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Pumpcrete Price Philippines

Pumpcrete price in the Philippines market is diverse. All clients would like to buy a pumpcrete machine with the best prices. Well, if find Aimix concrete pump manufacturer online or offline, you can own the concrete pumps that you want – with high quality and reasonable prices! Actually, many Philippines clients who have purchased Aimix concrete pumps have not only helped save their 10 – 20% cost but got over 30% returns. As all know, the primary factor that affects the price of concrete pumps is the type. Let’s check Aimx concrete pump types and their price ranges.

Pumpcrete Price in Philippines

Price Ranges of Different Kinds of Concrete Pumps in Aimix

  • Same as the types of concrete pumps for sale in the market, Aimix has manufactured three different kinds of concrete pumping machines. They are line concrete pumps, concrete mixer pumps, and pumpcrete for sale.
  • Based on the same capacity, the prices comparison of three kinds of concrete pumping machines are as follows:
    Pumpcrete price > mixer pump price > line pump price
  • You can check the respective price ranges of concrete pump types in the following paragraph.

Line Concrete Pump Price Range – At Least $15,000

  • The line pump price is the cheapest one among the three kinds of concrete pumping machines. As we all know, it is a portable pumpcrete machine that only has a pumping function.
  • Thus, the prices are relatively cheaper. That’s why a lot of clients would like to purchase this kind of pump for their own construction business.
  • Aimix has manufactured different capacities of line concrete pumps for sale, including 30, 40, 60, 80, and 90 m3/h. Obviously, capacity is larger, and prices are more expensive. The customer needs to choose the suitable capacity according to the size of the construction project.
  • In Aimix, the line pump concrete pump cost is at least $15,000. It is just the ex-factory price. Besides, the prices are not fixed, floating with the market change and the special requirements. For the exact price, please contact our sales for quotations!

ABT30C Diesel Line Pump
30 m3/h Line Pump
ABT40C Diesel Concrete Line Pump
40 m3/h Line Pumpcrete

ABT60C Diesel Line Concrete Pump
60 m3/h Stationary Pump
ABT80C Line Concrete Pump
80 m3/h Line Concrete Pump

Concrete Mixing and Pumping Price Range – Not Less Than $20,000

  • Under the same capacity, why mixing pump price is higher than the line cement pump price? The main reason is that the mixing pump has a pumping function and an additional mixing function. While the line pump only has a pumping function.
  • Although the price is relatively high, it is still well-received among clients in the Philippines. Because customers needn’t buy a concrete mixer alone to mix the concrete mixture. Overall, it can save a lot of costs.
  • There are only two capacities of concrete mixing pumps. One is 30 m3/h. The other one is 40 m3/h. 40 m3/h mixer pump is a little more expensive than a 30 m3/h mixer pump. Well, most clients in the Philippines prefer to buy the 40 m3/h capacity for rural and urban construction projects.
  • About the concrete mixer pump price(ex-factory price), it is not less than $20,000 . Please contact our sales for the best concrete pump prices.

ABJZ30C diesel concrete mixer pump price
30 m3/h Concrete Mix Pump
ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix Pump Price
40 m3/h Concrete Mixing Pump

Pumpcrete Price Range in The Philippines – Above $80,000

  • The pumpcrete price in the Philippines is the most expensive one among Aimix concrete pumps for sale. Because it is a boom pump truck with big size. In addition, it is equipped with a folding long boom. When working, it would stretch out and pump the concrete mixture.
  • In general, it is widely used for pumping concrete to high ground, such as upstairs in a building, and pumping concrete to areas where access is restricted, such as behind terraced houses.
  • In Aimix, there are several models of boom pumps for sale in the Philippines: 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, and 57m. Boom pump arm longer, the prices higher. The price of a boom pump is at least $80,000. For the exact price, please send us your requirements through inquiry forms. Then our sales would reply to you detailed quotation.

Pumpcrete price in the Philippines

Other Factors Affecting The Concrete Pumping Machine Price

Apart from the main factor – types, there are so other factors that can influence the concrete pump price Philippines, such as power, capacity, configuration, components, suppliers, and service. Here I have listed some factors for reference.

Power Origins

In fact, the power can directly affect the concrete pump machine’s price. There are diesel engine concrete pumps for sale and electric motor concrete pumps. Under the same capacity, the diesel one is a bit more expensive than the electric one. For example:

  • ABT40C diesel concrete line pump price > ABT40D electric cement concrete pump price.

Diesel Engine of Diesel Concrete Pump
Diesel Engine of Diesel Concrete Pump
Electric Motor of Electric Concrete Pump
Electric Motor of Electric Concrete Pump


As mentioned above, under the same type of concrete pump for sale, the capacity is larger, price is higher. For example:

  • ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump price > ABJZ30C diesel mixer cement pump cost

Pumping Distance

In the case of the same type of concrete pump, further pumping distance, higher price. Taking the ABT series line pumpcrete cost for example,

  • ABT60C pumping distances: 180m vertically and 1000m horizontally;
  • ABT80C conveying distances: 260m vertically and 1200m horizontally

The pumping distance of ABT80C is further than that of ABT60C. Thus, the ABT80C concrete pump cost per hour is more expensive than ABT60C price.

Concrete Pump Price in The Philippines

Spare Parts

The prices of spare parts also can affect the concrete pump price. Because some parts of concrete pumps adopt famous foreign brands. Therefore, the prices are diverse. Taking the diesel engine, the diesel engine brand has many choices: Cummins, Wechai, Yuchai, etc. The machine with different diesel engine brands has different prices.


The concrete pump costs in different manufacturers are also diverse. Because the raw steel materials in the market is changing. Moreover, the manufacturing technologies are also different. Thus, the prices from different manufacturers are various. Before making an order, the clients can check various quotations from various manufacturers.

After-sales Service

One of the most important factors that affect the new concrete pump price is whether the after-sales maintenance service is considered.

If a concrete pump manufacturer doesn’t provide considerate after-sales service, the price would be lower than concrete pump market price. Well, the client in the Philippines has better to choose a mobile concrete pump with considerate after-sales service. Because the maintenance issue would also cost you a lot.

Best Aimix Service Team for Concrete Pump After-sales Service

Choose to Cooperate with Aimix Manufacturer

There are many concrete pump manufacturers in the Philippines market, including Aimix Group. You can choose to cooperate with Aimix manufacturer, not only because of its quality equipment, but its best concrete pump prices. Also, there are some reasons that can convince you of to choose Aimix.

  • 1. Advanced manufacturing technology. Aimix has manufactured the concrete pump machine for decades since 1982. We are always upgrading our technology to improve the performance of equipment that can meet customers’ construction requirements.
  • 2. Certificates ensured. Aimix has obtained CE and quality-ensured certificates to ensure to provide of high-quality concrete pumping machines for clients.
  • Aimix Concrete Pump Manufacturer Factory

    CE Certificates

  • 3. Branch office is available in Manila, Philippines. Aimix has established an office in Manila. There are resident sales and engineers there. Customers can visit our office anytime for business.
  • 4. Considerate After-sales service. Aimix engineers would come to the construction sites to install and debug the equipment in time if customers’ equipment is out of work.
  • 5. Turnkey service is possible. We have a professional customs clearance service for customers who don’t have experience in importing equipment from abroad.
  • 6. Reasonable prices. Aimix concrete pump prices are competitive and reasonable in the Philippines market. We promise to provide high-quality concrete pumps for sale and the best service for clients.

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