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Limestone Crushers Philippines

Limestone crushers in the Philippines are one of widely applied crushing equipment in mining industry due to the abundance of limestone deposits and the numerous industries that utilize limestone as a raw material. In general, the limestone crusher for sale is used in these industries, like construction, cement production, mining, agriculture, and industrial applications. AIMIX also has manufactured and exported limestone crushers to global customers. You can check one of application sites below.

Limestone crushers in the Philippines

250 t/h Limestone Crusher Plant Working On-site

  • Raw material: limestone, aggregate, stone
  • Capacity: 250 t/h
  • Time of put into production: Oct. 2022
  • Configurations: Vibration feeder, impact crusher, cone crusher, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, etc.
  • Clients reviews: The AIMIX crusher machine for sale has excellent performance and is easy to operate, and the AIMIX team provides professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales support. They respond quickly to issues and provide timely solutions, making our work more efficient and smooth. Very satisfied with their excellent product quality and excellent service attitude.

Aimix 250t Limestone Crusher Plant On-site
250t Limestone Crusher Machine for Aggregate Production

250t Limestone Crusher Plant
Limestone Crushers Machines 250t
250t Limestone Crushing Machine

Limestone Crushers Widely Applied in These Cities of The Philippines

As we all know, the limestone materials are abundant in the Philippines. Limestone formations can be found in various regions of the Philippines, including Manila, Cebu, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Iloilo, Palawan, etc. Here are the main limestone crusher machine application purposes in different cities as follows:

  • Metro Manila: Construction projects in this region often utilize limestone crushers for aggregate production.
  • Cebu: It is commonly used in Cebu for construction and industrial applications.
  • Bulacan: Industries in this area, including construction and cement production, use limestone crushers extensively.
  • Iloilo: Limestone crushers are employed in this area for various applications, such as road construction and agricultural lime production.
  • Palawan: While crushers may not be as prevalent in this tourist destination, limestone mining and quarrying activities may still require the use of crushers.
  • If you are from other cities in the Philippines and also has the above limestone crusher usage purpose, welcome to consult us for the crusher details.

Varieties of Limestone Crushers In The Philippines Market

The hardness of limestone is generally in the medium range. Therefore, it is relatively easy to break into small sizes. Depending on the hardness and characteristics of the limestone, there are different types of limestone crushing machines can be used to crush limestone: jaw crusher and impact crusher. Here are the simple introduction of each one in the follow paragraph.

Limestone Jaw Crushers Philippines – Primary Crushing

  • The jaw crusher for sale in the Philippines has wide capacity ranges from 10 t/h to 800 t/h.
  • With its powerful crushing capacity and high output, the jaw crusher for sale is more suitable for primary crushing and medium-sized limestone.
  • The symmetrical V-shaped crushing chamber has a large feeding port, which can accommodate larger limestone materials.
  • In addition, its high-speed rotating crusher has strong crushing force, which can quickly crush the materials into required sizes.

APJ-E Jaw Crusher
APJ-E Jaw Crusher

  • Capacity: 10-800 t/h
  • Max Feeding Size: 130-1000 mm
  • Output size: 15-300 mm
APJ-V Jaw Crusher Machine
APJ-V Jaw Crusher Machine

  • Capacity: 65-800 t/h
  • Max Feeding Size: 420-1000 mm
  • Output size: 40-275 mm
APJ-X Small Limestone Crushers Philippines
APJ-X Small Limestone Crusher

  • Capacity: 10-95 t/h
  • Max Feeding Size: 120-250 mm
  • Output size: 18-90 mm

Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant – Popular Tire-type in The Philippines

Tire-Type Mobile Limestone Crusher

Based on the above single crusher machine, most clients would like to choose a mobile crushing plant that can move easily at the construction sites. Besides, the mobile limestone crusher not only can save installation time but improve working efficiency. AIMIX has exported mobile jaw limestone crusher plant to Manila. Let’s check the working pictures below.

Limestone Crusher for Sale in The Philippines

limestone crusher equipment in the Philippines

mobile limestone crushing equipment

Limestone Impact Crushers Philippines – Secondary Crushing

  • The impact crushers can be used to crush medium hard limestone. The limestone is crushed into required particle size by impact force, suitable for secondary crushing and refinement.
  • AIMIX impact crusher’s capacities are from 37 t/h to 400 t/h. Clients can choose the suitable one according to the crushing demands.
  • It is widely applied for different stages of crushing in the industries, like metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractory materials, ceramics, and construction waste…

Two-cavity Limestone Impact Crusher
Two-cavity Limestone Impact Crusher
Three-chamber Impact Crusher
Three-chamber Impact Crusher

Customized Limestone Impact Crusher Solution for The Philippines Client

It is a stationary crushing plant for crushing limestone with a capacity of 300-350t/h. The crushing line is customized for the Philippines client. Here are the detailed requirements and information about the limestone crusher cement plant below.

Project requirements and Configurations:

  • Raw materials used: ≤750mm
  • Finished product requirements: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-30mm
  • Yield requirements: 300-350TPH
  • Customized Configuration of The Crusher Plant: APG-6015W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-110V (jaw crusher) + APF-1620H (impact crusher) + APS-3072Y3 (vibrating screen)
300-350TPH Limestone Crushing Plant for Crushing Limestone in The Philippines
Customized 300-350TPH Limestone Crushing Plant

Actually, AIMIX engineers would customized the crushing plant according to customers’ different crushing demands. Moreover, we would design the layout of limestone processing equipment according to the crushing sites.

Main Components of A Limestone Crushing Plant

The limestone crushing plant consists of several main components that work together to process and crush limestone material. Here’s a brief introduction to each of the main components:

  • Feeding Equipment: This includes APG series vibrating feeders or feed hoppers that receive and deliver the raw materials to the rock crushing machine.
  • Primary Crusher: The primary crusher, such as a APJ series jaw stone crusher, is responsible for initial material reduction. It receives the raw material and reduces it to a smaller size.
  • Secondary Crusher: The secondary crusher, commonly APF series impact crusher, further reduces the size of the crushed material obtained from the primary crusher.
  • APG series Vibrating Feeder
    APG series Vibrating Feeder
    APJ series Jaw Crusher
    APJ series Jaw Crusher
    APF series Impact Crusher
    APF series Impact Crusher

  • APS series Vibrating Screens: Vibrating screens are used to separate and classify the crushed materials into different sizes. They ensure the desired product size and remove any oversize or undersize particles.
  • Conveyor Systems: Conveyor belts or systems transport the crushed materials between different components of the crushing plant, ensuring a continuous flow of material.
  • Control Panel: The control panel allows operators to regulate the limestone crushing process and monitor its performance.
  • APS series Vibrating Screen
    APS series Vibrating Screen

Consider Limestone Crushers Prices Before Purchasing in The Philippines

As we all know, it is a large investment for client to purchase limestone mining equipment to start crushing business, especially for buying large crushing lines. Therefore, the limestone crusher machine price is a vital factor that the client need to consider seriously.

Here are some price ranges of each kind of limestone crushers for sale in the Philippines for reference:

  • Single Crusher Machine: at least 6000 USD
  • Portable jaw Crusher Plant: over 50,000 USD
  • Mobile impact crusher plant price: at least 80,000 USD
  • Customized crushing plant(jaw crusher+impact crusher): ≥100,000 USD

The prices are also determined by various factors, such as capacity, delivery fee, and others. If you want to get the exact limestone crusher price, contact our sales right now! Contact us through email, tel, viber, and WhatsApp. Then our sales in the Philippines would reply you in a short time!

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