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Concrete Trailer Pump For Sale

Because concrete trailer pump for sale is usually towed by tractors, it is also called tow behind concrete pump. Therefore, concrete trailer pump for sale is convenient to transport. Concrete trailer pump for sale is equipped with special pipes that can realize the continuous horizontal and vertical transportation along the pipelines. If you need to move the pump machine among different construction projects, concrete trailer pump for sale is an ideal choice for you.

Different types of concrete trailer pump

Diesel type trailer pump for sale

Diesel type concrete trailer pump for sale is our hot sale machine. It is driven by diesel engine. The advantages of diesel engine concrete pump trailer includes excellent performance, high working efficiency, easy movement and low failure rate. The theoretical throughput of diesel concrete trailer pump ranges from 10m3 per hour to 90m3 per hour.

diesel 40R (1)
HBTS40 diesel pump
Item: HBTS40
Max. Theoretioal Throughput (m3/h): 40
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 150
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): 30/40
Diesel Brand: DELIER/DEUTZ
Power of Diesel Motor(kw): 56

diesel 60R (2)
HBTS60 diesel pump
Item: HBTS60-SR
Max. Theoretioal Throughput (m3/h): 60
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m): 190
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance: 800
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm): 50
Diesel Brand: DEUTZ
Power of Diesel Motor(kw): 56

diesel 80 (1)
HBTS80 diesel trailer pump
Item HBTS80-SR
Max. Theoretioal Throughput (m3/h) 80
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m) 200
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance 1000
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm) 50
Feeding Height(mm) 1420
Diesel Brand DEUTZ
Power of Diesel Motor(kw) 162

Electric type of trailer mounted concrete pump

Electric concrete trailer pump for sale is powered by electric engine. It is more suitable for the areas that there are plenty of electricity. Electric engine concrete trailer pump has the advantages of stable pumping performance, simple operation, small occupation area and various of models for your selection.

HBT30 electic (1)
BS30D electric pump
Item BS30D
Max. Theoretical Throughput(m3/h) 30
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa) 11
Max.Vertical Conveying Distance(m) 150
Max.Horizontal Conveying Distance(m) 600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm) 20/30
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity(L) 370
Feeding Height(mm) 1100
Hopper Capacity(m3) 0.4
Power(kw) 45

HBT40 electirc (4)
HBT40 electric pump
Item HBT-40
Max. Theoretical Throughput(m3/h) 40
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa) 11 or 13
Max.Vertical Conveying Distance(m) 150
Max.Horizontal Conveying Distance(m) 600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm) 30/40
Conveying Pipe Radius(mm) 125
Feeding Height(mm) 1100
Hopper Capacity(m3) 0.6
Power(kw) 45/56

Mini type concrete trailer pump

Mini type trailer mounted concrete pump for sale is specially designed for those small construction projects. If your project is not very big, you can consider mini type concrete trailer pump. It can not only meet your construction needs, but also save your investment capital. Mini trailer pump just need small investment, then you can get the return quickly.

electric 20 (1)
BS20D mini electric pump
Item BS20D
Max. Theoretical Throughput(m3/h) 20
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa) 10
Max.Vertical Conveying Distance(m) 140
Max.Horizontal Conveying Distance(m) 500
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm) 20
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity(L) 240
Feeding Height(mm) 1100
Hopper Capacity(m3) 0.35
Power(kw) 37

12m3 diesel concrete pump 9.9W
mini diesel trailer pump

diesel 30
HBTS30 mini diesel pump

The concrete trailer pump and our customers from Philippines

Our cement pump trailer in Philippines

At present, there are many concrete trailer pumps delivering to Philippines. Under the guide of our engineers, the concrete trailer pumps has been installed successfully and worked normally. After using our towable concrete pump, our customers give it high praise. If you choose our company, we believe that you can select a satisfied concrete trailer pump for sale.

HBTS60 diesel pump in Philippines

HBTS60 diesel pump

Our salesmen visit our customers and our customers visit our factory

As a professional construction machinery manufacturer, our company provides you with sincere service. Before you purchasing, you can visit our factory and office to learn how we produce the machine and how we work daily. We will arrange the good accommodation for you. After purchasing, our salesman will pay a visit to our customer at least four times one year. We can try our best to deal with your problems.

our salesman and our customers from Philippines

Advantages of concrete trailer pump for sale

1. Wide application. Fixed concrete pump can be used for many projects, such as, rural building construction, road construction, expressway construction, tunnel construction, water conservancy projects, slope protection projects and so on.

2. Longer transportation distance. Because concrete pump station is equipped with special pipelines, it can achieve longer and higher transportation distance. The vertical transportation distance is at least 50 meters. For those tall buildings, concrete trailer pump is a good machine.

3. Simple operation. Due to its high automatic degree, our station pump concrete just needs several workers to operate the overall process. This can greatly reduce the labor intensity and save labor cost.

4. Convenient to move. Because of its lighter weight, our concrete trailer pump for sale is more convenient to move. Even if in the rural and narrow zone, concrete trailer pump is also move easily. Moreover, flexible mobility significantly reduce the transportation time.

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