Concrete Boom Pump For Sale

Equipped with the concrete placing boom, concrete boom pump for sale can reach the height that the ordinary concrete pump machine can’t reach. The length of concrete boom pump ranges from 14 meters to 52 meters. You can pick up a suitable concrete placing boom length according to your construction project. Usually, concrete boom pump for sale is used for the high-rise building construction, bridges projects, flyover projects, airport construction and so on. In addition, the theoretical pumping capacity of concrete boom pump truck for sale is at least 125m3 per hour, which can totally meet your requirements for conveying concrete.

The New Type – ABTB40R 14m Concrete Boom Pump For Sale in Philippines

Concrete Boom Pump For Sale in Philippines
Concrete Boom Pump For Sale in Philippines

ABTB40R Boom Pump Runing video

Main Parameters of ABTB40R

Items Units Parameters
Whole performance of machine Max. theo. concrete output m3/h 40
Max.concrete pumping pressure MPa 10
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke mm Ф180×1300
Hopper capacity L 500
Outlet diameter mm Ф150
Vertical height of boom m 15.4
Radius of place concrete m 13-16
Big arm length m 6.5
Big arm elevation angle ° 90
Small arm length m 6.5
Small arm elevation angle ° 235
Concrete pipe m 125*3
Tower rotation angle ° 200
Leg open width m 5.5
Distribution rod direction control Manually
Power system Diesel engine model Weichai WP4G110E220
Engine power Kw 82
Rotate speed RPM 2200
Travelling diesel engine Changchai L32
Travelling diesel engine power 32HP
Tyre 4*8.25*16
Other parameters Max. aggregate diameter mm 30
Inside diameter of delivering pipe mm Ф100
Dimensions:length×width×height mm 7500x2200x2920
Total weight kg 6500
ABTB40R-14 Concrete Boom Pump
ABTB40R-14 Concrete Boom Pump
ABTB40R-14 Concrete Boom Pump
ABTB40R-14 Boom Pump

our concrete boom pump for sale works in different projects

Reliable concrete boom pump manufacturers – Aimix Group

If you plan to invest a concrete pump for sale, it is very important to choose a reliable concrete boom pump manufacturer. A good concrete boom pump supplier can not only help supply good concrete pump machine, but also help you deal with your problems. Our Aimix Group is a reliable concrete pump manufacturer.

Aimix Group Certificates

As one of the construction concrete pump machine leading enterprises, our Aimix Group has rich production experience. Since our company was founded, the company has been keeping the principle of “customer first”.  We have strived for producing a satisfactory concrete pump machine. Through our unremitting efforts, we have been recognized by the state authorities. Currently, our Aimix Group have got certificate of ISO9001:2000 and CE. Moreover, we also have been a verified supplier by BV and Alibaba. We believe that these certificates are a recognition of our company.

Aimix Group Concrete Truck Boom Price

concrete boom pump for sale

25 meters boom pump

The biggest advantages of our Aimix Group is that we can provide our customers with affordable and reasonable concrete boom pump price. Why can I say that? First of all, we have our own factory. We can supply you with the boom pump for sale directly. This can save the middle cost. Then we cooperate many components suppliers. They can give us the most components price. This also can save the initial cost. Last, we can help you choose a suitable mobile concrete pump model to save your investment cost. All in all, if you choose our company, you can get the most reasonable boom pressure concrete pump price.

Aimix Concrete Boom Pump In Philippines

our concrete boom pump in Philippines

In recent years, our Aimix concrete boom pumps have been continually exported to the Philippines. Due to its high working efficiency, high automatic degree, quick pumping speed, advanced control system and stable performance, our truck mounted concrete boom pumps have received the high praise by our philippines customers. What’s more, a few months ago, our company has our office in the Philippines, which is more convenient for customers to purchase our truck concrete pump line for sale. Therefore, if you are going to invest in a concrete boom pump for sale, and if you are in the Philippines, it is ideal choice for you to select our Aimix Group. Welcome to leave your message to us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Notice when you operate the concrete boom pump for sale

There are some tips about you should notice when you operate concrete pump car. These tips can not only make your operation safer but also protect the concrete boom pump for sale. I help these tips is useful for you.

Notice in the process of operation

1. Do not connect the pipe after the end hose;

2. The placing boom shall not be used for lifting heavy objects;

3. Only when the placing booms and supporting legs are fully closed can the concrete pump truck be moved.

30 meters of truck mounted concrete boom pumps

Items Unit  Technical Parameters
CL5281THB-37/4 CL5291THB-37/4 CL5281THB-39/4 CL5291THB-39/4
Theoretical Pumping
m3/h 150 150 150 150
Pumping Capacity
Mpa.m3/h 586 586 586 586
Hopper Capacity L 700 700 700 700
Feeding Height mm 1370 1370 1370 1370
Max. Distributing
m 36.6 36.6 38.7 38.7
Max. Distributing
m 25.5 25.5 27 27
Distance between
Front Landing Legs
mm 7058 7058 6800 6800
Distance between
Rear Landing Legs
mm 6848 6848 7000 7000
Diameter  of
Conveying Pipe
mm 125 125 125 125
Length of Tail Hose m 4 4 4 4
Remote-control Distance m 200 200 200 200
Front Tread mm 2065 2022 2065 2022

Notice about the supporting legs

1. The boom pump truck shall be in a horizontal state, and the inclination in any direction shall not exceed 3 degrees;

2. When opening the supporting legs, do not stand within the extension of the legs to avoid injuries;

3. When the factors that reduce stability appear, the placing boom must be gathered immediately.

Notice about the placing boom

truck mounted concrete pump

1. Below the boom is the danger zone, beware of falling concrete;

2. The boom cannot be used in weather with winds greater than eight;

3. No one may stand within the range specified by the end hose;

4. Be careful of the risk of electric shock when operating near a high-voltage line;

5. Do not bend the end hose and end hose should not be immersed into concrete.

Notice when pumping concrete

1. When the concrete boom pump for sale is running, do not open the hopper screen, water tank cover plate and other facilities;

2. When pipes are blocked, the placing boom concrete pump must release the pressure by anti-pumping method before removing the pipe;

3. It is necessary to stop the machine and release the pressure of the accumulator before maintaining the concrete boom truck.

Advantages of Aimix concrete boom pump for sale

Components (2)
components of our concrete boom pump for sale

1. Boom system: The concrete boom pump for sale has its own concrete placing boom, which is integrated with pumping concrete, clothing and driving. This is convenient to construct. The clothing is easy and quick, saving much time for pipelines connection.

2. Chassis: Adopt domestic well-known chassis, which has the features of mature and reliable, strong power, excellent performance, driving comfort and flexible. You can easily move the truck-mounted boom pump among different construction projects.

3. Hydraulic system: Double open hydraulic loops (ps: pumping hydraulic circuit is independent of distributing hydraulic circuit) with two pumps, makes the whole hydraulic system much simpler. The reliability of the whole system is also much higher as well as the components’ life is prolonged greatly. This is convenient for judging and removing trouble.

4. Control system: The wire remote equipment is convenient for operation far away.Adopting proximity switch in hydraulic cylinder can realize changing direction with non-touch, which ensures that the direction can be changed reliably.

5. Cooling system: The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of hydraulic system below 70℃ and makes the machine in normal status.

6. Lubrication system: The hydraulic circuit will take high oil into double distributor, and then the lubricating part can obtain hydraulic oil. It ensures the lubrication of the concrete cylinder’s piston and other parts and prolongs the life of piston and other sealings.

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