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There are so many concrete pumps manufacturers in the Philippines market. Thus, clients have many options when they seek concrete pump machines online or offline. In general, before making an order, it is necessary for clients to not only have a good knowledge of the concrete pump suppliers but have a better understanding of their products. Because the choice of concrete pump manufacturer can directly affect the purchase and use experience. If you choose to cooperate with Aimix, you would have a different purchasing experience. Here are what can Aimix concrete pump manufacturer provide for the Philippines clients.

Aimix concrete pump manufacturers

What Can Aimix Concrete Pump Manufacturers Provide for Clients?

1. Different Kinds of Concrete Pumps

To meet different customers’ construction requirements, Aimix has manufactured three kinds of concrete pumps for sale, including stationary concrete pumps, concrete mixer pumps, and pumpcrete for sale in the Philippines. Here is a brief introduction to each one. You can check them below.

Stationary Line Pump

  • Function: pumping the concrete mixture to the specified location through pumping lines.
  • Capacity Choices: 30 m3/h, 40 m3/h, 60 m3/h, 80 m3/h, and 90 m3/h
  • Applications: Due to its wide capacity ranges, it is suitable for different sizes of construction projects, like foundations, warehouses, buildings, bridges, tunnels, slope protection construction, etc.

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump from Aimix Manufacturers
40 m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump
ABT60C Concrete pumps from Aimix Manufacturers
60 m3/h Line Concrete Pump

Stationary Concrete Pumps Working At the Construction Sites in The Philippines
Stationary Concrete Pumps Working At the Construction Sites in The Philippines

Concrete Mixer and Pump

  • Usage: Multifunctional equipment with mixing and pumping functions. The equipment has integrated two machines into one.
  • Options of capacities: 30 m3/h and 40 m3/h
  • Fields of Applications: with the small capacities, the small concrete mixer and pump is more appropriate for rural and urban construction projects, especially for houses and buildings construction.

ABJZ30C Concrete Mixing Pump
30 m3/h Concrete Mixing Pump
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine Philippines
40 m3/h Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

Aimix Concrete Mixing Pump On-site in The Philippines
Aimix Concrete Mixing Pump On-site in The Philippines

Pumpcrete Boom Truck

  • Function: pumping the concrete mixture through its flexible placing booms. Thus, it has the feature of high mobility.
  • Boom length choices: 14m, 12m, 30m, 34m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, and 57m
  • Applications: The pumpcrete boom pump the first choice for medium and large construction sites. Highly recommendable for tall buildings and hard-to-reach areas.

Pumpcrete Concrete Pump Manufacturers

2. Products with High quality and Stable Performance

Everyone wants to get high-quality equipment that has fewer troubles. Therefore, it is important to choose concrete pump suppliers near me that can provide high-quality equipment. Well, Aimix, one of the top 10 concrete pumps manufacturers in the Philippines, promises to provide the best machines for clients. The reasons are as follows:

  • We have obtained CE and Quality Ensured certificates to ensure high-quality equipment manufacturing.
  • Strictly Inspection in the factory before delivery. Every concrete pump would be tested and debugged many times to ensure its performance before delivery. We need to guarantee that the clients receive an excellent concrete pump from Aimix.

Aimix Factory of Concrete Pump

CE Certificates of Concrete Pump

3. Complete Project Solution

Aimix is not a manufacturer who only sells machines, but pays more attention to overall project solutions. We are dedicated to providing the best service through customized equipment.

Take the self loading concrete mixer with pump for example:

The solutions aim for contractors in the Philippines who have mixing and pumping requirements at the same time. Because the self loading mixer truck can produce a fresh concrete mixture and the concrete pump can transport the mixture to the designated places. The cooperation of the two machines can greatly improve working efficiency.

4. Visiting Equipment Before Making An Order

Since manufacturing, Aimix has exported countless units of concrete pumps to the Philippines market. Most of the concrete pumps still keep good working status at the construction sites. In fact, most new clients are worried about Aimix’s line concrete pumps before making an order. They tend to go to the site to check the actual product before deciding whether to place an order from Aimix. Take it easy. There are many Aimix concrete pump construction sites for new clients visiting!

5. Delivery on Time According to the contract

We will strictly follow the contract to export products within the delivery period. In general, after the concrete pump finishes manufacturing, if the customer can pay the final payment on time within the delivery period, we will deliver the equipment as scheduled. The payment way is as follows: 30%T/T before manufacturing; 70%T/T before delivery.

Delivery of Concrete Pumping Machine to Clients
Delivery of Concrete Pumping Machine to Clients

6. Clear Customs Service

As we all know, after importing goods from abroad to the destination country, it is necessary to go through a series of customs clearance procedures before picking it up. However, many customers in the Philippines do not have an import license and do not know how to carry out these procedures.

Even so, we can help customers receive the goods smoothly. Because Aimix has customs clearance agents in many cities in the Philippines, like Manila, Cebu, Davao, San Juan, Quezon, etc, which can help solve customs clearance problems.

7. Considerate After-sales Service

Providing considerate after-sales service for clients and equipment is always Aimix’s mission. And in the Philippine market, we do provide the service. Because Aimix has established a branch office in Manila, Philippines. In addition, we have resident engineers there.

After-sales Team in the Philippines
After-sales Service Team

After the equipment arrived at the construction sites, the Aimix engineer would come to help install and debug the machines. More importantly, if there is something wrong with the mixer pump, we would arrange for them to check and maintain the machines as soon as possible!

8. Turnkey Service Available

Turnkey service is exclusively for Filipino customers who don’t have much experience importing industry equipment from abroad. If choosing the turnkey service, All he needs to do is to wait at home and the equipment will be delivered to his door. In addition, the subsequent installation, commissioning, and maintenance services will also be provided for the clients. Customers can choose to cooperate with Aimix with peace of mind.

Considering Important Factors When Choosing Concrete Pumps Manufacturers

Among many concrete pump equipment manufacturers in the Philippines, how to choose a reliable manufacturer? First, select several best concrete pump manufacturers for choices. Compare these concrete pump manufacturing companies and take several factors in consideration. Then, make the final decision. Based on the points that Aimix can provide above, it can be used as a reference. While, among them, two of them are particularly important for choosing the right concrete pump manufacturer.

1. Check If There Is a Concrete Pump Working Site To Visit

Confirming whether there is a site to visit can not only understand the strength of the company in the Philippines, but also check the operation, quality, and performance of the machine. In addition, at the same time, you can ask for the real evaluation of customers who have bought this type of concrete pump for reference. Because the customer review is also a factor that should be taken into account before making an order.

Mixing Pump on-Site
Concrete Mixing Pump Working On-site
Aimix Concrete Pump At The Construction Site

2. Confirm Whether After-sales Service Is Available

When communicating with the manufacturers, it should be clear whether a comprehensive after-sales service can be provided. As we all know, good after-sales service can save a lot of trouble in the later stage for the clients. If there is no after-sales service for the concrete pump for sale, the customer has to ask everywhere where it can be repaired when it is out of work. And it will cost a lot to repair. Not only wasted money but also time, possibly delaying the construction period. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a supplier with perfect after-sales service

After-sales Service

Apart from these two factors, there must be other considerations. Customers should comprehensively consider important factors, and then choose a reliable supplier. If you are interested in AIMIX concrete pumps and are willing to cooperate with AIMIX, please contact our sales right now through the inquiry form, email, tel, WhatsApp and Viber. Later our sales will respond to you as soon as possible!

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