Concrete Boom Pump For Sale

The concrete boom pump for sale in the Philippines is one of the ordinary concrete pumping machines for sale that has been widely applied in the construction industry. Many contractors in the Philippines would like to invest in one for their various construction projects. Nowadays, it is popularly used in these projects, like high-rise building construction, bridge projects, flyover projects, airport construction, and so on. Here are some applications of concrete boom trucks on-site for reference.

AIMIX Concrete Boom Pump for Sale

Wide Applications of AIMIX Concrete Boom Pumps At The Construction Site

For House Construction

  • Model: AMBP-26M
  • Diesel Engine brand: Yuchai
  • Rotation Angle of the turntable: ±360
  • Leg opening mode: 工 Shape out legs
  • Project: house construction
  • Customer reviews: I have used the boom pump for two years. During operation, it has a lower failure rate. When it was out of order, the AIMIX engineers would solve the problems as soon as possible. Thanks for AIMIX’s considerate after-sales service.

For Building Construction

  • Model: AMBP-30M
  • Diesel Engine brand: Yuchai
  • Rotation Angle of the turntable: ±360
  • Leg opening mode: X shape Front leg; Swing out Fear leg
  • Construction project: building construction
  • Customer reviews: Effective concrete pumping equipment for my projects. I have saved a lot of labor. In addition, with high working efficiency, I have finished one of my building construction projects in advance.

Hot-sale Concrete Boom Pump for Sale in The Philippines – 26m and 30m

  • The small and medium-sized boom type pumpcrete produced by AIMIX has the characteristics of convenient operation, good reliability of the whole machine, high operating efficiency, low fuel consumption, and low noise. Thus, this type of concrete boom pump truck is well-received among clients.
  • In AIMIX, there are different models of placing boom concrete pumps for sale to meet different customers’ construction demands, like 26m, 30m, 33m, 38m, 47m, 50m, and 58m.
  • Among them, the small concrete boom truck for sale is popular in the Philippines market, especially 26m and 30m truck mounted boom pumps. You can check them below.
26m Concrete Boom Pump for Sale


Capacity: 120 m3/h
  • Boom Vertical Height: 26m
  • Boom Horizontal Length: 21.6m
  • Boom Vertical Depth: 10.5m
  • Turntable Rotation Angle: ±360
  • Pumping System Oil Pressure: 31.5MPa

30m Boom Pump for Sale


Capacity: 120 m3/h
  • Boom Vertical Height: 30m
  • Boom Horizontal Length: 26.6m
  • Boom Vertical Depth: 20m
  • Aggregate Size: 40mm
  • Delivery Pipe Inner Diameter: 125mm

Advantages of Concrete Boom Pump for Sale


  • Full Hydraulic Control System: Quickly locate the fault place, shortening the troubleshooting time by more than 50%.
  • Electric Control System: Intelligent electric control system with a simple structure. It can reduce electric faults.


  • Hydraulic oil level auto-detection and radiating technology
  • Auto-Detect hydraulic oil and temperature, protecting the hydraulic system
  • Intehigent Safety Technology: All weld lines by nondestructive flaw detection.

boom pump truck for sale

boom pressure concrete pump

cement boom truck for sale

High Efficiency

  • Full Hydraulic Commutation Technology: Commutation time 10% lower, pumping efficiency 20% higher.
  • Advanced Jib Structure Technology: Flexible and efficient placing, No blind angle


  • Unilateral operation technology: It is convenient working in small construction sites, effectively avoiding overturned accidents
  • Jib structure: Hydraulic support legs with design 工 and X shape, optional for clients.

Why Choose AIMIX Concrete Boom Pump Manufacturers

AIMIX is one of the most reliable and professional concrete boom pump manufacturers in the Philippines. Why do many clients choose to cooperate with AIMIX concrete boom pump company? Why AIMIX can stand out among various concrete pump manufacturers? Here are some reasons:

  • The boom placer price in AIMIX is more competitive and reasonable. Besides, we mainly supply small capacity with cheaper boom pump price.
  • AIMIX is headquartered in China. We have a large concrete pump manufacturing factory, which can ensure quick production. In addition, the ex-factory boom pressure concrete pump price is cheap.
  • Boom Concrete Pump Manufacturing Factory in China
    Boom Concrete Pump Manufacturing Factory
  • In Manila, there is a branch office and a warehouse office. Thus, the client can come to visit anytime in person during work. Besides, they can get spare parts locally.
  • We promise to offer the best after-sales service for clients. And the engineers are based in the Philippines. They can come to the construction sites for solving all kinds of boom concrete pump problems.

Aimix Considerate Service Team in the Philippines

How Does The Boom Pressure Concrete Pump Work?


The concrete is first loaded into a hopper on the truck mounted concrete boom pump, which is located at the rear of the concrete pump car.


A powerful diesel engine drives the hydraulic pumps that power the pump boom, which is typically made up of multiple sections that can be extended and retracted as needed.


The placing boom is controlled by a skilled line concrete pump vehicle operator who uses a series of joysticks and controls located in the operator’s cab to precisely position the boom placer and control the flow of concrete.


Once the concrete placing boom is positioned over the desired location, the concrete is pumped through a series of pipes and hoses that make up the boom arm and are connected to a nozzle at the end of the arm.


As the concrete is pumped through the placing boom, the operator uses the controls to precisely control the flow of concrete, the angle and height of the arm, and the direction of the concrete flow.


Once the concrete has been pumped to the desired location, the operator can retract the boom arm, and the boom placer machine can move on to the next location.

Overall, a concrete boom pump truck for sale provides a safe, efficient, and effective way to transfer concrete from a mixer truck to a construction site, and it is commonly used in large-scale construction projects. In addition, the working process of mobile pumpcrete boom type is simple. Here is a working video for reference.

Notice When You Operate The Boom Placer for Concrete

There are some tips you should notice when you operate a boom placer concrete pump. These tips can not only make your operation safer but also protect the concrete boom placer. I help these tips are useful for you.

Notice in the process of operation

  • 1. Do not connect the pipe after the end hose;
  • 2. The placing boom shall not be used for lifting heavy objects;
  • 3. Only when the placing booms and supporting legs are fully closed can the cement boom truck be moved.

Notice about the supporting legs

  • 1. The boom pump truck shall be in a horizontal state, and the inclination in any direction shall not exceed 3 degrees;
  • 2. When opening the supporting legs, do not stand within the extension of the legs to avoid injuries;
  • 3. When the factors that reduce stability appear, the placing boom must be gathered immediately.

concrete boom pump for sale working
boom concrete pump working on-site
placing concrete mixture on-site

Notice about the placing boom

  • 1. Below the boom is the danger zone, beware of falling concrete;
  • 2. The concrete placing boom for sale cannot be used in weather with winds greater than eight;
  • 3. No one may stand within the range specified by the end hose;
  • 4. Be careful of the risk of electric shock when operating near a high-voltage line;
  • 5. Do not bend the end hose and the end hose should not be immersed in concrete.

Notice When Pumping Concrete

  • 1. When the concrete boom pump for sale is running, do not open the hopper screen, water tank cover plate, and other facilities;
  • 2. When pipes are blocked, the concrete truck boom must release the pressure by anti-pumping method before removing the pipe;
  • 3. It is necessary to stop the machine and release the pressure of the accumulator before maintaining the concrete boom truck.

The right operation can prolong the service life of concrete boom pump for sale. If you have any other questions, welcome to contact us for details right now!

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