AIMIX Diesel Line Pumpcrete Boosts Construction in Pagadian City

AIMIX is a highly trusted construction equipment manufacturer that has recently proven its superior product quality and customer trust once again. Last month, a long-term customer purchased an AIMIX ABT40C diesel line pumpcrete from AIMIX Philippines Branch for use in his building construction project in Pagadian city.

ABT40C Diese Line Pumpcrete

Why Choose AIMIX Again?

  • This is not the first time this customer has purchased AIMIX equipment. As early as 2021, he purchased AIMIX’s concrete batching plant and crushing plant, and these equipment have been performing well in his commercial mixing production.
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    Concrete Batching Plant Philippines

  • Due to his high trust in AIMIX product quality and service, he chose AIMIX again. This time he dicided to buy a diesel pumpcrete machine for his building construction project.

ABT40C Line Concrete Pump for On-site Pumping

  • AIMIX ABT40C diesel tow pump is known for its excellent performance and stability, especially suitable for concrete transportation in these fields, like houses, buildings, tunnels, slope protection, seasides construction, etc.
  • It has a maximum discharge capacity of 40 cubic meters per hour. The ABT40C diesel concrete pump can efficiently transport concrete to the construction site, improving the efficiency of the project.
  • Its diesel engine ensures enough power to operate reliably even in places where there is no electricity supply.
  • AIMIX stationary pump successfully met the concrete transportation needs in the building construction project in Pagadian city and provided solid support for the smooth progress of the project.
  • Its efficient operation speeds up the construction progress, reduces the project duration, and also reduces labor costs.

What Do Customers and AIMIX Sales Manager Say?

The engineering leader of the project said:

“The addition of the AIMIX ABT40C diesel line pump is a wise choice for our project. It not only improves construction efficiency, but also reduces operating costs and brings benefits to our building construction project. Huge benefits. We are very satisfied with AIMIX’s line pump and services.”

AIMIX sales manager and sales

The sales manager of AIMIX Philippines Branch said:

“We are proud that our customers have chosen AIMIX products again. This is the best recognition of our quality and service. We will continue to be committed to providing high-quality construction equipment to meet the needs of our customers and support the successful completion of their projects.”

In short, thank you to our customers for their unconditional trust and choice of AIMIX equipment. This will further consolidate AIMIX’s leading position in this field and herald more cooperation opportunities and the success of future projects.