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Granite Crusher Machine

The high demand for granite crusher machine in the Philippines is primarily due to the country’s vast reserves of granite and its widespread utilization across multiple industries. Construction, infrastructure development, monument creation, landscaping, and quarrying operations extensively rely on granite for their diverse applications. As a result, many businesses involved in mining and construction in the Philippines have invested in this crusher. The following paragraphs provide an overview of the investment value for reference.

AIMIX granite crusher in the Philippines

Best Time to Own A Granite Crusher Machine in The Philippines

In the Philippines, granite is particularly rich in regions such as Benguet, Cebu, Ilocos Norte, and Romblon.

  • Granite is widely used in the Philippines for construction and architectural purposes. It is valued for its aesthetic appeal and durability, used for cladding, flooring, countertops, and decorative elements.
  • It is also important in aggregate production for concrete and asphalt, providing strength to roads and bridges.

Buy Granite Crusher in the Philippines

In addition, The Philippines is vigorously developing the construction industry. Thus, without any exaggeration, it is the best opportunity for clients in the Philippines to invest in a granite crusher machine whether for self-using or for business.

Application Site of Granite Crushing Machine

  • Capacity: 200 t/h
  • Raw materials: Granite
  • Put into use time: March 2022
  • Main components: granite jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and sand washer
  • Customer Reviews: Thanks to the professionalism and patience of AIMIX team. They are always here to help solve our problems, especially during installation and running period. I have used it with lower failure rates. Mainly, I bought it for aggregate sale in my country. Now, my business is in smooth progress.

Customized Crushing Lines – Granite Jaw Crusher and Granite Cone Crusher

In general, granite crusher in the Philippines often need to be customized due to several reasons.

  • Customization enables the crushing line to be adjusted to meet the desired output specifications.
  • And Customization allows for the design and configuration of the granite crushing machine to match the required production capacity, ensuring the efficient processing of granite within the given production constraints.

AIMIX has designed different granite crushing plants according to global customers’ demands. Here are several sets of lines for reference.

Stationary Granite Rock Crusher for Sand and Gravel Aggregate

  • Capacity: 200t/h
  • Customer demands: The rock crusher breaks the quarried granite to produce sand and gravel aggregates for various building materials. Besides, the customer purchased a concrete mixing plant and an asphalt plant at the same time, so they have higher requirements for the aggregate size.
  • Main configuration: APG-4211W(vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E(jaw crusher)+ APC-1315X(cone crusher)+ APS-2160Y4 (vibrating screen)

200tph Stationary Granite Rock Crusher Machine

Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant for Granite Crushing

  • Capacity: 200 t/h
  • Client requirements of the mobile crusher: feeding size < 700mm; output size: 0-2-5-25mm
  • Main components: APG-4211W vibrating feeder + APJ-110V Jaw Crusher+ APC-200C compound cone crusher + APS-2160Y2 vibrating screen + APV-9532X VSI sand making machine + APS-2160Y3 Vibrating Screen

Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant for Granite Crushing

If you also have requirements of designing granite stone crusher plant, welcome to consult us. AIMIX engineers would provide 3D layout picture and solution in 3 hours.

Popular Crushers to Break Granite Materials

In the Philippines, people commonly use jaw crushers and cone crushers to break granite. These two types of crushers are widely used for granite crushing due to their reliability, efficiency, and versatility. Here are simple introduction of each one.

Granite Jaw Crusher Philippines – Primary Crushing Stage

  • Jaw crushers are often the primary choice for crushing granite in the Philippines.
  • It has a stationary plate and a movable plate, with the granite rocks being crushed between them.
  • Granite jaw crusher is known for its high capacity and ability to handle large-sized rocks. According to the different feeding material sizes, there are different kinds of jaw crushers for reference: like AJP-E and AJP-V type.

APJ-E Jaw Crushing Machine
APJ-E Jaw Crushing Machine

  • Capacity: 10-800 t/h
  • Max Feeding Size: 130-1000 mm
  • Output size: 15-300 mm
APJ-V Granite Jaw Crusher
APJ-V Granite Jaw Crusher

  • Capacity: 65-800 t/h
  • Max Feeding Size: 420-1000 mm
  • Output size: 40-275 mm

Cone Type Granite Crusher Philippines – for Secondary and Tertiary Crushing

  • With its robust construction, high crushing capacity, and efficient operation, Cone crushers are also widely used in the Philippines for granite crushing.
  • It works by compressing the granite rocks between a mantle and a concave surface. Cone crushers are effective for secondary and tertiary crushing stages, producing well-shaped and fine-grained granite aggregates.
  • Granite cone crushers are available in different types and configurations, including single cylinder, multi-cylinder, Spring type and compound type, etc. Clients can choose one according to the cavity types, feeding sizes and discharge ports.

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher
Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

  • Capacity: 45 tph to 510 tph
  • Max Feeding Size: 32mm to 270mm
  • Output size: 6-16mm
Multi-cylinder Cone Granite Crusher Philippines
Multi-cylinder Cone Granite Crusher

  • Capacity: 90 tph – 1200 tph
  • Max Feeding Size: 95-353mm (standard type) and 10-155mm (short head type)
  • Output size: 10-32mm (standard type) and 6-13m (short head type)

Spring Granite Cone Crusher Philippines
Spring-type Granite Cone Crusher

  • Crushing cone diameter: 600mm (2’ft) – 2200mm (2’ft)
  • Max Feeding Size: 65-110mm
  • Adjustment range of discharge port: 3-60mm
  • Processing capacity: 12t/h – 1000t/h
Compound Type Cone Crushing Equipment
Compound Type Cone Crushing Equipment

  • Max Feeding Size: 80mm to 267mm
  • Outlet adjustment range (mm): 10-224 mm
  • Processing capacity: 20t/h – 655t/h

Considerate After-sales Service for Granite Crusher in The Philippines

After-sales service is what the clients concerned a lot before purchase one from the granite crusher manufacturer in the Philippines. Indeed, the after-sales service plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and the proper functioning of the granite aggregate crusher. A considerate after-sales service for granite crushers typically includes a range of services aimed at supporting customers throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment. If buying AIMIX crushing equipment, the clients can enjoy these services as follows:

Installation and Commissioning

AIMIX professional technicians who can visit the site, provide guidance, and ensure that the crusher is properly installed and operational.

Installation And Commissioning of Granite Crusher in the Philippines

Training and Technical Support

We offer comprehensive training programs for operators and maintenance personnel. The engineer would helps users understand the operation, maintenance, and safety aspects of the equipment.

Spare Parts Availability

There is a warehouse in Manila, Philippines. Clients can easily procure the required components when needed.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections

In general, our engineers would regularly visit the running status of the crusher machines on-site two times every years. They would identify potential problems, and recommend necessary repairs or adjustments to keep the equipment running smoothly.

Training and Technical Support of granite crusher


AIMIX provide one-year warranty period for the crushing machine. Under warranty time, clients can exchange the wear parts for free.

Responsive Customer Support

AIMIX has a branch office in the Philppines. Our sales and engineers in the Philippines are readily available to address any inquiries, concerns, or technical issues that customers may encounter.

Philippines Sales Team
AIMIX Sales Team in The Philippines

If you want to get the granite crusher price first, welcome to contact us right now! We would send you quotation as soon as possible! Contact us through email, tel, and Viber now.

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