ABT40C Portable Concrete Pump For Building Construction in Manila

Good news! AIMIX portable concrete pump in the Philippines has been put into use for building construction in Manila normally at the construction site in May 2023. The customer has sent us some working pictures and videos of the diesel concrete pump machine working.

ABT40C Line Pump for Building Construction in Manila
ABT40C Line Pumpcrete in the Philippines for Building Construction

40 m3/h Line Concrete Pump for Building Construction

  • As the picture shows, the line concrete pump in the Philippines was cooperating with the concrete mixer truck for building construction. They cooperated and worked efficiently on-site.
  • Because the raw materials, like sand, cement, and gravel, are far away from the building construction site. Therefore, it needs the transporting truck to deliver. Well, the concrete mixer truck not only can transport the mixture but mix the mixture evenly during the transportation.
  • After the mixer truck arrived at the construction site, it pours the mixture into the concrete pumping machine. Because it is a high-rise building construction project, it is necessary to transport the concrete mixture through the pipelines.
  • Here is a working video of the ABT40C diesel concrete pump and transit mixer truck working for reference.

Line Concrete Pump Cooperating with Other Machines for Construction

  • Apart from the above collaboration of the pumpcrete for sale Philippines and concrete mixer truck for sale, the pumpcrete can cooperate with other kinds of construction machines to better satisfy the construction requirements. AIMIX has launched the new collaboration of concrete line pump and self loading concrete mixer.
  • The self loading mixer has a similar mixing function as the concrete mixer truck. However, it also has the function of loading concrete mixture that the mixer truck doesn’t have.
  • Since now, many Philippines clients have purchased the combination for construction projects, like building construction, foundation construction, and road construction. Check one of the cases below.

ABT60C Line Concrete Pump and AS-5.5 Self Loader Mixer for Foundation Construction

ABT40C Line Pump and AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer for Foundation Construction

If you are interested in the combination, welcome to contact us for self loading concrete mixer with pump details.

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