Mobile Screening Plants

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4 in 1 Mobile Screening and Crushing

Screen Layer: 3 – 5

Mobile Chassis: Wheel or Crawler

Mobile screening plants in the Philippines are versatile machines used in various industries, primarily in the construction and mining industry. The mobile screening equipment, with 3~5 layers of screen mesh, is designed to separate materials of different sizes, making it an essential tool for processing materials, like aggregates, topsoil, compost, and recycling materials. It is especially useful when you need to separate finer materials from coarser ones, such as gravel from sand or rocks from soil.

Mobile Screening Plants

In the Philippines, the mobile screen plant for sale mainly is used for aggregate production in architecture and civil engineering, in the quarry and waste disposal and recycling. Among them, the aggregate production include mobile crushing and screening stages. First, let’s check the role of mobile vibrating screen in the whole crushing process.

Role of Mobile Screening Plants in Mobile Screening and Crushing

The mobile screening equipment plays an important role in the mobile crushing and screening process. Mobile crushing and screening are two closely related but independent process steps in a mobile crushing and screening plant that work together to process raw materials and produce the required finished materials.

In general, crushing and screening are carried out sequentially. The raw material is first crushed to reduce its size. Then the crushed material enters mobile screening machine to classify it into different sizes.

Role Of Mobile Screening Plants In Mobile Screen And Crush

The screening process typically uses vibrating screens, which have different sized mesh or mesh openings that allow smaller particles to pass through while larger particles are blocked. It can separate particles of different sizes and exclude impurities to produce the desired finished material.

Application Areas of The Mobile Screening Plant in The Philippines

Construction and Civil Engineering

The Philippines has been engaged in infrastructure construction and real estate development. Mobile screening plants for sale can be used to process construction waste, sand and gravel to meet the raw material needs of construction projects.

For Screening Sand and Gravel

Mining Industry

It is rich in mineral resources, especially in gold, copper, nickel and coal. The portable screening machine is used in the mining industry to separate ore and mineral sand and improve mining efficiency.

Screening Mineral
Screening Mineral
Coal Screening
Coal Screening

Waste Disposal and Recycling

As environmental issues become more prominent, the Philippines is interested in waste disposal and recycling. The mobile sand screening plant can be used to sort and process waste for sustainable waste management.

For Waste Disposal And Recycling
For Waste Disposal And Recycling

Short-term Engineering Projects

Because the mobile screen plants for sale are easy to move and install, they also have applications in temporary or short-term engineering projects, such as road maintenance and rescue work.

The Philippine market has potential for mobile screening equipment, especially in the above fields. Many clients in the Philippines have bought the mobile crushers and screeners for their business. Check their applications below.

Cases of AIMIX Mobile Crush & Screen Plants in The Philippines

150 t/h Mobile Crushing and Screening Plants for Cobbles

Applications: for road paving
Configurations: Crawler jaw crusher + Crawler cone crusher + Crawler screening plant
Output Size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-25mm

Customer Reviews:
AIMIX dispatched the engineers for technical support and considerate after-sales service. That’s the good service from AIMIX company and technician support from China. The portable screening plants for sale were all running well and smooth.

Mobile Crushing And Screening Plants For Cobbles

100 t/h Mobile Crushing & Mobile Screen Plants For Processing Limestone

Raw material size: below 180mm
Finial product size: 0-1/4”-1/2”-3/4”-1′
Equipment: APY3-1210F mobile impact crusher plant (vibrating feeder, impact crusher, portable vibrating screen)

The customer have his own quarry, mainly limestone material. He wanted to crush them for aggregate production. Due to the low hardness feature of limestone and flexible crushing demands in the quarry, we advised him to bought the wheeled type mobile impact crusher plant. After checking the finial crushing scheme, he decided to buy the crusher from us.

Mobile Screen Plants For Processing Limestone

APG-3896W vibrating feeder for mobile crusher
APG-3896W Vibrating Feeder
APF-1210H hydraulic impact crusher machine
APF-1210H Hydraulic Impact Crusher Machine
APS-1848Y4 vibrating screen machine
APS-1848Y4 Vibrating Screen Machine

As the last case show, the wheeled type portable screening plant is popular among Philippines customer. They also called it for separator that used in the crushing and screening processes. Next, let’s learn more about the popular wheeled type mobile crush and screen plant.

4 in 1 Wheeled-type Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant for Sale

4 in 1 refers to four kinds of core machines integrated in the mobile chassis. The combination of four machines may include:

  • vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen
  • vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen

4 in 1 Wheeled-type Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant

Wheeled-type Mobile Crushing & Screening Plants
Wheeled-type Mobile Crush & Screen Plant

Some clients have invested in the mobile crushing and screening plant for their crushing business. Here are some benefits of investing in a plant from us.

Benefits of Using 4 in 1 Wheeled-type Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant

Wheeled-Type Mobile Screening Plants Working On-site
Easy Movment with Wheeled Chassis
The primary advantage is its mobility. They are mounted on wheels, making it easily transportable to different job sites. It is especially valuable for industries like construction, mining, and aggregate production where worksites change frequently.

The integration of crushing, screening, conveying, and power generation functions into a single mobile unit reduces the need for multiple machines and their associated costs.
This can result in significant cost savings in terms of crusher equipment purchase, maintenance, and operation.

Save Time and Labor
Traditionally, different equipment and machines need to be operated at different stages, requiring more manpower and time.
The four-in-one mobile crushing station improves work efficiency and reduces labor and time costs by integrating these processes.

Customizable Options
AIMIX engineers will select different equipment configurations and functions based on project needs to better adapt to different raw materials and working environments, such as number of layers of screen, durable materials and components, equipment capacity, etc.

How much is 4 in 1 Mobile Crushing & Screening Plant?

It is our newly developed crushing and screening machine. Using advanced technology and craftsmanship, its price is relatively higher than the ordinary crushing machines. Here is the price ranges of the 4 in 1 stone crushing plant equipment:

  • APY4-4660S-APY4-6912S price: $730000-$1240000

If you want to get the whole plant price or mobile screening plant price alone, welcome to consult us for the latest price through email, tel, and WhatsApp now!

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