AIMIX Crushing Machines For Mining Construction

Aggregate Crusher Plant

Aggregate crusher plant for sale in the Philippines plays an important role in the mining industry. As we all know, with the rapid development of the modern construction industry, there is a large demand for the aggregate. Most aggregates are gained from crushed large rocks, gravel, sand, or other materials. And aggregate crushing plants are the most important equipment for aggregate processing. Many clients in the Philippines have invested in Aimix crushing production lines to produce aggregates and gain considerable profits. Let’s check the main raw materials and final aggregates after crushing.

Aimix Aggregate crusher plant for sale in the Philippines

Raw Materials and Final Aggregates of Aggregate Crusher Plant

Raw Materials

The aggregate crushing equipment manufactured by Aimix Group can handle different kinds of raw materials, including limestone, river pebble, granite, basalt, shale, bluestone, quartz, etc. However, in the Philippines, due to the local geographical environment, many clients invest in rock crushing plants mainly for crushing river pebbles and river stones. Aimix has specially designed and exported many sets of crushing production lines for Philippines clients. The clients can have a visit to Aimix machines before making an order if necessary.

river pebble
River Pebble
river stone
River Stone

Final Aggregates

Aggregate is a broad category of coarse particulate material used in construction, including sand, gravel, and crushed stones. Processing of these materials is very important as they are the main materials used in many industries. For example, industries such as construction and asphalt and concrete plants are among the industries with the highest utilization of aggregates. In Aimix, there are different types of aggregate crushing plants for sale that can manufacture different particle sizes of final aggregates.

Final Aggregates - sand
Final Aggregates - gravel

Customized Aggregate Crushing Solutions for Clients

In fact, according to the crushing needs of different customers, our technical engineers will provide customers with customized crushing solutions to choose from. In general, the engineer would design the aggregate crushing plant flow diagram for clients. Here are some solutions for reference.

200TPH Mobile Aggregate Crusher Plant For Producing Aggregates

  • Configurations: APG-4211W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-7510E (jaw crusher) + APC-200C (medium crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-2160Y4 (Finished vibrating screen). Check the aggregate crushing plant process flow chart below.

200tph mobile crusher plant for aggregates
200tph mobile crusher plant for aggregates

150TPH Mobile Sand Making Plant For Quartz Sand Production

  • Configurations: APG-3895W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-6090E (jaw crusher) + APC-160C (middle crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-1860Y2 (primary vibrating screen) + APV-9532 (vsi sand making machine) + APW-2816D (sand washing machine)

150tph mobile crushing plant for sand production
150tph mobile crushing plant for sand production

Different Kinds of Aggregate Crushing Plants for Sale

According to the mobility, we have divided the crushing plants into the stationary crushing plant and mobile aggregate crusher plant for sale.

Stationary type

In general, the stationary crushing plant has a large production capacity of over 200tph. It can’t be moved once the stationary crush production line is installed at the construction site. And the crushing plant location is close to the origin of raw materials.

Stationary Type Aggregate Crushing Plant
Stationary Type

Mobile type

  • In terms of the chassis choices, there are two options for mobile crushing plants for sale: tire type and crawler type.
  • The tire type is more suitable for some construction waste treatment, urban infrastructure, and road construction.
  • The crawler-type portable aggregate crusher plant for sale has good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, and can even achieve climbing operations, so it is appropriate for mining and open pits. Harsh operating environments such as coal mining. The mobile crushing plant capacities range from 45tph to 500tph.

tire type aggregate crusher plant in the Philippines
tire type
crawler-type Mobile Aggregate crusher plant

Components of Aggregate Crushing and Screening Plant

It is necessary for clients to have a better understanding of the components of the aggregate crushing plant for sale. In general, the main components of aggregate crushing plant and processing include a feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher or impact crusher, conveyor, and vibrating screen.

  • These are the standard equipment that must be equipped for the production of coarse and medium aggregate.
  • If you want to produce fine aggregate, like sand, add other equipment, like a sand-making machine and sand washing machines.
  • You can choose some of these components according to the final product produced. Indeed, Aimix would provide clients with customized stone crushing plants according to the actual requirements.

Different Types of Aggregate Crushers on The Production Line

  • The aggregate crusher for sale is one of the most important components of the crushing plant.
  • Different aggregate crusher types are suitable for different crushing stages and can be crushed into aggregates of different particle sizes. Therefore, when providing clients with customized crushing solutions, we need to select the appropriate type of crusher to meet production needs.
  • In Aimix, there are mainly three kinds of aggregate crushing machines for sale: jaw crusher machine, cone crusher, and impact crusher equipment. Please check them below.

APJ Series Jaw Crusher – Primary and Secondary Crushing

  • Aimix APJ series aggregate jaw crusher is widely used in the primary and secondary crushing processes. It is usually preferred for crushing various hard materials, such as rocks, ores, slag, concrete, etc.
  • It is widely used in construction, mining, cement, metallurgy, refractory materials, construction waste treatment, and other industries.
  • The capacity of the jaw aggregate crusher machine ranges from 1 t/h to 800 t/h. In Aimix, there are different types of APJ series jaw crushers for sale: APJ-E type, APJ-V type, and APJ-X type.
  • Among them, there are some hot-selling models, such as APJ-5075E, APJ-7510E, and APJ-110V. You can check some models of them below.
APJ-5075E Jaw Aggregate Crusher

APJ-5075E Jaw Aggregate Crusher

Feeding Opening Size(mm): 500×750
  • Max. feeding size(mm): 425
  • Discharging open size(mm): 50-100
  • Capacity(t/h): 40-110
  • Motor power(kw): 55
  • Total weight(t): 11.7

APJ-7510E Jaw Aggregate Crusher

APJ-7510E Jaw Aggregate Crusher

Feeding Opening Size(mm): 750×1060
  • Max. feeding size(mm): 630
  • Discharging open size(mm): 80-180
  • Capacity(t/h): 110-320/li>
  • Motor power(kw): 90-110
  • Total weight(t): 28

APJ-110V Jaw Aggregate Crusher Machine

APJ-110V Aggregate Crushing Machine

Feeding Opening Size(mm): 850×1100
  • Max. feeding size(mm): 720
  • Discharging open size(mm): 70-200
  • Capacity(t/h): 190-450
  • Motor power(kw): 160
  • Weight(t): 25

APC Series Cone Crusher – Medium and Fine Crushing

  • The APC series cone crusher for sale is a piece of equipment commonly used in mining stone crushing machines, which can process materials in medium and fine crushing.
  • The cone crusher has features of a large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and uniform particle size. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks.
  • It is widely used in many industries such as mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy, and chemical industries.
  • According to different crushing principles and product particle sizes, it is divided into many types, such as APC-Y spring type, APC-C compound type, APC-D single-cylinder type, and APC-M multi-cylinder type.
  • Here are some models for reference! If you want to get more detailed information about cone crusher, contact our sales and request a quotation right now.
APC-900Y Spring Type Aggregate Crusher

APC-900Y Spring Type Crusher

Crushing cone diameter(mm): 900
  • Maximum feed size(mm): 40-115
  • Outlet adjustment range(mm): 3-50
  • Capacity(t/h): 15-90
  • Motor power(kw): 55
  • Total weight(t): 10.2

APC-110C Compound Type Cone Aggregate Crusher

APC-110C Compound Cone Crusher

Crushing cone diameter(mm): 1000
  • Maximum feed size(mm): 80-165
  • Outlet size(mm): 8-31
  • Capacity(t/h): 50-235
  • Motor power(kw): 110
  • Total weight(t): 10.8

APF Series Impact Crusher – Crushing Coarse, Medium, and Fine Materials

  • The APF Series impact crusher in Aimix can crush various coarse, medium, and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) whose side length does not exceed 500mm and whose compressive strength does not exceed 350MPa.
  • It is suitable for artificial sand and gravel materials production that is widely used in various ore crushing, railways, highways, and construction industries.
  • The capacities range from 100 tph to 550 tph. In Aimix, there are several models of impact crushers for choice. Customers in the Philippines can choose any of them according to the actual crushing requirements.
APF1214 impact crusher

APF1214 Impact Crusher

Capacity: 130-200 (t/h)
  • Rotor diameter (mm): Φ1200*1400
  • Feed opening size (mm): 450*1440
  • Max Feeding size (mm): 400
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 130-200
  • Mixing power (kw): 132-160

APF1315 impact crusher

APF1315 Impact Crusher

Capacity: 180-320 (t/h)
  • Rotor diameter (mm): Φ1300*1500
  • Feed opening size (mm): 550*1530
  • Max Feeding size (mm): 450
  • Processing capacity (t/h): 180-320
  • Mixing power (kw): 160-200

Factors Influencing The Aggregate Crushing Plant Price

The aggregate crushing plant prices are diverse in the Philippines market. A lot of clients would like to get a cheaper one with the best quality. While, as we all know, the price of a crushing plant for sale is determined by many factors. Here are some affecting factors for reference.

1. Brand

The brand has an important effect on the fine aggregate crusher price. There would be a big difference in the same kind of crusher between international brands, domestic brands, and famous brands. Accordingly, the quality is also different. If the clients buy a quarry crusher from a famous brand, they would get the best service. Also, the prices are also a little higher. Therefore, we suggest that you should make some investigation before the purchasing process of the aggregate crusher plant.

2. Type of Aggregate Crusher

According to the type of crusher the clients needs to choose, it also has great differences between the aggregate crusher prices. In Aimix, there are many kinds of crushers for choice, like jaw crushers, cone crushers, and impact crushers. In addition, there are at least two kinds of crushers combined to establish an aggregate crushing plant for sale in the Philippines. If you wanna get detailed prices, welcome to contact our sales directly.

Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher
Cone Crusher
Cone Crusher
impact crusher machine
Impact Crusher

3. Service

Indeed, the service also can affect the price of aggregate crushing plant price in the Philippines. In the market, many manufacturers don’t provide any after-sales service for the sold equipment. Therefore, it would be troublesome for clients when there is something wrong with the aggregate crushing machine for sale. While, if the clients choose the manufacturer with the best service, they can save a lot of time and maintenance fees.

The above are the main factors that affect the prices. Apart from these factors, there would be other factors, like raw materials, transporting fees, manufacturing technology, etc. Taking the most important factors into account before making a decision! Hope that the clients would choose suitable equipment.

After-sales Service for Aimix Aggregate Crusher Plant

Choose Aimix Crushing Plant Manufacturer

In the Philippines market, it is easier for the clients to find crushing plant manufacturers, including Aimix Group. Well, Aimix can stand out among various manufacturers. And many customers would like to cooperate with us! Here are some main reasons for checking.

  • 1. Quality-ensured equipment. Aimix has focused on mining equipment production for decades. We have advanced technology and mature experience to manufacture the crusher. And we are confident to provide the high-quality machine for clients.
  • 2. Branch office and warehouse available in the Philippines. Aimix has established a branch office and warehouse in the Philippines. Clients can come to visit us easily.
  • Aimix Sales Team in The Philippines

  • 3. Crushing sites for visiting available. Aimix has exported many sets of aggregate crushing lines to the Philippines. Customers can come on-site to visit the crushing plant aggregate production in person.
  • 4. Customized aggregate crusher plant design. We have professional technical engineers to customize the design of the aggregate crushing plant for clients.
  • Customized aggregate crusher plant design
    Customized Design
  • 5. Best after-sales service. There is a resident engineer in the Philippines to solve all kinds of after-sales issues, including installing, testing, checking, and maintaining the equipment at the construction sites.

Therefore, you can choose to cooperate with us without doubts. Contact us for best crushing plant price right now! Contact us through email, tel, WhatsApp and Viber. Later our sales would reply to you as soon as possible!

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