Stone Crusher Machines

crusher for sale Philippines

10 – 1000 t/h

Process materials:
river stone, cobblestone, quartz, basalt, marble,
granite, gravel, basalt, shale, limestone

Stone crusher machines are equipment designed to crush or break down large stones, rocks, and minerals into smaller pieces, gravel, or dust for various applications. According to the customer’s final particle size requirements for crushed aggregate, it has different crushing stages with various machines, including primary crushing equipment, medium crushing machine, fine crushing machine, and screening machines.

AIMIX Stone crusher machines On-site

Therefore, it is necessary to collaborate different stone crushing machines to achieve the crushing goals. First, you can check the stone crushing machines in different crushing stages.

Primary Crusher Machine Stone

Primary crushing is the first stage in the crushing process where raw materials are initially broken down into a smaller size.

The primary crushing stage aims to reduce the size of large rocks, ores, or other materials to a size suitable for further processing. The material is typically in its natural state and has not undergone any prior treatment, such as

Common type of stone crusher equipment used for primary crushing is stone jaw crusher machine.

Jaw Stone Crusher Machines for Sale

The following case shows one of AIMIX clients use stone crusher machine plant to process river stones.

50tph Stone Crushing Plant For River Stone

Stone jaw crusher machine in crushing plant
jaw crusher for processing stone in river
conveyor belts of stone crusher machines

Application: aggregate for batching plant
Configuration: vibrating feeder, stone jaw crushers, vibrating screen, etc.

The client in the Philippines wanted to process the rive stones with size of 0 – 400 mm for aggregate production. The finial particle size is about 50~60 mm. However, his budget is limited. Therefore, we adopt the two kinds of jaw crushers: APJ-5075E and APJ-2510X.

50tph Stone Crushing Plant For River Stone

Why Jaw Crusher is More Suitable for Primary Crushing?

  • Handling Various Materials: It is versatile and can handle a wide variety of materials, from soft stone to very hard stone. The adaptability makes it suitable for various primary crushing applications, such as crushing different types of rocks and minerals.
  • Uniform Product Size: It produce aggregate with a uniform product size, which is important for many industries, including construction and aggregate production.
  • Large Feed Opening: The jaw crusher machine for stone has a large feed opening, which allows for the processing of larger and irregularly shaped materials. It is beneficial when dealing with large rocks or boulders.

Medium Crushing Equipment for Stone

Medium crushing follows primary crushing and involves further reducing the size of the material that has already undergone primary crushing.

The goal is to produce a finer and more uniform product. It may involve additional size reduction or shaping of the material. Secondary crushing is often used to refine the material for specific applications.

Cone stone crushing machine and impact machine stone crusher are often used for secondary crushing. They can further reduce the size of the material and shape it according to the desired specifications. If you need at least three different specifications of crushed materials, you need to add a secondary crushing stage in your stone crushing plant.

Cone Stone Crusher Machine
Cone Stone Crusher
Impact Stone Crusher
Impact Stone Crusher

Cone Stone Crushing Solutions

Regarding how to choose a suitable secondary crusher, our engineers will customize the production line according to the crushing raw materials, crushing capacity and final crushing particle size requirements. Here are two cases for showing the crushing plants to crushing different kinds of stones.

100t/h Stone Crusher Machines for Mountain Rock Crushing

Jaw and cone stone crusher machines in Mongolia
screen and belt of stone crusher plant on-site Mongolia

Capacity: 100~120 t/h
Processed material: Mountain Rock
Configuration: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, etc.

The client bought the stone crusher machines mainly for producing aggregates for his asphalt mixing plant. Apart from self using in the asphalt mixing plant, he also planned to sell the aggregate in his cities.

Producing Aggregate With Different Particle Sizes
Producing Aggregate With Different Particle Sizes

150 tph Quarry Stone Crushing Machine Running Well On-site

Capacity: 150 TPH
Raw Materials: Cobblestone
Output Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-25mm
Configuration: crawler jaw crusher, tracked mobile cone crusher, and screening plant

Customer Reviews:
After using the machine, the client sent us an positive feedback on not only the portable stone crusher machine itself but considerate after-sales service. In addition, he wrote a letter of recommendation for us.

Quarry Stone Crushing Machines for Cobblestone

stone crusher machines in quarry
stone crushing machines in the quarry

Fine Crushing Machine

Fine crushing, also known as tertiary crushing, follows medium crushing and involves further reducing the size of the material that has already undergone primary and secondary crushing.

The purpose of fine crushing is to produce very fine or even smaller particles. It is used to achieve the desired particle size and shape for specific applications, such as producing fine aggregates, manufactured sand, or finely ground minerals.

If you want to produce sand, it is better to use the stone crusher sand making machine. AIMIX engineers also have designed the sand making solutions for client as follows:

VSI Sand Making Machine
VSI Sand Making Machine

150TPH Quartz Crushing Plant

Raw Material Size: 400mm
Finished Product Size: 0-3mm
Using Fields: used for making glass and ceramics
Configuration: vibrate feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, VSI stone sand making machine, screen

Due to the finial particle size is too small, about 3 mm, the sand making machine is the first choice for fine crushing. The customer was satisfied with the customized crushing scheme and decided to make an order from us.

150TPH Quartz Crushing Plant

Based on the above introduction of crushing machines in different crushing stages, you must have a better understanding of these stone crushing machines. However, do you know its working process? Please go on reading and learn more in the following paragraphs.

How Does The Stone Crusher Machines Work On-site?

In the above crushing plant cases, I also introduced the configuration of several stone production lines. In fact, the workflow is just a few machines with conveyor belts added in between. Here is the simple working process.


Loading: Large rocks or stones are loaded into the crusher’s hopper through wheel loaders or other machines.


Crushing: The machine’s primary crusher, like a jaw crusher, crushes the material, making it smaller.


Optional Secondary or Tertiary Crushing: If needed, secondary crushers, like cone crushers and impact crushers, further reduce the size or shape of the material.


Screening: Material is screened to separate different sizes or remove unwanted particles.


Screening: Material is screened to separate different sizes or remove unwanted particles.


Loading and Transportation: Processed materials are loaded onto trucks for transport to construction sites or other uses.

Here is a GIF picture and working video that can help you know the working process clearly.

stone crushing flow chart

Stone Crusher Guide Selection Guide

If you are a newer in the crushing industry, selecting the right machine for crushing stone for your application requires careful consideration of several factors. Here is a selection guide to help you choose the most suitable stone crusher for your specific needs:

Type of Material

Consider the type of material you need to crush. Is it hard or soft? Abrasive or non-abrasive? Knowing the material’s characteristics will help determine the type of crusher required.

Size of Material

Determine the maximum size of the raw material. Different crushers have different maximum feed sizes, so choose one that can handle your material’s size.

Stone Crusher Working on-site
Stone Crushing Machine for Sale Working on-site

Production Capacity

Consider the required production capacity in terms of tons per hour or cubic meters per hour. This will help you choose a large or small stone crusher machine for sale can meet output requirements.

Final Product Size

Define the desired final product size or range of sizes. Some crushers are better at producing fine or coarse products, so select one that matches your specifications.

Space and Mobility

Consider the available space at the site and whether you need a stationary or mobile crusher. Mobile crushers are ideal for on-site crushing and recycling.

By carefully evaluating these factors and consulting with some manufacturer, such as AIMIX stone crusher machine manufacturer, you can make an informed decision for your specific application. More importantly, budget is also need to be considered. You can check AIMIX stone crusher machine price list for reference.

Stone Crusher Machine Price List

AIMIX Group is one of reliable crusher machine manufacturers in the Philippines. We have our own manufacturing factory in China. Therefore, AIMIX promises to provide best ex-factory price for clients. Here is the price list:

If you want to buy a crusher machine alone, the price ranges are as follows:

  • stone jaw crusher price: $9800~$210000
  • stone cone crusher price: $26000~$450000
  • stone Impact crusher price: $19000~$68000

If you want to buy a mobile crusher, the mobile stone crusher machine price is a little higher. The price ranges are:

  • Wheeled portable stone crusher machine for sale: $550000-$1350000
  • Crawler mobile stone crusher price: $950000-$2300000

Wheeled Mobile Stone Crusher Machines

Because every crushing plant for sale needs to be cuztomized with unique configurations, the prices is not fixed. If you are interested in the stone crusher for sale, welcome to contact us right now! Our sale in the Philippines would reply to you soonest!

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