ABJZ40D Mixing Pump Was Used for Seaside Trestle Project In Manila

Another unit of 40 m3/h concrete mixer and pump was put into use normally at the construction site. This time, the customer chose to buy an electric motor concrete mixing pump that is mainly used for his seaside trestle project in Manila. The following is the basic information about his project for reference.

ABJZ40D Mixer Pump for Seaside Trestle Project In Manila

ABJZ40D for Seaside Trestle Project In Manila

  • Product model: ABJZ40D electric concrete mixer with pump
  • Pumping distances: Max. Theoretical 160m vertical conveying distance and 500m horizontal conveying distance
  • Construction project: Seaside trestle project
  • Construction site: Pasacao, Camarines Sur, the Philippines
  • Final choice: In the beginning, he sent us an inquiry for the concrete mixer pump. In AIMIX, there are diesel and electric types for reference. And there are two capacities: 30 and 40 m3/h. Between the two capacities, the client was puzzled about choosing which one. According to his description, we advised him to purchase the larger capacity – 40 m3/h. Besides, there is enough electricity supply at the construction site. Thus, the ABJZ40D model was the best choice for him.

ABJZ40D Mixing Pump Was Used for Seaside Trestle Project In Manila

Construction on Barges

In fact, the concrete pumping work at sea. And the concrete mixer pump was on barges. Here were the construction details.

1. The seaside trestle project is 500m far away from the shoreline. Therefore, it is a little further if the concrete mixer pump was sited near the shoreline. To solve this problem, he decided to install the pump on barges. In this way, it was easy to do the concrete pumping work.

2. Due to the special construction environment, it is necessary to ensure smooth working under the effect of sea waves. However, there was no need to worry about that. The concrete pump tubing is built to withstand sea waves and heaves.

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