, low failure rate, and timely and perfect after-sales service. On March 6th of … Read more

AS-4.0 Self-loading Mixer and ABT60C Concrete Pump Working in Uzbekistan

AS-4.0 Self-loading Mixer and ABT60C Concrete Pump Working in Uzbekistan

In June 2020, our 4.0 cub self-loading concrete mixer truck and ABT60C diesel trailer concrete pump were successfully transported to Uzbekistan. After commissioning by our engineers, the machine starts to work normally. Uzbekistan as our key export market, our self-loading mixer trucks, concrete pumps, concrete batching plants, and other construction … Read more

2.6cub self-loading mixer truck is ready to be sent to Kazakhstan

2.6Cub Self-loading Mixer Truck is Ready to be Sent to Kazakhstan

On June 3, 2020, 2.6cub self-loading concrete mixer was successfully tested at our factory and ready to be sent to Kazakhstan, Due to our unique advantages of the mixer, it has become a hot-selling product in recent years, not only in the Philippines but also sold all over the world, … Read more