30 Cubic Meters Concrete Line Pump for Seaside Resort Project in Siargao

In August, 2023, AIMIX 30 cubic meters concrete line pump has been used for a seaside resort project in Siargao, Philippines. After several days’ work, the project was completed. However, in the beginning, the client did not use AIMIX concrete line pump. Let’s learn about his project together and compare the work progress before and after using AIMIX ABT30C diesel concrete line pump for sale.

30 Cubic Meters Concrete Line Pump for Seaside Resort Project in Siargao

Seaside Resort Project in Siargao

The customer has a 3-story seaside resort project that was faced daunting challenges due to its remote location, limited concrete supply, and labor-intensive processes. Therefore, he decided to bought a line pump to delivery the concrete mixture.

The adoption of the AIMIX ABT30C diesel line pumpcrete has drastically improved efficiency, saved time and labor costs. The clients were satisfied with the amazing equipment.

Let’s have a look at the changes before and after using ABT30C line pump concrete on-site.

Changes Before and After Using Line Pump

Before Using ABT30C

Before the arrival of the diesel trailer pump, the construction site relied solely on cranes and manual labor to pour concrete. This arduous process consumed an astonishing 20 hours to complete a single layer of 50 cubic meters of concrete. The remoteness of the site, situated over 10 kilometers from the nearest concrete batching plant, posed additional logistical challenges, threatening to disrupt the project’s flow.

After Using ABT30C

The turning point arrived with the adoption of the 30 diesel line pump to the worksite. It has streamlined the construction process. Pouring times were reduced from an agonizing 20 hours to a mere 7 hours. This dramatic time-saving not only ensured project timelines were met but also drastically save labor costs. The construction team witnessed a remarkable boost in productivity and efficiency.

Therefore, the project manager expressed their satisfaction with the diesel trailer pump’s performance. He also thought highly of AIMIX after-sales engineer who have come on-site for installation and debugging work.

All in all, using a small concrete pump for your project can greatly improve working efficiency. If you are interested in investing one, welcome to contact us for latest prices now!