Normally Working of Aimix ABT40C Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump In The Philippines

Congratulations! Another unit of diesel concrete pump was working normally in the Philippines in June 2022. Once received the machine, the customer has transported it to the construction site. Because it was delivered as a whole, it didn’t need assemble. Besides, equipped with tires, it is easy to transport with tractor dragging. Here is the dragging picture.

Aimix ABT40C Trailer Concrete Pump Working On-site

ABT40C Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump Working for House Construction

After dragging it to the construction site, the customer began to test the stationary concrete pump before putting it into use. He needed to ensure that all of its performance was excellent. Then it started to work on-site.

Diesel Concrete Pump Working for House Construction

As the picture shows, the ABT40C diesel concrete pump was used for house construction in the customer’s factory. He planned to build another factory workshop for his business. Therefore, the trailer concrete pump is the best choice for his foundation and house construction work. It can pump the concrete mixture fast through pumping pipelines after the concrete mixer truck unloaded it to the concrete pump hopper. The customer thought highly of Aimix’s high-quality concrete pump machine that greatly improves working efficiency. Here are some reasons why he chooses the ABT40C model for construction.

Aimix ABT40C line Concrete Pump Philippines

Reasons Why to Use ABT40C Model Trailer Concrete Pump

1. According to the scale of construction projects, it belongs to the small size. Therefore, ABT40C with a capacity of 40 m3/h can totally satisfy its construction demands.

2. The customer prefers to buy a diesel engine concrete line pump rather than an electric type. Besides, he wants to customize the diesel engine brand – Cummins.

3. He doesn’t need to mix concrete mixture on-site because he has a ready-mix truck to produce the concrete mixture. Therefore, the equipment only with a pumping function is enough. Thus, the trailer pump is the first choice.

If you also have projects for pumping work, it is the best time to own a concrete pumping machine because it can save a lot of time, cost, and labor. Any problems with selection, welcome to contact our sales for guidance. Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp available!

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