Construction Waste Recycling Plant

The construction waste recycling plant in the Philippines is a series of equipment that is designed to process and recycle various types of construction and demolition waste materials generated from construction, renovation, and demolition projects. The primary goal of the c&d waste plant is to divert as much waste as possible by recovering valuable materials and resources for reuse or resale.

construction waste recycling plant in the Philippines

Therefore, to keep the trends of development sustainability, many clients in the Philippines have invested into the construction and demolition waste recycling plant for business. Before investing, it is necessary to know which kind of materials the construction waste recycling plant processes?

Construction Waste Recycling Plant Processing Materials

The construction industry produces a amount of waste, including materials such as concrete, wood, metal, plastics, bricks, asphalt, glass, and more. Rather than disposing of these materials in landfills, the c&d waste recycling plant can crush and sort them into reusable materials. Some common materials that can be recovered and recycled in a construction waste recycling plant include:

Construction waste recycling plant
Crushed Concrete Aggregates

  • Concrete Aggregates: Crushed and processed concrete can be reused as aggregates in new concrete mixtures.
  • Metal: Metals like steel and aluminum can be melted down and reprocessed for use in new products.
  • Bricks and Masonry: Crushed bricks and masonry can be used as aggregates in road construction or as fill material.
  • Asphalt: Recycled asphalt can be used in new asphalt mixtures.

Construction waste recycling

The above listed materials are just for reference. Other construction wastes are also available for processing. Let’s check different kinds of construction waste recycling machine – crushing equipment in the Philippines market.

Popular Mobile Construction Waste Recycling Plant in The Philippines

  • In the Philippines, the clients prefer to choose the mobile-type equipment for processing the construction waste.
  • As we all know, it is ordinary to adopt the impact crusher to process the construction waste in the c&d recycling plant.
  • To meet the clients’ construction demands, AIMIX has manufactured two kinds of mobile crushing equipment for recycling construction waste: tire-type mobile impact crusher and crawler-type mobile crusher. You can check their details one by one.

APY Series Tire-Type Mobile Impact Crusher For Recycling Construction Waste

  • The tire-type mobile impact crushing plant is used for mobile crushing operations, which has a high degree of flexibility and convenience.
  • It is usually composed of an impact crusher, a vibrating feeder, a screening machine, and a conveyor.
  • In general, it is suitable for a variety of applications such as construction sites, mining sites, and renewable resource recovery.
  • Its maximum feeding size is about 700mm and the Processing capacity ranges from 70t/h to 280t/h.

APY Series Tire-Type Mobile Impact Crusher

Effect of The Mobile Impact Crushing Plant on crushing Construction Waste – Concrete

  • Large crushing ratio: Large pieces of concrete can be processed to a particle size below 50mm by it. And the coarse aggregate and fine aggregate with various particle sizes can be processed. It has features of low investment cost and high production efficiency.
  • Many specifications of finished materials: It can process finished products with various particle sizes such as 0-2mm, 2-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, etc. With reasonable gradation, it can meet the demand for high-standard materials in the construction field.

Effect Of The Mobile Impact Crushing Plant On Crushing Construction Waste – Concrete

APYL Series Crawler-Type Mobile Crusher For Processing Construction Waste

  • The crawler-type mobile crusher offers high mobility and adaptability for processing construction waste. The high degree of mobility enables efficient quick movement among different work areas.
  • It consists of a crawler chassis, an impact crusher, a vibrating feeder, a screening machine, a conveyor, and other components.
  • With crawler chassis, the mobile crusher plant can move efficiently across different terrains, including rough and uneven surfaces. Therefore, it is especially suitable for operation in harsh environments and off-road conditions.
  • Same as the tire-type mobile crusher, its feeding size is not over 700mm. However, the capacity is depending on the progress.

APYL Series Crawler-Type Mobile Crusher

Application Advantages:

  • Automation: It can realize remote control of start-up, shutdown, process conversion, and shutdown maintenance. In addition it can realize real-time monitoring of oil temperature, pressure, current and other data of the fuselage.
  • Environmental protection: When processing construction waste, it can be directly driven to the construction waste dump site to avoid secondary pollution caused by loading, unloading and transportation. Besides, it is equipped with a complete dust and noise dilution device, which can reduce the impact on the surrounding people and things.
  • High production: It can realize one-key start to work quickly and go deep into various work sites for high-production operation. And it has the function of flexible parking on-site.

Crawler-Type Construction waste recycling plant
construction waste recycling machine

How Does The C&D Waste Recycling Plant Work?

The construction and demolition waste processing plant working process is not complex. Here I listed the working videos based on the above mobile impact crusher plants for reference.

How to Choose Between Tire-Type and Crawler-Type Crushing Plant

Deciding between the mobile crawler impact crusher plant and a mobile tire impact crusher plant for crushing construction waste involves evaluating various factors. The clients should choose one to align with their project requirements. Check considering factors below.

Project Scope and Scale

Assess the scale of the construction waste crushing project. Larger projects might benefit from the mobility and efficiency of a mobile crawler impact crusher machine.

Mobility Requirements

Consider the mobility needs of the project. If there is a need of moving quickly between different work areas, a mobile tire impact crusher plant might be more suitable due to its faster setup and relocation.

Terrain and Site Conditions

Evaluate the terrain and conditions of your work site. If the construction site includes challenging terrains or uneven surfaces, it is better to choose the mobile crawler impact crusher plant with its stability.

Budget and Costs

Compare the costs associated with both types of plants, including purchase price, maintenance, transportation, and operational costs. In general, the price of the Crawler-Type portable crusher plant is a little more expensive than that of Tire-Type. Choose one according to the estimated budget. The clients can directly contact our sales for best prices through inquiry forms on web pages!

After considering the above factors, customers can preliminarily determine which construction and demolition waste processing plant is more suitable. If you need more professional advice, please contact our sales staff.

Crawler Construction waste recycling plant

All in all, now it is the century of environmental protection, and environmental protection has become the theme of the development of the times in the Philippines. Therefore, it is urgent to deal with construction waste. The investment prospect is very broad! If you want to invest in c&d waste processing plant from AIMIX Group, warmly welcome to contact us without hesitation right now! Contact us through the following inquiry forms, email, tel, and Whatsapp now! Then we would reply to you as soon as possible!

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