Precautions for Installation of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the popular crushing equipment widely used by customers at home and abroad. Due to its simple structure, many clients choose to install, maintain and disassemble it by themselves after purchasing. However, because of unclear grasp of some details, improper installation or incorrect operation will cause many problems in subsequent production. Here I have sorted out some of the issues that should be paid attention to when installing the jaw crusher for reference.

Jaw Crusher Installing

What Should You Paid Attention To When Installing A Jaw Crusher?

Basic preparation

Jaw crushers are usually installed on a concrete foundation with a drainage trough. It is better if the slope is less than 50 degrees. Due to the large vibration of the crusher, it is necessary to isolate the foundation of the crusher from the foundation of the plant.

Rack installation

When installing, place something that can absorb vibration between the rack and the concrete, such as hardwood, rubber, etc. The horizontal and vertical horizontality of the rack installed on the wooden base must meet the installation requirements of the equipment, generally less than 0.2mm.

Assembly of eccentric shaft and bearing

  • Before assembly, the sliding bearing needs to be researched and matched, and then it is put into the sliding bearing seat, and the horizontality and coaxiality of its placement are checked by using a spirit level.
  • In addition, apply a certain amount of lubricating oil between the bearing seat and the bearing to reduce the wear of the shaft. The contact area between the eccentric shaft and the frame should not be less than 80%, and the gap between them should be less than 0.07mm.

Installing of Jaw Crusher

Installation of the movable jaw

  • The movable jaw parts are assembled in advance accordingly. Assembling these parts on the ground, like movable jaw, movable jaw shaft, movable jaw plate, toggle plate pad, etc. Use a crane to hoist the assembled parts together in the frame of the crusher.
  • For sliding bearings, it is necessary to carry out research and matching between the bearing and the bearing seat, so as to install the sliding bearings in place. At the same time, the coaxiality and inclination of the sliding bearing assembly are tested. Ensure that the inclination is guaranteed to be 0.2mm and the coaxiality is less than 0.06mm.

It is necessary to follow the above suggestions that can gurantee installation of jaw crusher machine is smooth at the crushing sites. If you have any other questions during installing, welcome to consult us for solutions!

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