Concrete Pumping for Construction Projects

Pumpcrete in Baguio, Philippines

Pumpcrete in Baguio, Philippines is an efficient tool that is used for delivering fresh mixed concrete mixture to the construction sites where it is needed. With the long pipelines, it is easier and more convenient to transport the mixture. Thus, the pumpcrete for sale in Baguio is popular in local places and it is commonly used for different kinds of projects, like houses, buildings, harbors, slope construction, etc. AIMIX has exported many units of concrete pumps to Baguio city. You can check the application of AIMIX pumpcrete below.

Pumpcrete in Baguio, Philippines

AIMIX Pumpcrete Working in Baguio, Philippines

Actually, many clients in Baguio choose to use AIMIX pump crete for different kinds of construction projects. The main reason is that we have developed a good relationship with one of the local clients – Mr. Lao, who is a contractor and has owned various kinds of construction projects. He has purchased over 4 units of cement pumps from AIMIX. Check AIMIX mobile pumpcrete working status below.

Concrete Mixer with Pump for House Construction In Baguio, Philippines

  • Item: ABJZ40C
  • Power: Diesel engine
  • Diesel engine Brand: Wechai
  • Construction project: House construction
  • Pumping distance: 120m vertically and 500m horizontally
  • Customer reviews: It has been great work with the AIMIX team. I was impressed with the professionalism and timeliness. Since then, I have cooperated with AIMIX four times. They always patiently help me solve all kinds of after-sales service problems whether online or offline. Also, our cooperation would continue in the future!

ABJZ40C Working in Baguio
ABJZ40C Mixer Pump Working in Baguio

AIMIX Concrete Pumps Working In Other Cities In The Philippines

Apart from Baguio city, AIMIX has exported portable pumpcrete to other cities in the Philippines, such as Manila, Davao, Cavite, Cebu, Palawan, Batangas, etc. Most portable concrete pumps still keep good working status at the construction sites. Here are some pictures and working videos feedback from clients. Check some cases below.

ABJZ40C Portable Concrete Pump and Mixer for House Construction in Manila

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Pump for House Construction Working in Manila, Philippines

Concrete Line Pump ABT40C for Warehouse Construction in Cavite

mixer pump working in cavite, philippines

ABJZ40C concrete mixer pump in Cavite, Philippines

ABJZ40C portable pumpcrete in the philippines

Concrete Mixer and Pump ABJZ40C for Workshop Construction in Davao

Why Baguio Clients Choose AIMIX Pumpcrete?

Many clients in Baguio, Philippines have bought the AIMIX pumpcrete equipment. Why they choose to buy AIMIX equipment without hesitation? Here are several main reasons.

  • 1. There are many units of concrete pumps working in Baguio at the construction sites. Thus, clients have many chances to visit the real pumpcrete for sale working in person on-site.
  • 2. AIMIX has established a branch office in Manila, which is near Baguio. The distance between Baguio and Manila is 260 kilometers, and the transportation is convenient. Clients can come to the office and communicate with our sales face to face.
  • 3. Considerate after-sales service. We promise to provide considerate after-sales service for Philippines clients. Our engineer would respond promptly if you contact us for help.
  • 4. Special turnkey service. AIMIX also provides turnkey service for clients who don’t have experience in importing from China.

Three Kinds of Concrete Pumps for Sale in Baguio, Philippines

AIMIX mainly supplied three kinds of pumpcrete for sale, including concrete pump truck, pumpcrete line pump, and concrete mixer with pump for sale. As for different kinds of projects, customers can choose any one. Here is a simple introduction to each kind of pump.

40, 60, and 80 m3/h Line Concrete Pump

  • Line pumpcrete for sale is a common type of equipment that transfers the concrete mixture through the concrete pumping lines under high pressure.
  • It is a portable pumpcrete that can move easily among the construction sites due to the tires equipped. Thus, many clients choose this pump for building construction. In addition, it can pump the mixture to a further or higher place.
  • There are three models of stationary pumpcrete for reference: 40, 60, and 80 m3/h. Clients can choose an ideal one according to the size of the construction project.

ABT40C Concrete Line Pump in Baguio
40 m3/h Concrete Line Pump
ABT60C Diesel Concrete Line Pump in Baguio
60 m3/h Line Pump

14m~ 57m Concrete Boom Pump

  • The placing boom concrete pump uses its arm to place the concrete mixture in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Due to its large size, it needs more space during operation. Because of the chassis, the concrete pump truck is also easier to move among different construction sites.
  • AIMIX has produced different models of boom pumps for sale in Baguio, Philippines for free choices, including 14m, 21m, 34m, 37m, 47m, and 57m.
  • Among all concrete pumps for sale, the pumpcrete price is the most expensive one. Customers would consider their budget before investing.

Pumpcrete truck in Baguio

30 and 40 m3/h Mixer Pump

  • Compared with stationary concrete pump, mixer pump is a new piece of equipment that is launched for clients who need mixing and pumping work together.
  • The concrete mixer and pump is the combination of concrete mixer and line pump. Thus, clients can save a lot of costs if they buy this mixer pump.
  • The small concrete pump with a small capacity is more suitable for rural and urban construction, like houses, low-rise buildings, roads, tunnels, and slope construction.
  • Compared with the line concrete pump price, this one is a little more expensive due to its mixing function. .

ABJZ30C Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer in Baguio
ABJZ30C Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump in Baguio, Philippines
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump

Perfect Combination – Concrete Pump with Self Loading Mixer

  • Nowadays, the construction machine combination is common in the modern construction industry. The combination not only can improve working efficiency but speed up the construction progress. One of the popular machine combinations is self loading concrete mixer with pump.
  • Self loading concrete mixer with pump refers to the two machine combination: self loading concrete mixer and line concrete pump. They can realize concrete mixing and pumping work together.
  • AIMIX has exported several sets of self loading mixer with pump to the Philippines market. You can check their applications below.

Aimix self loading concrete mixer with pump for construction

AS-4.0 self loading mixer + ABT40C for Foundation Construction

AS-5.5 self loader mixer truck + ABT60C for Foundation Construction

Safety Precautions During Pumpcrete Use

It is necessary for the operator to know how to use the concrete pump rightly to avoid accidents. Here are some safety precautions during the concrete pump operation.

Concrete Pumps For Sale In Baguio, Philippines

  • Wearing personal protective equipment, such as hard hats, gloves, and safety glasses.
  • Ensuring that the pumpcrete is set up on a stable and level surface.
  • Following the AIMIX Group manufacturer’s instructions for operating the pump.
  • Avoid standing in the path of the concrete flow.
  • Turning off the mini concrete pump for sale immediately if there is an emergency.
  • Regularly maintain the line pump to ensure it is working properly.

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