Concrete Pumping for Construction Projects

Concrete Pump in Cavite, Philippines

Concrete pump in Cavite, Philippines is the most widely applicable concrete machines for concrete pumping jobs at construction sites. The use of pump crete in the Cavite can greatly save construction time and improve working efficiency. Thus, for concrete construction work, it is popular for clients to invest in a concrete pump for sale in Cavite. Among various concrete pump brands in the market, AIMIX may be your first choice. Because many AIMIX concrete pumps have already worked here. You can check some cases below.

Concrete Pump In Cative, Philippines

Working Site of AIMIX Concrete Pump in Cavite, Philippines

Until now, AIMIX has exported over 10 units of cement pumps to Cavite, especially for the ABJZ40C diesel concrete pump and mixer. Many clients in Cavite, Philippines prefer to buy the concrete mixing pump for construction projects. Let’s check the ABJZ40C diesel concrete pumps working status at the construction sites.

ABJZ40C Small Concrete Pump with Mixer for Factory Workshop Construction

Customer review: Please thank your team for their efforts in testing and debugging the concrete pump equipment. They were on time, prepared, friendly and professional. They made it look easy. Their professionalism minimized the impact on our facility and our business, and we appreciate it. It was a pleasure working with AIMIX.

ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer and Pump Working in Cative, Philippines

ABJZ40C Mobille Concrete Mix Pump for Houses Construction in Cative

ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump in In Cavite

ABJZ40C Portable Concrete Pump and Mixer for Warehouses Construction

Client review: Our experience with AIMIX was outstanding. We want to thank the AIMIX sales team for assisting us with our purchase. Again I just wanted to thank the after-sales team for technical support.

Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump in Cative, Philippines

ABJZ40C Mobile Concrete Pump for Building Construction

Customer review: AIMIX did a great job and We continued to build a working relationship. Using AIMIX machines let my building construction projects be in progress smoothly.

ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer and Pump for Building Construction in Cative, Philippines

Different Capacities of Concrete Pumps for Choices in Cavite

The concrete pump capacity is the first factor that the client would consider when searching for one for his construction projects. Also, it is important for him to choose a suitable capacity for pumpcrete. In AIMIX, different kinds of concrete pumps have various capacities accordingly as follows:

30 m3/h Pumpcrete

  • Based on the capacity of 30 cubic meters per hour, there are two kinds of concrete pumps for choice. One is the ABT30C line pump, and the other one is ABJZ30C diesel concrete mixer pump.
  • Worth mentioning, the ABJZ30C concrete mixer and pump have both mixing and pumping functions, which combined the ABT30C station concrete pump and JZC450 drum concrete mixer together. Therefore, the cost of the concrete pump mixer is a litter higher than that of the concrete line pump for sale.
  • You can choose either one according to your construction requirements. If your construction needs mixing work, the mixer pump is the ideal choice!

ABT30C Mini Pumpcrete in Cative
ABT30C Mini Pumpcrete
ABJZ30C Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine in Cative, Philippines
ABJZ30C Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

40 m3/h Mobile Concrete Pump

  • Same as the 30 m3/h concrete pumps for sale, the 40 m3/h pumpcrete also has two types: ABT40C pumpcrete line pump and ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump in Cavite.
  • Both models are hot-sale in Cavite, Philippines. Most of the clients would like to invest in one for rural and urban construction projects, especially house and building construction.
  • In addition, the capacity of 40 cubic meters per hour can satisfy various kinds of small and medium-sized construction projects. If you only pump the concrete mixture, just choose ABT40C. Otherwise, needing additional mix the mixture, choose a mixing pump.

ABT40C Concrete Line Pump in Cative, Philippines
ABT40C Concrete Line Pump
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixing Pump for House Construction in Cative, Philippines
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixing Pump

14m ~57m Pumpcrete Truck

  • The concrete pump truck is the biggest concrete pump machine in AIMIX. In general, it pumps the concrete mixtures to hard-to-reach or narrow places through the placing boom. The length of placing booms would decide how far the concrete boom truck can transport the mixture.
  • In AIMIX, the concrete boom pump truck has different models for choices, like 14m, 21m, 34m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, and 57m. Among them, the 14 m boom pressure concrete pump is hot-selling in the Philippines market. And we have exported this model to the Philippines. If you wanna get the price, contact our sales directly.

Reasons of Buying AIMIX Concrete Pump in Cative

There are so many concrete pump companies in Cative, Philippines. Therefore, the clients have many choices. Among them, AIMIX Group can stand out and be the clients’ first choice. Here are some reasons why to buy AIMIX concrete pumps.

  • 1. Before buying the mini concrete pump, there are many concrete pump working sites for visiting in Cative, Philippines. Clients can visit them on-site and check the working status of pumpcrete.
  • 2. AIMIX has branch office in Manila, Philippines that is near the Cative. Clients can come to the office anytime during work time and talk with our sales face-to-face for business.
  • Philippines Sales Team
    Philippines Sales Team
  • 3. We promise to offer considerate after-sales service for clients. There are local engineers who can help install and debug the equipment at the construction sites.
  • 4. AIMIX offers reasonable concrete pump price. Compared with the prices of other concrete pump manufacturers, ours is more competitive and reasonable. And AIMX concrete pump has longer service life.

Get The Best AIMIX Concrete Pump Price in Cative, Philippines

In AIMIX, there are different kinds of concrete pumps for sale. Thus, the concrete pump prices are diverse. Besides, under the same type of concrete pump, there are various models for choices. Accordingly, the prices are also different. Here is a simple comparison of them.

Considerate Service

  • Among them, the price of the boom concrete pump for sale is the most expensive. Because it is mounted on a truck.
  • Compared with the concrete line pump for sale, the mixer pump price is higher than the line pump for sale under the same capacity.
  • Under the same capacity, the diesel concrete pump price is higher than the electric one.

If you want to get the exact price of the concrete pump for sale, welcome to contact us for the latest prices! Contact us through email, tel, WhatsApp, and Viber now! Then our sales would reply as soon as possible!

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