Customized Solution for 50TPH Construction Waste Recycling Project

Having discovered our specialized crushing solutions on the AIMIX website just last month, the Philippines client reached out to us for a personalized quote. AIMIX dedicated sales manager promptly engaged with the client and confirmed his requirements and projects.

Client’s Requirements and Our Solution

Client’s Requirements

After communicating with the clients, we knew that he was a boss of construction company in Manila. Recently he has contracted a project in a area where buildings were damaged and needed to be rebuilt due to earthquakes and geological disasters. Therefore, he planned to buy crushing equipment to process these construction waste.

construction waste

According to his description, we concluded that the project’s key criterion was a moderate throughput of 50 tons per hour. The maximum feeding size of raw material is not over 250mm. And the finished particle size ranges are about 0-30mm.

Crushing Solution

To meet these exacting demands, our team of experts carefully customized the equipment selection. The customized crushing solution is as follows:

  • APG-0724Z (vibrating feeder) + APF-1010 (impact crusher) + APS-1548Y3 (vibrating screen)

Here is also an 3D layout of crushing line designed for the clients. After checking the layout, the customer was attracted by it. To help the client better underatand the solution, our engineers also have explained patiently for him online. Let’s check the reasons for using these machines.

50tph construction waste crushing plant in the Philippines

Why This Configuration

APG-0724Z vibrating feeder: It ensures a constant and uniform flow of materials to the crushing process, preventing any bottlenecks or interruptions in the production line. This is particularly vital when handling large quantities of construction waste.

APF-1010 impact crusher: It was chosen for its remarkable crushing efficiency for handling different kinds of materials in the construction waste, like concrete, bricks, asphalt, wood, and various debris. In addition, it offers adjustable settings to control the size of the final crushed material. According to the maximum feeding particle size, we adopt the APF-1010 model.

APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen: Calculate the corresponding proportion of finished products based on the crushing particle size curve of the impact crusher, determine the required screening area based on the respective output of finished products, and then select APS-2160Y4 to pre-screen the sand products. The APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen is equipped with a three-layer screen mesh, which can screen aggregates of three different specifications at one time.

APG-0724Z vibrating feeder
APG-0724Z Vibrating Feeder
APF-1214 impact crusher
APF-1214 Impact Crusher
APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen
APS-1548Y3 Vibrating Screen

After we had explained that to the client, he was convinced of our equipment and profession. The client would place an order once his money is ready next month. Looking forward to cooperating with the client.