Diesel Concrete Mix Pumping Machine for House Construction in Ormoc

In May, the AIMIX ABJZ40C diesel concrete mix pumping machine began to use for house construction in Ormoc. At the end of May, the AIMIX sales team and after-sales service team decided to come to the construction sites and check whether the concrete mixer with pump run smoothly.

Concrete Mixer Pump for House Construction in Ormoc
ABJZ40C Mixing Pump for House Construction in Ormoc

How Did The Client Use The Mixer Pump?

After our sales arrived at the construction sites, they were amazed at the usage of concrete mixing pump. There was how he used the mixing pump for house construction as follows:

  • 1. Due to the lack of concrete mixture, he purchased commercial concrete mixture in the market. Then the concrete mixing truck mixed and transported the mixture to the construction site.
  • 2. The mixture was unloaded into the concrete pump hopper through the truck chute. Then, the mixture would be pumped to the house roof through the pipelines.

The client didn’t make full use of the concrete mixing pump. He just used the pumping function. If also using the mixing function, he can save a lot of costs compared with buying commercial concrete mixture from others.

Making Full Use of The Concrete Mixing Pump

After visiting the mixer pump working on-site, we advised him how to use it rightly that not only saved his costs but improved working efficiency. Then he took our advice and bought some raw materials himself and began to fully use the mixing function. The working process was as follows:

  • 1. Use the wheel loader or manual to load the raw materials, like sand, cement, and gravel, to the hopper of the concrete mixer pump.
  • 2. After finishing the mixing process, it would be unloaded into the pumping hopper. Later it would be transported to the mixture to where it was needed.

AIMIX ABJZ40C Diesel Mix Pump working in Ormoc
Pumping Concrete Mixture On-site in Ormoc

Clients Highly Praising AIMIX Service

During visiting, our engineers also taught them how to operate the equipment rightly to prolong its service life. Apart from that, indeed, he has saved a lot of costs after taking our advice. Overall, he was satisfied with our service and glad to write a recommendation letter for us. You can check the letter below.

Client Recommendation Letter
Client Recommendation Letter
After-sales Service for Concrete Mixer Pump in Ormoc
After-sales Service for Concrete Mixer Pump in Ormoc

If you are also interested in the concrete mixer pump, welcome to contact us and request a quote. Then our sales in the Philippines would reply to you as soon as possible.

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