AIMIX Crushing Machines For Mining Construction
50T Mobile Crushing Plant for Processing Quartz Material

Innovative 50T Mobile Crushing Plant to Process Quartz Material

This month, one customer from the middle Asia area suddenly called one of AIMIX’s sales and requested an inquiry about crushing the quartz materials on-site. After communicating with him, our sale confirmed his final requirements. Let’s check them below. Customer Requirements Processing material: quartz Feeding size:

200TPH Granite Crusher Plant for Aggregate Production

Quarry Operations with 200TPH Granite Crusher Plant

Several days ago, a customer in Daveo has secured rights to use an area in the mountains. To make full use of the materials in the mountains, he planned to crush them in the quarry. He had no experience in the mining industry. One of his friends who has cooperated … Read more

50tph crushing line for construction waste

Customized Solution for 50TPH Construction Waste Recycling Project

Having discovered our specialized crushing solutions on the AIMIX website just last month, the Philippines client reached out to us for a personalized quote. AIMIX dedicated sales manager promptly engaged with the client and confirmed his requirements and projects. Client’s Requirements and Our Solution Client’s Requirements After communicating with the … Read more

Customized 300-350 Tph Limestone Crusher

Customized 300-350 TPH Limestone Crushing Plant

If you’re looking to select a piece of high-capacity crushing equipment, then a stationary crushing plant would be your best choice. Today, I will introduce to you a limestone crushing solution designed by AIMIX engineers with a capacity of 300~350 tons per hour. In the following content, we will provide … Read more

100t Impact Crusher Mobile Type For Handling Limestone

100tph Impact Crusher Mobile Type for Handling Limestone

Last month, AIMIX engineer designed a customized crushing line for a client who planned to use it for processing limestone materials. Let’s check the details on customer’s requirements and our suggestions. Cooperation Details The client has owned a quarry. He wanted to crushing the materials in the quarry to produce … Read more

200TPH Mobile Crushing Plant For Manufacturing Aggregates

200TPH Mobile Crusher For Aggregates Production

Mobile crushing plant in the market is hot-selling becaues it offers a variety of benefits across different industries due to their flexibility, mobility, and efficiency. It can be quickly and easily moved between different worksites. Thus, the client choose to invest into this mobile type. First, let’s check reasons to … Read more

150TPH Crusher Plant For Concrete Production

150 t/h Crushing Machine for Producing Concrete Aggregate

The solution is provided for the client who needs a medium capacity of crushing machine for his business. He wanted to start the sand and gravel aggregate sale business. According to his descriotion, we have customize this solution for him. Let’s check the solution details below. Client Requirements: It is … Read more