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crusher for sale Philippines

10 – 1000 t/h

Process materials:
river stone, cobblestone, quartz, basalt, marble,
granite, gravel, basalt, shale, limestone

Stone crusher for sale in Philippines is one of the popular crushing equipment used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and other departments. The crusher stone for sale near me uses mechanical energy to break ore, concrete or other building materials into ideal pieces.

stone crusher for sale in philippines

Most clients in the Philippines choose to invest in one in the mining industry, in the quarry and construction waste treatment. In general, it can crush hard and medium hard ores, rocks and construction wastes. First, let’s check which kind of materials the stone crusher machine for sale can process.

Kinds of Materials of Stone Crushers Processing and Their Usages

In the Philippines, the clients use the stone crusher machine sale to handle with these materials, like river stone, cobblestone, quartz, basalt, marble, granite, gravel, basalt, shale, limestone, etc. According to the hardness of materials, the main crushed materials can be divided into soft stone, hard stone, medium-hard stone and ultra-hard stone. Check these materials and their usages after being crushed.

Soft Stone

  • Limestone: Limestone is a common rock for construction. It is often crushed and used as a base material for roads, as an aggregate in concrete, and for various other construction applications.


Madium Hard Stone

  • Granite: Granite is a hard stone for countertops, flooring, and decorative purposes. It can also be crushed and used as an aggregate in construction.

Hard Stone

  • Quartzite: Quartzite is a hard, metamorphic rock that is used for various construction applications, including as a decorative stone and for road construction.
  • River Stone: River stone is often used in landscaping and as a decorative material, but it can also be crushed and used as an aggregate in concrete and for drainage purposes.

River Stone
River Stone

Ultra-hard stone

  • Basalt: Basalt is a volcanic rock known for its durability. It is used in various construction applications, including as an aggregate in concrete and asphalt.
  • Marble: Marble is a metamorphic rock that is often used for sculptures, flooring, and countertops. It is usually used as an aggregate or in decorative applications.


Choose The Suitable Stone Crusher for Sale According to The Materials of Hardness

Choosing a suitable stone crusher for sale based on the hardness of the materials is crucial to ensure efficient and effective crushing operations.

As we all know, there are different kinds of stone crushers for sale, like jaw stone crusher for sale near me, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, screening machine( separator), and sand making machine. Clients need to select the right type of quarry stone crusher for sale to process materials into ideal particle sizes.

Based on the hardness of different materials and different types of crushers, here I will show several crusher combinations commonly used as well as customized solutions we design for Filipino customers.

Stone crusher for Sale to Crush Cobble and River Pebbles

The cobble and peddles are hard and tough, with high SiO2 content and natural sand. Generally, engineers design several crushers combined into a crushing line, like jaw crusher + cone crusher + vibrating screen.

Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher
Cone Crusher
Cone Crusher
Vibrating Screen
Vibrating Screen

Recent one customer in the Philippines requested a crushing solution for cobble materials. According to his demands, we have customized this crushing plant as follows:

150TPH Mobile Stone Crusher For Sale in Cebu to Process Cobble

Mobile Stone Crusher for sale to Process Cobble

  • Crusher type: mobile type with crawler chassis
  • Output Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-25mm
  • Application Field: Road paving
  • Configurations: tracked mobile jaw crusher + mobile cone crusher + screening machine
  • Customer reviews: From purchase to installation to use, I deeply felt the AIMIX considerate service. Before buying, they customized the crushing solutions and designed the 3D layout according to my crushing site. In addition, they always patiently answered all my questions and helped solve all troubles during installation and operation. It’s the best service that makes investing in AIMIX portable stone crusher machine for sale a wise choice.

crawler jaw stone crusher for sale
Crawler Jaw Crusher
crawler cone stone crusher for sale
Crawler Cone Crusher
crawler screening machine
Screening Machine

Stone Crushers for Handling With Hard Stones

The compressive strength of hard stone is between 120MPa and 300MPa. Therefore, the choices of crushers are better include jaw crusher + cone crusher ( multi-cylinder cone crusher ) + vibrating screening + sand making machine.

Jaw Crusher Machine
Jaw Crusher Machine

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher
Single Cylinder Cone Crusher
Multi cylinder Cone Crusher
Multi Cylinder Cone Crusher

Many clients also have inquired about the hard stone crushing lines. And our engineers would customize the stone crushing lines according to the specified demands. Here is granite hard stone crushing solution for reference.

200T Mobile Stone Crusher for Sale in Philippines for Crushing Granite

  • Raw materials: Granite
  • Capacity: 200tph
  • Feeding Size: < 700mm
  • Output size: 0-2-5-25mm
  • Configurations: APY2-110J mobile jaw crusher + APY2-200C mobile cone crusher + APS-2160Y2 Vibrating Screen + APY2-9532V sand making machine
  • Customer reviews: I am absolutely delighted with my purchase on the portable stone crusher for sale from AIMIX. The mobile crusher plant has consistently performed exceptionally well over the months I’ve been using the granite crushers. It effortlessly handles challenging granite materials and consistently delivers excellent results, greatly improving the efficiency of my crushing tasks.

200T Mobile Stone Crusher For Crushing Granite
flowsheet of 200tph mobile stone crushers to process granite

Stone Crushing Equipment for Sale – Processing Soft Stone

In general, the compressive strength of soft stone is under 120MPa.

  • If the compressive strength is between 60 and 80MPa, it is better to use two-in-one heavy-duty hammer crusher + vibrating screen + sand making machine(optional according to requirement).
  • When the compressive strength is 80-100MPa, the best choices is heavy hammer crushing + shaping hammer crushing + vibrating screen + sand making machine.
  • If the compressive strength is 100-120MPa, You can use these crusher combinations: jaw crusher + impact crusher + vibrating screen + sand making machine.

Hammer Stone Crusher
Hammer Stone Crusher
impact stone crusher for sale
Impact Stone Crusher
vibrating screen
Vibrating Screen

Here is one of AIMIX engineer designed stone crushing lines for limestone materials for reference.

300T Stone Crusher for Sale Philippines for Processing Limestone

  • Processed Material: Limestone
  • Processing Capacity: 300t/h
  • Feeding Size: <700mm
  • Output size: 0-19-38-76mm
  • Client Needs: Producing concrete aggregate for own contracted projects
  • Equipment Configuration: APG-4911W Vibration feeder, APJ-110W jaw crusher, APF-1315H impact crusher, APS-2160Y3 vibrating screen,etc

300T Stone Crusher For Processing Limestone

Why Choose This Configuration?
  • 1. The size of raw materials – limestone is a little large. The largest size is around 600mm. In addition, the limestone compressive strength is about 110MPa. According to the crusher features and specifications, we adopt the APJ-110W jaw crusher as the primary crusher that can totally satisfy the requirements.
  • 2. Due to the client requirements for high-quality of concrete aggregate, the engineer adopts to the impact crusher as the secondary crushing. Because the impact crusher is particularly suitable for producing well-shaped aggregates and finely crushed limestone.

300tph Limestone crusher plant crushing flowsheet

The above I just listed some ordinary crushing advice according to the hardness of raw materials. While choose a right stone crusher equipment for sale need consider several factors. Here are some simple guidance.

How to Choose An Ideal Stone Crusher for Sale in The Philippines?

Here are steps and considerations to help you select the right stone crusher. Check them below.

stone crusher machine for sale in the Philippines
Identify the Hardness of Materials
Begin by determining the hardness of the materials you need to crush. The Mohs scale is often used to measure the hardness of minerals and rocks.
Materials with higher Mohs hardness values are harder and may require different types of crushers.

Understand And Choose the Types of Crushers
Familiarize yourself with the various types of stone crushers available, as different crushers are better suited for different hardness levels of materials.
Common types of crushers include jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, etc.

Consider the Crushing Capacity
Determine the required crushing capacity for your specific application. Some crushers are better suited for high-capacity crushing, while others are more suitable for smaller operations.
And the mini stone crusher for sale Philippines is also popular in the Philippines, especially APJ-X series small stone crusher for sale.

Budget and Financing
Take into account your budget constraints and financing options when selecting a stone crusher, as different types and sizes come with varying stone crusher machine price tags. If you want to buy the AIMIX crusher run stone for sale but have the financing problem, welcome to contact our sales. Our sales would help you solve it.
Here is price ranges of AIMIX stone crushers for sale for reference:
  • APY2-57J-APY2-110J primary mobile stone crushers: $550000-$960000
  • APY2-1010F-APY2-1214F Secondary mobile stone crushing equipment: $620000-$940000
  • APY2-110C-APY2-200C Secondary mobile stone crushing machine: $750000-$1350000
  • APY4-4660S-APY4-6912S 4 in 1 mobile stone crushing plant: $730000-$1240000

If you want to get the exact stone crusher sale price, welcome to consult our sale right now. He would reply to you as soon as possible!

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