Customer Background

It is the first time Mr.Lao to find us through searching online. He has searched the concrete pump product and found our website. After browsing it, he was very impressed by the after-sales service promotional video. At that time, it happened that Aimix’s salesman and after-sales team were doing after-sales service in various cities in the Philippines. He contacted us immediately by leaving a message. Then our sales replied to him in time and communicated with him patiently.

After communication, we have known that Mr. Lao was from a medium-size construction company, which is well-known in Baguio, Benguet, Philippines. In addition to its own projects, it also undertook local other projects, such as building houses, roads, tunnels, flood control, etc. Because of reasonable charges, local people are willing to cooperate with his company.

Mr. Lao’s Project Overview

Mr. Lao’s project is for a 2-3 story building. It is necessary to pump concrete mixture continuously and stably for the building construction. However, at the construction site, the working condition is poor. For example, less manpower, unstable electricity supply, and limited particle size of raw materials. Considering the above factors, we have communicated with our sales many times. Finally, our concrete pump technical engineer has come up with the best solution for Mr. Lao.

Pumping Concrete Mixture
Pumping Concrete Mixture Philippines

Initial Demand & Our Advice

Mr. Lao's ABJZ40C

In the beginning, he sent us an inquiry about the trailer concrete pump.

While considering the insufficient power and manpower at the construction site, we recommended he chose diesel concrete mixer pump (ABJZ40C), which is a combination of a diesel concrete mixer and concrete pump. It has multi-functions: mixing and pumping.

More importantly, it can solve the problems of insufficient power and limited personnel. In addition, the mixer pump has the advantages of simple operation and convenient movement, which can efficiently complete the production and pumping of concrete on-site. Thus, it is appropriate for Mr.Lao’s building construction project.

Customer’s Final Choice

Mr. Lao was very satisfied after receiving our proposal. Then he took our advice and decided to purchase one unit of ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump. After the equipment arrived at the construction site, it worked well. And Mr. Lao’s project has been completed successfully.

The dual function of producing and pumping concrete has not only solved the problem that MR. Lao originally needed to purchase concrete, but greatly saved construction time and costs.

MR LAO conducted a cost accounting after the project had finished 3 three month. Unbelievably! Using the mixing pump has helped him save 1.55M Peso. He thought that it was worth buying. Therefore, he usually thumped up Aimix concrete pump and introduced it to many local customers. Most of them have purchased our machine for projects. Now Mr. Lao has become the local image ambassador of the AIMIX brand. Thanks for his trust!

Customer Review

For Product

Mr. Lao said that the performance of the equipment is so excellent. He couldn’t imagine that the pump was so wonderful. Thanks to Aimix’s sales recommendation.

For Aimix

He successfully completed the project after we helped him with equipment purchase and scheme formulation. Mr. Lao has highly praised us and expressed his willingness to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship with us.

Aimix Concrete Pump At Construction Site
Working of ABJZ40C

He said that the happiest thing was that Aimix after-sales engineer helped him train an excellent operator, who was very professional and skilled in operating the pump. He mentioned that someone in the local area previously purchased a concrete pump from another company. It was out of work. However, the operator didn’t know the real reason: quality or operational. He tried to contact the manufacturer but failed. The equipment is no longer functioning properly, which not only wastes money but also delayed the construction period.

ABJZ40C Working in Benguet
ABJZ40C Mixer Pump Working in Benguet

All in all, the customer should focus on not only its price but the quality and after-sales service when he chooses a product. Though you choose a cheaper machine, the cost incurred due to quality and after-sales in the later stage is infinite. Worse, the construction period would be delayed.

Friendly Relationship With Mr. Lao

We have kept in touch since the first cooperation. One day, he contacted us and said that he would help the locals do a road repair project which needs other kinds of concrete machines from Aimix. After communication, he repurchased our explosive product – self loading concrete mixer truck. One of the most important reasons why he purchased is that AIMIX’s self-loading concrete mixer trucks were taking the Philippine concrete scene by storm. It is popular in the market and widely applied for various kinds of construction projects.

Mr. Lao Purchasing Self Loader Mixer

Until now, the self loading mixer still keeps good working status. We always call back Mr. Lao to continuously follow up on equipment usage and status. In addition, we would inform remind customers to carry out regular repairs and maintenance to prolong their service life. More importantly, we could provide accessories timely when customers need them, which can ensure successful project completion.

In the early stage of the epidemic in China, Mr.Lao has considerately sent us anti-epidemic materials, like masks, goggles, ventilators, etc. We were very touched by the generosity of Mr.Lao. Later, Mr.Lao and his colleagues were unfortunately infected with COVID-19. We also mailed some medicines and protective products. In addition, we encouraged them to overcome the virus and wish them a speedy recovery.

Ready for Deliver to Mr. Lao
Packing masks

The relationship between us is more than just “partners”, but also relatives and friends. In the future, we will continue to update the stories of AIMIX and MR.LAO. I hope you will continue to pay attention! Thanks for browsing!