Reasons For The Blockage Of The Jaw Crusher Discharge Port

Although the blockage of the jaw crusher’s discharge port is a small fault, it can affect the performance of the crusher and affect the follow-up process of the entire production line. In the event of a jam during jaw crusher operation, it is crucial to stop the feeding immediately. After completely shutting down the jaw crusher, the obstructing material must be cleared, and a thorough inspection of each component’s connection should be carried out to identify and re-fix any loose parts. While, there are many reason can causing the discharge port blockage. Check reasons below.

The Blockage Of The Jaw Crusher Discharge Port

Reasons For The Blockage Of The Jaw Crusher Discharge Port

Oversized or uneven feeding

If the jaw crusher receives excessively large or unevenly distributed materials, it may result in the discharge port being unable to handle all the materials promptly, resulting in blockages.

Excessive humidity or sticky materials

Materials with high humidity or stickiness can adhere to the discharge port and gradually accumulate, eventually causing blockages

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Improper discharge port design

The discharge port should be designed appropriately to ensure smooth material flow. If the discharge port is improperly designed or damaged, it may lead to blockage issues.

Crushing chamber overload

Overloading the crushing chamber can prevent the discharge port from effectively handling excessive materials, resulting in blockages.

Inadequate maintenance

Improper maintenance of the jaw crusher can lead to component wear or damage at the discharge port, leading to blockages.

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Unsuitable crushing cavity selection

Different types of crushing chambers are suitable for different materials, if improperly selected, it may cause the problem of blockage of the discharge port.

Crusher component wear

Longer usage of the crusher or aging components can cause wear of the components at the discharge opening, increasing the risk of clogging.

There are several reasons listed for reference. If you jaw crushser discharge port is jammed, you can determine the cause according to the above description. Then consult us for specific solutions.

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