Aimix Mobile Batch Plant Was Installed In Manila, Philippines

Good news! Recent Aimix AJY25 mobile concrete batching plant has been successfully installed in Manila, Philippines. Because it is a small capacity and small size concrete mixing plant, it took less time about half one month to install it at the construction site. You can check some installing pictures on-site.

Aimix Mobile Batch Plant Was Installed In Manila, Philippines

AJY25 Mobile Concrete Plant Installing On-site

1. Lay the foundation. It is necessary for the customer to do the foundation work before installing. In general, according to the size of the site location, the Aimix engineer would make a drawing of batching plant layout. The customer just needs to do the foundation work according to the drawing.

2. Concrete batching machine and belt conveyor installation. The AJY25 mobile batching plant adopts a two-bin concrete batching machine. Besides, the belt conveyor is a bridge that connects the concrete batcher to the concrete mixer. Therefore, it needs to install in order.

Installing Concrete Batching Machine in Manila, Philippines

3. Cement silo assembly and erecting. It just needs one cement silo to match the AJY25 batching plant for sale. General, the customer needs to assemble the bolted cement silo horizontally at the ground. Then it would be lifted vertically at the right position.

Cement Silo for AJY25 Mobile Concrete Plant
Cement Silo of AJY25 Mobile Batching Plant

4. Installing concrete mixer and electric control room. Generally, the electric control room is close to the concrete mixer machine. Because the concrete mixer working is controlled by the PLC control programmable panel in the control room.

5. Testing and debugging. After finishing the assembly, the worker needs to test it at the construction site. If there is something wrong with the machine, our engineer would debug it until it can work normally.

AJY25 Mobile Concrete Plant Installation in Manila
AJY25 Mobile Batch Plant in Manila

For installing service, there is no need for customers in the Philippines to worry. Because we have local after-sales service staff for installing, debugging, training, and guide service. Therefore, with the best service, customers can choose Aimix concrete plant for sale without hesitation! Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp! Later our sale from Aimix Group would reply to you as soon as possible!

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