AJ90 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Finished Installation In Indonesia

Congratulations! After one month’s work, one unit of Aimix AJ90 stationary concrete batching plant finished installation in Indonesia in June 2022. Actually, the customer bought two sets of concrete batching plants from Aimix Group, mainly for providing concrete mixture for his hydropower project. One has finished installation; the other one was ready to install on-site. Check some installation details below!

AJ90 Stationary Concrete Batching Installation In Indonesia

Installing AJ90 Stationary Concrete Plant In Indonesia

As we all know, AJ stationary concrete batching plant for sale adopts a belt feeding method to transport the material. Therefore, it occupied a slightly larger footprint. In addition, before installation, it is necessary for the customers to do the foundation work according to the drawings provided by our engineers. He has taken a picture after completing the preparation work.

Foundation of AJ90 Stationary Concrete Plant

Then, the customer began to install it. Because he has owned a local installation team in his company, the process of installation is very smooth with the online guidance of the Aimix after-sales service team in China. After one month’s installation, it has been erected at the construction site. Check the concrete batching plant on-site pictures below!

Installation of AJ90 Stationary Concrete Plant in Indonesia

Customized Configuration of AJ90 Stationary Concrete Plant

From the above picture, we can find that it differs from the standard AJ90 concrete plant, especially the concrete batching machine and silo parts. Because the customer needs to produce a high-quality concrete mixture for the hydropower construction project. There are many kinds of aggregate material and powder material to batch. Finally, he has customized 5 bins of concrete batching machine, three cement silos, and one fly ash silo for his ready-mix concrete batching plant. After finishing the plant, he was very satisfied with our machine and considerate service!

Therefore, if anyone has special requirements on the equipment, just communicate with our sales. Then we would help customize the machine according to the requirements. In the end, we would provide unique construction solutions for customers. Contact our sales through email, tel, or WhatsApp!

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