Customized 300-350 TPH Limestone Crushing Plant

If you’re looking to select a piece of high-capacity crushing equipment, then a stationary crushing plant would be your best choice. Today, I will introduce to you a limestone crushing solution designed by AIMIX engineers with a capacity of 300~350 tons per hour. In the following content, we will provide a detailed explanation of the project’s configuration and analysis, as well as why these specific equipment choices were made.

Project Overview

This solution aims to provide a  stationary crushing plant for limestone crushing production. The project requires a capacity of 300-350 tons per hour and the ability to meet the needs of different particle sizes of aggregates, including 0-5mm, 5-10mm, and 10-30mm.

Limeston Crushing plant 300~350 tph

Solution Configuration

To meet the project’s requirements, we offer the following limestone crusher equipment configuration:

  1. Vibrating Feeder (APG-6015W)
  2. Jaw Crusher (APJ-110V)
  3. Impact Crusher (APF-1620H)
  4. Vibrating Screen (APS-3072Y3)

Why Choose This Configuration?

  • Vibrating Feeder (APG-6015W): We have chosen a vibrating feeder, the selection of which is based on the particle size of the feed material and the capacity requirements. This equipment ensures that the raw material size does not exceed 750mm, meeting the requirements of subsequent crushing equipment.
  • Jaw Crusher (APJ-110V): The jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment due to its high crushing ratio, uniform finished product size, stable equipment performance, and low failure rate. We have chosen a gap of 100mm for the grizzly bars to meet the requirements of primary crushing, and the remaining material is fed below the grizzly bars of the jaw crusher for secondary crushing.
  • APG-W vibrating feeder
    APG-6015W vibrating feeder
    APJ-110V (jaw crusher)
    APJ-110V jaw crusher

  • Impact Crusher (APF-1620H): This equipment is well-suited for processing materials with medium to lower hardness. We selected an appropriate model based on the discharge curve of the jaw crusher and the required capacity, ensuring it can meet the crushing needs for various material specifications.
  • Vibrating Screen (APS-3072Y3): The vibrating screen selection is based on the discharge curve of the impact crusher. We calculated the specific gravity of different finished products and determined the required screening area to meet the production needs of aggregates with different particle sizes.
  • APF-1620H (impact crusher)
    APF-1620H impact crusher
    APS-3072Y3 (vibrating screen)
    APS-3072Y3 vibrating screen

This stationary crushing plant design aims to provide an efficient and stable solution for limestone crushing. AIMIX engineers carefully customized the configuration to ensure that the project meets its expected performance and efficiency. If you are considering investing in crushing plant in the near future, warmly welcome to consult our sales and engineers for suggestions!