AIMIX Self Loading Mixer With Pump

Self loading Transit Mixer

Self loading transit mixer in the Philippines is a machine that is used to batch, mix, transport, and pour concrete mixture itself. That’s the main reason why automatic equipment is well-received among clients. In general, it blends the concrete mixture through rotating paddles and produces a homogeneous concrete mixture for construction. Thus, Many clients in the Philippines have purchased Aimix self loading transit mixers for different purposes, such as houses, buildings, factories, harbors, roads, foundations, concrete slab construction, etc. Please check the models and applications below.

Self Loading Transit Mixer for Sale in The Philippines

Different Models of Self Loading Transit Mixers for Sale in Aimix

  • There are roughly 6 models of mixers made by Aimix self loading transit mixer manufacturer, ranging from 1.8 m3 to 6.5 m3, including 1.8 m3, 2.6 m3, 3.5 m3, 4.0 m3, 5.5 m3, and 6.5 m3. According to its capacity, we have divided them into three types as follows:
  • 1.8 m3 and 2.6 m3 are small self loader concrete mixers; 3.5 m3 and 4.0 m3 are medium-sized self loading mixer; 5.5 m3 and 6.5 m3 are large self loading mixer trucks.
  • Among the 6 models, there are three models of self loading mixers that are hot-sale in the Philippines market, including 1.8 m3, 2.6 m3, and 3.5 m3. Here are some simple introduction about them. Please check them below.

Hot-sale Self Loading Mixer Models in The Philippines – AS-1.8, AS-2.6, and AS-3.5

It is not difficult to detect that the small and medium-sized self loading mixers are popular in the Philippines market. Because there are a lot of contractors who has owned several small and medium-sized projects. Thus, the three models of mixers are hot-selling. You can check them one by one.

AS-1.8 Self Loading Transit Mixer


Discharge Capacity: 1800L
  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 2680L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 78kw
  • Water Tank: 400L

  • AS-1.8 is the smallest self loader mixer for sale in Aimix. It can produce 7.2 cubic meters of concrete mixture in one hour. If you need a mixer with a capacity under 7.2 m3/h, it is better to use the ordinary concrete mixer in the Philippines.
  • In general, customers in the Philippines use the AS-1.8 self loading mixer truck for small size construction projects, especially for foundation construction.
  • One of the Philippines clients purchased 6 units of AS-1.8 self loading mixers one time for his different projects. You can check the cases below.

6 Units of AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer Trucks Arrived in The Philippines

AS-1.8 Mini Self Loading Transit Mixers Arriving in The Philippines

AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer Trucks in The Philippines

AS-2.6 Self Loading Transit Mixer Truck in The Philippines


Discharge Capacity: 3500L
  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 3580L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 78kw
  • Water Tank: 500L

  • AS-2.6 is also a small self loading concrete mixer for sale in the Philippines. Compared with the AS-1.8, it can be used for relatively large-size projects, such as houses, road construction, and concrete slab construction.
  • It can produce a concrete mixture of 2.6 cubic meters per batch and finish concrete production of 10.4 cubic meters per hour. Besides, the mixing drum can rotate at 270 degrees.
  • Many clients have got returns after six months’ investment. Therefore, you can try on investing in one for business. Welcome to contact our sales for self loading transit mixer price details!

AS-2.6 For House Construction In Davao, Philippines

AS-2.6 Concrete Precast Pouring Project In Cavite, Philippines

AS-3.5 Self Loader Transit Mixer in The Philippines


Discharge Capacity: 5500L
  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 4740L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 91kw
  • Water Tank: 620L

  • AS-3.5 self loading transit concrete mixer in Aimix Group is the most hot-selling model not only in the Philippine market, but in other countries markets, like Russia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Kenya, Nigeria, Dr Congo, Uzbekistan, etc.
  • The AS-3.5 is a medium-capacity mixer with a discharge capacity of 3500L. It means that the mixer can produce 3.5 cubic meters mixture per batch. Besides, its concrete output is about 14 cubic maters per hour.
  • In the Philippines, the customers buy it mainly for road construction and house construction in rural and urban areas.

AS-3.5 For Road Construction In Manila, Philippines

Effecient Machines Combination for Mixing and Pumping Solutions

self loading trasnsit mixer with pump

In fact, sometimes it is not enough to own only a self loading concrete mixer to finish the construction project, especially for building construction. After the self loading transit mixer in the Philippines finishes fresh concrete production, the mixture needs to be transported to the specified location. In this way, the concrete pumping machine can solve the issue perfectly. Because the line concrete pump can pump the concrete mixture to where it is needed easily through high pressure. Therefore, the self loading concrete mixer with pump combination is well-received in the market. Check the applications in the Philippines.

Self Loading Mixer with Pump for Foundation Construction in The Philippines

  • Products: AS-5.5 Self Loader Transit Mixer + ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump
  • Construction Project: Foundation construction
  • Working Site: Cebu, Philippines

Systems of Self Loading Transit Concrete Mixer Truck

The self loading mixer is composed of several systems, loading and feeding system, mixing system, unloading system, weighing system, and control system. Here are simple introductions of them.

Loading and Feeding System

Equipped with the hydraulic shovel, it can load the aggregates easily and accurately. Then it would lift the material and feed the aggregate into the mixer drum.

Mixing System

After unloading the aggregate into the mixer drum, the mixture would be evenly blended in the mixer drum. There are mixing blades to ensure quality concrete mixture production. In addition, it can mix a bucket of concrete quickly. And it can mix during the transportation process.

Systems Of Self Loading Transit Concrete Mixer

Unloading System

The self loader mixer can unload the concrete out to the ground in any direction because the mixing drum can rotate for 270 degrees. The mixture would be unloaded through the chute.

Weighing System

In the driving cab, there is a weighing scale to display the weights of materials. According to the set value, it can accurately weigh the aggregate through the sensor.

Control System

The control system is integrated into the cab. The operator can control all processes of self loading mixer for sale through the joystick, including the loading, mixing, and discharging process. Therefore, it is easier for the operator to operate and maintain.

How Does The Self Loading Mixer Work?


Use the front bucket of self loading transit mixer to load the aggregate.


The weighing scale in the cab weighs the material in the bucket through the sensor.


After weighing, lift the bucket and unload the aggregates into the concrete mixer tank.


The mixing tanks would blend the materials efficiently and uniformly.


During the transportation process, the concrete mixer drum rotates to keep mixing and to prevent concrete segregation.


The concrete mixture would be unloaded through the chute.

The working process of self loading transit mixer is simple. Here is a working video for reference.

FAQs About Self Loading Transit Mixer

1. Do I Need to Install the Mixer After Getting It?

  • Yes, it needs to assemble because it is apart to load into the container before exporting.

2. How to Assemble the Self Loader Mixer?

  • There is guidance on how to assemble in the manual operations. Or watch the following video for reference:

3. How Much is the Shipping Cost? Which Seaport to Export?

  • Affected by the current environment, the shipping fee is not fixed. The specific freight depends on the delivery time. In general, Aimix would export the equipment from Qingdao or Guangzhou Port.

4. How Should I Pay for the Mixer? What Are Payment Terms in Aimix?

  • Most payments are accepted in USD currency. The payment methods accepted for international orders are: 30%T/T in advance, 70% T/T before delivery; LC

5. How Long is the Manufacturing Time of the Mixer?

  • Less than one month production period.

6. What’s the Aimix Delivery Time of the Self Loading Transit Mixer Truck?

  • 10 working days after getting 70% T/T

7. What’s the Warranty Period for Self Loading Mixer in the Philippines?

  • One-year warranty since receiving the equipment.

8. Does Aimix Provide After-sales Service for Mixers?

  • Certainly. Aimix has a branch office in Manila. Clients can come and contact for solutions. In addition, we can arrange for engineers to check and maintain the machines at the construction sites.

Best Aimix Service Team

9. What Should I Do if There is No Experience in Importing?

  • Choose turnkey service. The service is for clients who don’t have experience importing the equipment. We would arrange for exporting, transporting, and customs clearance services. The client just needs to take it home from the port.

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