AIMIX Engineer Assembling, Testing, And Debugging AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer In Cebu

Congratulations! The AS-4.0 self loading mixer plans to be put into use for concrete mixture production in Cebu after the AIMIX engineers assembled, tested, and debugged it successfully. It only took the engineer about three days to finish all these procedures, including installing and testing. The customer took the video during the processes of assembling and testing. Check the video below.

Assemble, Test, and Debug Self Loading Mixer In Cebu

  • The self loading mixer has arrived at Cebu in the beginning of May 2023. The customer couldn’t wait to see the complete self loading mixer and plan to use it for his new construction projects. Thus, he decided to install it as soon as possible.
  • Then, we arranged for our engineers to come on-site for after-sales service, including assembling, testing, and debugging. With the help of local workers, we have finished the after-sales work in several days.
  • After finished debugging, it began to work for urban house construction project. In addition, the client thought highly of AIMIX’s considerate after-sales service and high-quality equipment. And he promised to make another purchase if necessary in the future.

AIMIX self loading concrete mixer service in Cebu

Assembly Process of The Self Loading Mixer

As we all know, the self loading mixer is apart and loaded into the container, which is convenient to transport. Therefore, the client needs to install the self loading transit mixer after receiving it. While many of them don’t know how to install it. It is an easy job. Here I listed the componets of the installation procedure as follows:

  • Cab ➝ the headlight ➝ tires ➝ mixer drum brackets ➝ cab foot pedals ➝ fenders ➝ tank ➝ Fixed the tank reducer ➝ discharge chute support ➝ fix the 4 screws at the bottom of the cab ➝ cab bottom guard

In addition, there is a Youtube video that has shown the installation process of self loading mixers. You can check it below.

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