150 t/h Crushing Machine for Producing Concrete Aggregate

The solution is provided for the client who needs a medium capacity of crushing machine for his business. He wanted to start the sand and gravel aggregate sale business. According to his descriotion, we have customize this solution for him. Let’s check the solution details below.

Client Requirements:

  • It is used to crush basalt on the mountain and produce sand and gravel aggregate for ordinary concrete.
  • The maximum raw material is 500mm and the finished product is four kinds of sand and gravel between 0-38mm.
  • Generally, the output is 150TPH.

basalt on the mountain

Demands Analysis

The client does not specify specific shape criteria for the final product size. While a two-stage crushing process could fulfill the size requirements, the customer places a significant emphasis on the composition of sand and small stones in the end product. As a solution, a three-stage crushing approach is recommended, involving a jaw crusher, followed by a cone crusher, and ultimately a sand making machine. Nevertheless, due to the customer’s financial considerations and profit margins, the initial choice of a sand making machine in the third crushing stage has been replaced with a fine-cavity cone crusher, with the intention of boosting the production of fine sand.

150tph Crushing Machine For Producing Concrete Aggregate

Configuration Confirmation After Analyzing

  • APG-3895W Vibrating Feeder: APG-3895W is selected for feeder particle size and output matching requirements.
  • APJ-6090E Jaw Crusher: Based on the blasting curve, choose a suitable spacing of 100mm for the grizzly bars. The material under the grizzly bars can directly enter the secondary crusher. Then, using the remaining material as a reference.
  • APC-132C-M Cone Crusher: Based on the jaw crusher’s discharge curve and the required production capacity, select the medium crushing compound cone crusher.
  • APS-2160Y4 Vibrating Screen: Calculate the corresponding proportions of finished products based on the cone’s curve, and determine the required screening area based on the yields of different finished products.
  • APC-132C-M Compound Cone Crusher: According to the screening of oversize material larger than the required finished product particle size, choose the fine crushing compound cone crusher model APC-132C-F to further refine the material and increase the sand production rate.

drawing of 150tph Crushing Machine For Producing Concrete Aggregate

Therefore, the final cuszomized solution is as follows:

APG-3895W (vibrating feeder) + APJ-6090E (jaw crusher) + APC-132C-M (medium crushing compound cone crusher) + APC-132C-F (fine crushing compound cone crusher) + APS-2160Y4 (vibrating screen)

If you also want invest in a crushing plant for business, welcome to contact us for solutions right now!