AIMIX Crushing Machines For Mining Construction

Crushing Plant in The Philippines

The crushing plant in the Philippines are highly sought after in the mining and construction business due to its vital role in transforming raw materials into smaller, more manageable sizes. By processing rocks, minerals, and other substances, it yields valuable products such as aggregates, sand, and gravel.

AIMIX Crushing plant Philippines

For a wide range of purposes including construction projects, road construction, building construction, and the manufacturing of concrete and asphalt, the crusher plant in the Philippines proves to be a reliable and efficient solution. In the following paragraph, we will delve into the diverse applications of AIMIX crusher plants in the Philippines.

Usages of Crushing Plants in the Philippines

AIMIX has exported many units of crushing lines to the Philippines market. Our crushing plants have covered many cities, like Manila, Cebu, Davao, Carmona, Calapan, Legazpi, Ormoc, etc.

300 TPH Crusher Plant for Aggregate Production in Legazpi, Philippines

  • Type: stationary crushing and screening plant
  • Capacity: 300 tph
  • Raw materials: limestone
  • Components: vibrate feeder + jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen
  • Main application: the finial product – aggregate as the raw materials for asphalt mixing plants
  • Customer reviews: My road projects are carried out smoothly after I used the AIMIX crushing plant and asphalt plant in the Philippines. Besides, I have developed the aggregate sale business in Legazpi. Thanks to the solution, I have got considerable profits.

AIMIX Crushing Plant in In Legazpi, Philippines on-site

Mobile Plant Crusher Machine Working in Manila

  • Type: Combined mobile crushing plant
  • Capacity: 50 tph
  • Raw materials: river stone
  • Components: jaw crusher + cone crusher
  • Client feedback: After primary and secondary crushing, I got the final product with the ideal size I wanted. During operation, AIMIX engineers on-site helped us patiently to solve all kinds of problems. Now the crushing machines still run well at the construction sites.

Here I just listed two cases of AIMIX crushing plants application. If you want to visit the portable crusher plant near me, contact our sales and make an appointment to have a look at the crushing line on-site.

As we all know, the crusher machine plant is a series of equipment that needs to be customized. Every crushing line needs to be designed according to the customer’s requirements and the location of the crushing site. Here I would introduce some designed crushing solutions for reference.

Customized Crushing Plants for Philippines Clients

As one of the reliable crushing plant manufacturers and suppliers in the Philippines, many clients have inquired about rock crushing lines, including soft rocks and hard rocks as follows:

  • Hard rock: granite, basalt, stone, river stone, river pebbles
  • Soft rock: limestone, construction waste

Based on the above raw materials, we mainly recommended and designed two types of quarry crusher plants for sale: stationary crush plant and mobile crushing plant in the Philippines. I would list some solutions based on the two kinds of plants for reference.

Crusher Plants Stationary Type – 10 ~ 1000 t/h

  • The stationary crushing plant for sale can’t move easily once it is installed at the crushing site.
  • Thus, it is often utilized in large-scale projects such as mining, quarrying, or construction, where a substantial amount of material needs to be processed.
  • They are designed to handle high volumes of material efficiently and consistently. Therefore, the large capacity can reach 1000 t/h.
  • Here are some solutions for stationary crushing plants for clients. Check them below.

crushing plant for sale stationary type in the Philippines

Solution1: 200TPH Screen Crusher Plant for Processing Basalt

  • Stone material: hard stone – basalt
  • Feed material: 700mm
  • Discharge size: 0-1/4″-3/8″-3/4
  • Output: 200 T/H
  • Main configuration: one jaw crusher + two cone crushers + two vibrate screens

200TPH Stationary Crusher Plant for Processing Basalt

Reasons to Choose This Solution1
  • 1. The size of the basalt raw material is a little larger. Thus, it is better to use the jaw crusher for the primary crushing.
  • 2. Due to the requirements of different sizes of finial aggregates, we adopt the two cone crushers to achieve secondary crushing and another crushing process.
  • 3. In addition, two screens can improve working efficiency at the crushing site. And the solution can meet the client’s crushing demands.

Solution2: 150 TPH Crusher Plant for Granite Crushing

  • Material: Granite
  • Capacity: 120 tph ~ 150tph
  • Maximum feeding size: 0 ~ 500mm
  • Output size: 0-6mm, 6-12mm, 12-19mm, 19-25mm
  • Components: APG-3896W Vibrating feeder + APJ-6090E Jaw crusher + APC-132C Compound cone crusher + APS-2160Y4 Vibrating screen
  • Initial demands: 120 tph granite crusher plant for sale
  • Finial decision: 150 TPH screen crusher plant

150 TPH Crusher Plant Philippines for Granite Crushing

Why Choose 150 TPH Crusher Plant Finally?
  • 1. We adopt the APJ-6090E jaw crusher and APC-132C compound cone crusher as the main crushers. According to their capacities, the crushing line can produce over 120 tons of aggregates easily.
  • 2. Besides, the 150 tph crusher plant price is not too higher than the 120 tph crushing plant price. The crusher plant cost is under the client’s budget. Therefore, the client thought that choosing a 150 tph crusher plant is cost-effective and wise.

APJ-6090E Jaw crusher
APJ-6090E Jaw Crusher
APC-132C Compound cone crusher
APC-132C Compound Cone Crusher

Crusher Plants Moile Type – 50 ~ 500t/h

  • Compared with the stationary type, the mobile crushing plant in the Philippines has won more popularity in the market due to its features of flexible and convenient.
  • In addition, the capacity ranges are also relatively smaller than the stationary ones. With a capacity of about 50 tph to 500 tph, it is portable and easy to operate and assemble.
  • Thus, many clients have chosen the mobile type for business. Here is one of the designed mobile crushing plant solutions for client. Check it out below.

Crusher Plant Moile for Sale in the Philippines

200TPH Mobile Crushing Screening Plant for Granite Processing

  • Equipment: APY-200T
  • Material: Granite
  • Capacity:200t/h
  • Output size:0-2-5-25mm

200TPH Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant for Granite Processing in the Philippines

According to the customer’s requirements of the capacity and Output size, We recommend APY2-110J primary mobile jaw crushing plant and APY2-200C secondary cone crushing and screening plants. They are all easily operated, highly efficient, and low-cost equipment.

Main equipment such as European type jaw crusher – APJ-110V and compound cone crusher – APC-200C are our most advanced machines which of high performance, big processing capacity, and well-proportioned product sizes.

APY2-110J primary mobile jaw crusher plant
APY2-110J Primary Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant
APY2-200C secondary cone crusher plant Philippines
APY2-200C Secondary Mobile Cone Crusher

Why Choose AIMIX Crushing Plant to Start Business in The Philippines?

In the Philippines, there are a large amount of crusher plant companies for choices. Why buy a crushing plant from AIMIX? Here are some significant reasons to choose AIMIX.

  • 1. We have exported many units of crushing lines to the Philippines market. If necessary, we would guide clients to visit crusher on-site in Legaspi and Bantangas.
  • 2. AIMIX has established a branch office in Manila. In this way, the client can come to the office and communicate with our sales face-to-face.
  • Philippines Sales Team

  • 3. There is a warehouse in Manila. Some of the stone crushing plant ware parts are always in stock. The client can buy and get them soon in the Philippines.
  • 4. We have developed two installing teams to ensure smooth assembling, testing, and debugging. Therefore, you can be assured of our considerate after-sales service.

Therefore, a lot of customers would like to cooperate with the AIMIX team. However, before investing in a crushing line, investors are better to have a good knowledge of basic information about crushing plants, like main parts, working process, features, prices, etc. You can check what components the crusher plant for sale includes in the following description.

Main Components of Mining Crusher Plant in the Philippines

The main components of the crusher plant in the Philippines can vary depending on the type of crusher plant and the specific requirements of the mining operation. However, here are some common components, including feeder, crusher, conveyor system, screens, control room, etc. Check the descriptions below.

  • Vibrating feeder: It is used to deliver raw materials into the crusher. It ensures a consistent and controlled feed rate, preventing overloading of the crusher.
  • Crushers: The crusher is the primary machine used for reducing the size of the raw materials. Common types of crushers used in mining operations include jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers.
  • Vibrating Feeder
    Vibrating Feeder
    Jaw Crusher Machine for Crushing Plant Philippines
    Jaw Crusher
    Cone Crusher On Crusher Plant Philippines
    Cone Crusher

  • Vibrate Screens: Screens are used to separate crushed materials into different sizes. The vibrating screens help ensure the desired product size and remove any oversize or undersize particles.
  • Conveyor System: The conveyor system is to transport the crushed materials from the crusher to the next stage of the process, such as a screening plant or stockpile.
  • Control Room: The control room is typically present in a crushing and screening plant for sale. It houses the controls and monitoring equipment necessary to operate and monitor the entire plant efficiently.

Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen

Knowing about the main components, it is easy to have a better understanding of the aggregate crushing plant works. Check how the crusher plant works below.

Working Process of The Crushing Plant in The Philippines

The working process of a crushing plant in the Philippines can be divided into six simple steps as follow:

crushing plant working progress


The first step involves the handling and loading of raw materials into the crushing plant. This includes the transportation of raw materials using loaders, excavators, or trucks to the feeding area of the plant.


The primary crusher is responsible for reducing the size of the raw materials. A common primary crusher in rock crushing plants is a jaw crusher. It breaks the raw materials into smaller pieces that are suitable for further processing.


The secondary and tertiary crushers may be used to further reduce the size of the material. Secondary crushers, such as cone crushers or impact crushers, are commonly used to produce smaller, more uniform-sized aggregates. Tertiary crushers can be used to further refine the material into the desired shape and size.


After the crushing stage, the material may need to go through a screening process to separate it into different sizes or remove unwanted particles. The screens can achieve aggregate separation.


The crushed and screened material is then conveyed to its destination or stockpiled for future use. Conveyors or other equipment are used to transport and create stockpiles of the processed material.


Apart from the above process, there may be additional processing steps, like further washing, or refining the material to meet desired specifications or remove impurities. These additional steps are often performed if the end product requires further refinement.

Here is a 3D working video of a crushing plant that can help you understand the whole process.

About Crusher Plant Prices in The Philippines

The crusher plant project cost is what the clients are most concerned about. They need to know the approximate crusher machine plant price to judge whether it is within budget. Here I would list AIMIX crushing plant price ranges for reference.

Stationary type: As we all know, the stationary crushing plant in the Philippines consists of different kinds of crushers. The prices are mainly dependent on the crushers. Here are the prices of each crusher as follows:

  • Jaw crusher price: $10,000 ~ $200,000
  • Cone crusher price: $26,000 ~ $45,000
  • Impact crusher price: $20,000 ~ $140,000

Mobile type: Compared with the stationary type, the mobile crusher plant price is a little higher. The mobile crushing plant price is at least $550,000, but not more than $2,500,000. If your budget is enough, consider the mobile one.

Mobile type crusher plant in the Philippines

If you want to get the exact prices of crushing plants in the Philippines, please contact our sales for the latest quotation right now through email, tel, Viber, or the following inquiry form.

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