Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

Self loading concrete mixer for sale can achieve the function of automatic feeding, mixing, transportation and automatic unloading in this one machine. Compared with traditional concrete mixer machine, self loading mixer truck can not only mix the concrete, but also transfer the concrete easily among different construction sites. Self loading mixer for sale is usually used for the construction of bridges, tunnels, maintenance of highways, workshops, high speed railway, etc because these projects keep away from the concrete batching plants and the concrete is also important for the project. So the self loading cement mixer for sale plays an important role in these construction projects. Due to the design of self-loading, the self loading mixer machine greatly improves its working efficiency. Our self loading concrete mixer truck sale has different models, including 1.2cub, 1.8 cub, 2.6cub, 3.2,cub, 3.5cub, 4cub, etc. You can pick up a suitable one!

self loading concrete mixer truck for sale

Check the specification and parameter

The biggest advantages of our Aimix self loading concrete mixer machine is that it can rotate 270 degree. This is more convenient to discharge the concrete from different directions. No matter what model of self loading cement mixer for sale is, it can achieve the function. If you need a small capacity of machine, we have 1.2cub, 1.8cub that you can consider. Besides these models, we also have 2.5cub, 2.6cub, 3.2cub, 3.5cub, 4cub, etc. We believe that you can pick up a satisfied model.

Equipment Model CL1200
Drum geometrical capacity 1700L
Discharge Capacity 1200L
Engine Model Quanchai 4B2-75m22
Rated Power 55kw
Fuel tank 63L
Total hydraulic system capacity 63 liters
Oil tank 16 liters
Drum rotate 270º

2.6 cub
Equipment Model CL2600
Drum geometrical capacity 3580L
Discharge Capacity 2600L
Engine Model YCD4102Z
Rated Power 78kw
Fuel tank 75L
Total hydraulic system capacity 75 liters
Oil tank 16 liters
Drum rotate 270º

Aimix self loading concrete mixer truck in Philippines

In Philippines, these models of self loading concrete mixer truck are popular, including 1.2cub, 2.6cub, 3.2cub and 4cub. If you need a self loading mixer truck machine and you don’t know how to choose a suitable model, you can refer to our opinion. There are some pictures about our self loading mixer machine in Philippines.

Advantages of self loading mixer

1. Multifunction machine

Self loading concrete truck mixer can replace the generator, loader, conveyor and traditional concrete mixer, which can greatly reduce the investment costs. The reasons that loading mixer machine has multi-purpose is that it can provide the power for itself, load the materials by itself, feed the materials by itself and mixer the materials by itself. Therefore, you invest in one self loading mixer machine as much as you invest in that four machine.

4cub self loading concrete mixer truck for sale
Equipment Model CL4000
Drum geometrical capacity 6000L
Discharge Capacity 4000L
Engine Model YCD4J22G
Rated Power 85kw
Fuel tank 230L
Total hydraulic system capacity 170 liters
Oil tank 16 liters
Drum rotary 290º

2. Automatic feeding system

Equipped with the unique?hinged hydraulic shovel, self loading mixer truck for sale can load the ingredients easily and accurately. The built-in blade of the bucket can automatically cut the cement bag to avoid waste of raw materials. All ingredients can be smoothly and quickly transferred into the mixer cylinder from the bucket. Meanwhile, self loading concrete mixer for sale replaces the traditional loader, which reduces the construction area and save the purchasing fees.

self loading mixer part
self loading mixer spare part

self loading mixer machine parts
self loading mixer machine part

3. Automatic mixing system

After the aggregate and cement enter the mixing cylinder, they can be perfectly mixed by the automatically pressurized water flow in the double bucket. The special twin screw blades ensure the quality of mixing and finished concrete. Equipped with electronic weighing system, it can ensure the accuracy of materials. Self loading cement concrete mixer has the fast mixing speed. It just takes one minute to mix a bucket of concrete. Self loading concrete mixer truck can mix the concrete at any time even if in the process of move, which saves the time.

4. Automatic unloading system

Because self loading mixer concrete for sale can move easily, it can unload the finished concrete at any place that the place needs the concrete. It is simple for operator to unload the concrete. He just needs to operate the operating lever.

1.8cub self loading concrete mixer truck for sale
1.8 cub
Equipment Model CL1800
Drum geometrical capacity 2680L
Discharge Capacity 1800L
Engine Model Yuchai 4102
Rated Power 78kw
Fuel tank 63L
Total hydraulic system capacity 63 liters
Oil tank 16 liters
Drum rotate 270º

3.2 cub
Equipment Model CL3200
Drum geometrical capacity 3580L
Discharging Capacity 3200L
Engine Model YCD4105
Rated Power 85kw
Fuel tank 75L
Total hydraulic system capacity 75 liters
Oil tank 16 liters
Drum Rotary 270º

5. Convenient movement

Adopting the four-wheel drive chassis and full hydraulic transmission device, the self loading concrete mixer for sale can perfectly adapt to all kinds of complex terrain. It can easily climb a slope of 30 degrees even under full load. Equipped with the center of gravity transfer system, the center of gravity can be moved back and forth when uphill and downhill, which can effectively increase the overall safety.

6. Comfortable operating environment

The self loading concrete truck mixer is equipped with a fully equipped cab, and the operator can operate the whole machine just by a operating lever. Adding the air condition system, the self loading mixer concrete can work normally even if in the high temperature condition. In addition, self loading concrete mixer for sale has the anti-rolling system and anti-falling system. This can protect the operator’s safety even the machine works in the bad construction environment and driving condition.

IMG_20170401_081930 (2)
2.6 cub
3.2 cub

wide application of our loading mixer truck

Trustworthy self loading concrete mixer manufacturer in Philippines – Aimix Group

The most competitive price

When you plan to purchase a self loading mobile concrete mixer, I think that the self loading concrete mixer price is vital for you. Why does our Aimix Group can provide you with the most competitive self loading mixer price? That is because we can save your purchasing self loading mobile concrete mixer price from the following aspects, such as, selecting model and construction site, transporting machine, installing and debugging machine, training operator and maintaining machine. Our salesman will try their best to customize a plan for you.

Complete service system

LBC In Philippines

In addition to the self loading transit mixer price, the after-sale service is also important for customers. Maybe you worry about that after you purchasing the self loading transit mixer for sale, what you should do if something goes with the machine. If you choose our company, you needn’t worry about it at all. Because as a professional self loading concrete mixer suppliers, our Aimix Group has Location Based Service Center in Philippines. It is more convenient to help you deal with your problems. Whatever you meet any question, contact us at any time.

Good feedback of customers

our salesmen with our Philippines customers

Up to now, many of our products have been delivered to Philippines. After using our machine, our customers from Philippines gives high praise to our machine and our Aimix Group. At present, we also keep good relationship with our customers.

All in all, you can follow us if you are interested in our self loading mixer machine. Leave your message to us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

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