Sand Making Machine

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Fine Crushing

Feed particle size: ≤60mm

Capacity: 60-750 t/h

Sand making machine in the Philippines, also know as a sand maker, is a type of equipment used to produce artificial sand from natural or crushed materials.

Sand making machine in the Philippines

Although the Philippines is a country rich in natural resources, the use of sand making machines can help reduce the mining of natural sand and gravel, thereby mitigating the negative impact on the environment. Therefore, it is usually used to process local raw materials such as limestone, granite, river sand and other mineral sands to create artificial sand and gravel that meets specific project requirements. First, let’s take you through the wide application of sand making machines.

raw materials of sand making machine processing

In What Basic Engineering Construction Is The Sand Making Machine Used?

With the continuous advancement of infrastructure construction, sand maker machine is increasingly used in the Philippines and have become an indispensable part of the construction of various infrastructure projects.

  • Therefore, it can be seen everywhere, playing an important role in highways, urban construction, road construction, bridge construction, port construction and water conservancy projects, water conservancy projects, and other fields with unparalleled efficiency.

    In the construction of the above projects, the sand making machines are mainly responsible for providing the required high-quality sand and gravel materials.

    applications of sand making machine

Apart from that, it is also be used for chemical industry. Because the materials have contained many useful elements for chemical products production. Here is a customer who has purchased AIMIX sand making machine for processing quartz sand. Check details below.

150 TPH VSI Sand Making Machine for Producing Quartz Sand

Raw Material Size: 400mm
Finished Product Size: 0-3mm
Applied Fields: used for making glass and ceramics
Equipment: vibrate feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, rock sand making machine, vibrating screen.

As the final particle size is quite small, approximately 3 mm, the sand making machine becomes the preferred choice for fine crushing. The customer expressed his satisfaction with the tailored crushing solution and subsequently confirmed his order with AIMIX.

Sand Making Machine For Producing Quartz Sand

200 TPH Crushing Machine and Sand Making Machine for Processing Cobblestone

Process materials: mainly river pebbles
Finished product sizes: 0-5mm, 5-20mm, 20-40mm, 40-70mm
Equipment: Vibrating feeder APG-4911W + jaw crusher APJ-7510E + cone crusher APC-300M + VSI sand crusher APV-1145 + sand washing machine APW-3019D.

Customer feedback:
Until now, the crushing machine and sand making machine still run well at the construction site. I have used them for two years. They have brought great profits for me. I have recommended AIMIX equipment for my friends.

APV-1145 VSI Sand Making Machine
APC-300M Cone crusher in operation
vibrating feeder and jaw crusher

As the case shows, the final configuration contains crushing machine and sand making machine. Therefore, they have closed associations. Let’s check the relationship of them together.

Relationship of Crushing Machine and Sand Making Machine

Sand making machines and crusher machines both play important roles in industries such as construction and mining, but there are some differences in their functions and applications. The following is the relationship between them:

  • Crusher Machine

    The crusher is a mechanical device that is mainly used to crush raw materials, such as rocks, ores and ores, through mechanical force and break them into smaller particles. It is usually divided into different types, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc. Each type is suitable for different types of raw materials and crushing requirements. The crusher is mainly responsible for breaking raw materials into particles of the required size.

    Jaw Crusher
    Jaw Crusher
    Cone Crusher Machine
    Cone Crusher
    impact crusher
    Impact Crusher

  • Sand Making Machine

    The sand making machine for sale is usually used to process already crushed raw materials and process them into artificial sand that meets specific specifications and quality standards through different processes, including screening, molding, sand washing, etc. The goal of a sand making machine is to produce high-quality, uniform particle size artificial sand.

    sand making machine for sale in AIMIX
    Sand Making Machine

Therefore, the sand making machine usually relies on the output of the crusher machine, and the input of the sand making machine is usually the raw material after crushing by the crusher machines. Stone crusher sand making machine is often used together in construction, highway construction, water conservancy projects and other fields to produce high-quality materials such as concrete and asphalt sand, artificial sand, etc.

Crushing and Sand Making Machine Working Together
sand making process

Types of VSI Sand Manufacturing Machines

In AIMIX, there are two types of VSI sand makers for sale, including APV series and APV-X series. They are ideal tertiary or quaternary crushers. Here are some details about two kinds of sand makers.

APV Series VSI Crushers

  • Maximum processing capacity (surrounding feed and center feed): 520t/h
  • Maximum feeding size (soft materials): 35-50mm
  • Maximum feeding size (hard materials): 30-45mm
  • Characteristics:

    1. Suitable for coarse and fine crushing of extra hard, medium hard and corrosive materials

    2. It adopts stone-iron structure, closed-circuit operation has high sand formation rate, up to 100%;

    3. Hydraulic cover opening device makes the replacement of wearing parts easier and faster;

    4. The operation and lubrication are highly automated and can be controlled by PLC controlling panel.

    APV Series VSI Crusher
Capacity (t/h)Full center feeding60-90100-130150-190225-260
Surrounding feed and center feed120-180200-260300-380450-520
Maximum feed sizesoft material35404550
hard material30354045
Speed (r/min)1700-19001520-17001360-15101180-1310
Dual motor power110-150180-220260-320400-440
Dimensions L×W×H (mm)3700×2150×21004140×2280×24254560×2447×27785000×2700×3300
Weight (t)the crush between stone and impact plate7.810.31625.6
Thin oil lubrication stationDouble oil pump power2×0.37
Safety protectionComplementary oil supply by dual oil pumps; automatic shutdown without oil return; water cooling; automatic heating at low temperature
Fuel tank heating power2
Dimensions L×W×H (mm)820×520×1270
The above are standard series vertical shaft sand making machines

APV-X Series VSI M Sand Machine

When comparing the APV series VSI crushers available for sale, the APV-X series VSI sand core making machine offers a significantly broader capacity range and can accommodate larger maximum feeding sizes.

  • Maximum processing capacity (surrounding feed and center feed): 750t/h
  • Maximum feeding size (soft materials): 40-60mm
  • Maximum feeding size (hard materials): 35-55mm
  • Features:

    1.The optimized and dynamically balanced rotor, with arc shape and reinforced cavity shape and matching rotation speed, enables the equipment to have large processing capacity, high sand formation rate, cubic product and smooth operation;

    2.The maximum moisture content of the crushed materials can reach 20%. Generally, the washed rocks can be directly put into this machine for crushing.

    APV-X Series VSI Sand Maker
Capacity (t/h)Full center feeding70-140120-200180-280250-360350-480
Surrounding feed and center feed150-280240-380350-540500-640500-750
Maximum feed sizesoft material4050506060
hard material3545455055
Speed (r/min)1700-19001500-17001300-15101100-1310900-1200
Dual motor power110-150180-220260-320400-440500-630
Dimensions L×W×H (mm)4100×2330×23004140×2500×27004560×2600×29005100×2790×33205300X2990×3720
Weight (t) crush between stones12.114.818.627.534.5
Thin oil lubrication stationDouble oil pump power2×0.37
Safety protectionComplementary oil supply by dual oil pumps; automatic shutdown without oil return; water cooling; automatic heating at low temperature
Fuel tank heating power2
Dimensions L×W×H (mm)820×520×1270
The above are fine crushing series high-efficiency sand making machines with multi-channel projectile material crushing cavity

Based on the above capacity of sand making machine, you can select one according to your actual requirements. If you are still puzzled on the selection, here are some guidance for reference.

How to Choose A Suitable Crushed Sand Making Machine?

sand maker working on-site
Project Requirements
The specific requirements of the project must be clarified. Determine the type of sand and gravel required, particle size, quality standards and production requirements.

Raw Material Characteristics
Understanding the hardness, humidity, wear characteristics and shape of the raw material is crucial to the selection of the sand brick making machine.

Production Capacity
Select the production capacity of the sand making machine based on project needs and expected output.

Quality and Shape Requirements
Determine the mass and particle shape of artificial sand required. Certain sand making machines provide better control over the quality and shape of sand and gravel, making them suitable for high-standard projects.

Determine the project budget so that you can choose a suitable sand making machine within the budget. The prices of different models of sand making machines vary.

If you still do not know how to choose the suitable equipment according to the budget and estimate the total cost of the whole machine, please consult our sale for advice right now. Contact us through email, tel, WhatsApp, or the following chart!

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