AIMIX Machinery Continues to Shape Infrastructure in Malvar

AIMIX Machinery takes center stage in Malvar, Batangas in an ongoing commitment to advancing construction capabilities. Because the AJT30 drum-type concrete batching plant has been finished installation on-site. This development is part of a broader initiative to enhance the construction capabilities of factory buildings in the region. The project, initiated by a Filipino client, marks another milestone for AIMIX, a leading construction machinery manufacturer.

installing AJT30 drum mix concrete plant

Customer Loyalty and Continuous Usage

The client, having previously purchased an AIMIX AS-3.2 self-loading concrete mixer in 2019, attests to the reliability of AIMIX machinery. The AS-3.2 self-loading concrete mixer, purchased for its versatility and ease of use, has been in continuous operation since its acquisition. Due to its high quality and stable performance, the client decided to purchase other equipment from AIMX Group.

AS-3.2 Self Loading Mixer Still Used for Factory Construction

AJT30 Drum Concrete Mixer Plant: A Key Player in Factory Construction

The AJT30 drum-type concrete plant, specifically designed for on-site concrete mixing, proves to be a valuable asset in the construction of factory buildings. Its compact design, coupled with a robust mixing mechanism, ensures a consistent and high-quality concrete output.

Different from the ordinary concrete batching plants for sale, it is equipped with a reversible drum mixer to realize an even concrete mixing effect. The mobile concrete batching plant not only simplifies the structure and layout but lowers the concrete plant cost.

AIMIX Machinery: A Trusted Partner in Construction

The client’s satisfaction with AIMIX’s machinery and installation services solidifies the brand as a trusted partner in construction. The reliability and longevity of the equipment reaffirm AIMIX’s position as a go-to provider for construction machinery in Batangas.

AIMIX Service for Batching Plant in Philippines

If you need construction machines whether for self-use or business in the Philippines, AIMIX machinery would be your best choice. Welcome to contact our sales for details. They will respond to you as soon as possible.