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Stone Crusher Machine Price

Stone crusher machine price in Philippines is the primary factor that the clients are aware of when they seek a stone crusher in the market. Nowadays, whether for road construction, building projects, or mining operations, the availability and affordability of stone crusher machines are of utmost importance. Thus, is the best opportunity for the client to own one to start their business.

Stone crusher Machine Price in the Philippines

The price of stone crusher machine in the Philippines varies depending on several factors. First, I will delve into the factors and help the clients make an informed decision when purchasing one.

Factors Affecting Stone Crusher Machine Price in the Philippines

The stone crusher price is affected by different factors, such as market demands, capacity, types of crushers, brands, manufacturers, etc. Check these factors below.

Market Supply and Demand

  • The market supply and demands play a pivotal role in determining stone crusher machine prices. As we all know, the market demand for the crushing machine in the Philippines is growing.
  • Thus, the demand exceeds the available supply in the market. Accordingly, the prices tend to rise if clients buy one in the Philippines.
  • However, they have other choices, such as buying one from abroad – China. In China, there are many stone crusher manufacturers of choice, including AIMIX Group.

Choose AIMIX Stone Crusher with best price

Brand and Manufacturer Reputation

  • The brand and reputation of the manufacturer can also influence crusher stone machine price. Well-established and reputable brands often command higher prices due to their track record of producing reliable and high-quality machines.
  • Thus, the clients often have more confidence in purchasing from reputable manufacturers, even if it means a higher upfront cost.
  • However, the quality of rock crusher machines manufactured by lesser-known brands can’t be ensured. Thus, researching the reputation and history of the manufacturer is crucial in this regard.

Type and Capacity of Stone Crusher

  • Stone crushers come in various types and sizes, each designed for specific applications and crushing capacities. The type and capacity of the machine you need will significantly impact its price.
  • For instance, larger and more powerful crushers with higher crushing capacities tend to be more expensive than smaller, less powerful models.
  • Besides, the type also affects the cost of stone crusher. Under the same capacity, the price of a mobile crusher is higher than that of a stationary one. That is to say, 200 tph mobile stone crusher price> stationary type 200 tph stone crusher price.
  • 200 tph Mobile Stone Crushing Plant Price
    200tph Mobile Stone Crushing Plant
    200tph Stationary Stone Crusher Plant Price
    200tph Stationary Stone Crusher Plant

  • Therefore, it’s essential to assess your specific project requirements to determine the appropriate type and capacity of the stone crusher you need.

To to honest, among the above three factors, the last one is the most important factor that clients should consider according to the crushing demands. In the following paragraph, I will show you the price ranges of stone crushers based on their types and capacities. That can guide you to make the right purchase from AIMIX Group.

Understanding The Stone Crusher Price Ranges

Price Range for Entry-Level Stone Crushers

Many clients would like to purchase a stone crusher alone for the business start, like stone jaw crusher, stone cone crusher, or stone impact crusher.

These clients may be from small businesses startups and self-employed persons. They use the crusher machine for small to medium-scale projects and have limited budgets.

Thus, small scale stone crusher machine price is acceptable and affordable for them. The small stone crusher machine price list is as follows:

Stone Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher
Stone Cone Crusher Price
Cone Crusher
Stone Impact Crusher Price
Impact Crusher

  • APJ stone jaw crusher price: $9800~$210000
  • APC stone cone crusher price: $26000~$450000
  • APF stone Impact crusher price: $19000~$68000

Mid-Range Stone Crusher Plant Price

Mid-range stone crusher plants offer a balance between price and performance. Just buying a single crusher can no longer meet the production needs of customers, so some clients tend to purchase the entire stone crushing plant, such as 50 tons, 100 tons, or 200 tons.

The production line includes different crusher machines and components, which are suitable for a wide range of applications, and usually have more features and customization options.

50tph Stone Crushing Plant
50tph Stone Crushing Plant for Processing Construction Waste

Therefore mid-range stone crushers are your best choice if you are:

  • Large construction companies: handle large amounts of construction waste and stone
  • Mining and quarrying: processing of large quantities of ore and stone to produce construction materials
  • Recycling and waste disposal companies: Process large volumes of waste and scrap construction materials
  • Large-scale engineering projects: Large-scale infrastructure and engineering projects, such as highway construction, bridge construction, and tunnel excavation, usually require large-scale crushing production lines to meet the stone demand in the project.
100tph Stone Crusher Machine Price
100tph Stone Crusher Machine to Process Granite

In AIMIX, there are different capacity choices to meet clients’ demands, such as 50 tons, 100 tons, 200 tons, and 250 tons. In general, the capacity is larger, the stone crusher plant is more expensive. For example:

  • 50 tph stone crusher price < 100 tph stone crusher plant price < 150 tph stone crusher price < 200 tph stone crusher plant price < 250 tph stone crusher price
150tph Stone Crushing Line
150tph Stone Crushing Line to Handle Basalt

Because the stone crusher project cost is not fixed in AIMIX Group. If you need the exact price of the stone crusher plant, welcome to contact our sales for the latest quotation!

Premium and Specialized Mobile Stone Crusher Pricing

Premium and specialized stone crushers designed for specific tasks or industries can be on the higher end of the price spectrum.

If you need to frequently change the crushing sites, consider the portable crusher. Compared with the stationary crushing lines, the mobile crushers are equipped with different types of chassis, such as wheels and crawlers.

Here is the mobile stone crusher machine price list as follows:

Wheeled mobile stone crusher price
Wheeled mobile stone crusher
4 in 1 Wheeled mobile crusher price
4 in 1 Wheeled mobile crusher
Crawler mobile stone crusher price
Crawler mobile stone crusher

  • Wheeled mobile stone crusher price: $550000-$1350000
  • 4 in 1 wheeled mobile crusher price: $730000-$1240000
  • Crawler mobile stone crusher price: $950000-$2300000

Additional After-sales Service Factor May Increase Stone Crusher Plant Cost

Apart from factors, like types and capacities, brands, there are after-sales service factors that can significantly increase the cost of a stone crusher plant beyond its initial purchase price:

Considering After-Sales Service and Warranty

If Buying Crushers Without After-sales Service

You may get a quotation from manufacturers who don’t offer after-sales service. Accordingly, their prices are lower.

As we all know, every machine would be out of work during operation. If they do not offer after-sales service, you need to search technicians to check the equipment and exchange the components.

Although you purchase at a low price initially, the maintenance fee would cost you a lot.

Stone Crushing Line Maintenance

Therefore, it is better to consider the after-sales service and warranty offered by the seller or manufacturer. A solid warranty and responsive after-sales support can provide peace of mind and long-term value for your investment. AIMIX is one of the reliable manufacturers that can provide the best after-sales for Philippines clients. Check the after-sales service in AIMIX below:

AIMIX After-sales Service for Stone Crusher:

  • Office in Manila: AIMIX sales are resident in the branch office in Manila. Clients can come to the office for business negotiation.
  • Warehouses in Manila: AIMIX has established a warehouse in Manila. There are many spare parts of stone crusher machines in stock. Clients can get them after buying them as soon as possible, which can save a lot of maintenance time.
  • AIMIX Warehouse
    On-site installing and training
    On-site Installing and Training

  • On-site installing and training: After the crushing plant arrives at the site, AIMIX will dispatch engineers to install it until it can work normally. In addition, engineers would train the operators on how to use it.
  • Regular visiting: AIMIX values customer feedback and continuously strives to improve the crushing machine. Thus, AIMIX sales and engineers would visit customers on-site regularly to check the equipment for free.

If you are interested in AIMIX stone crusher machines and want to know the stone crusher price list, please contact our sales for the best prices right now!

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