Loading and Transporting AIMIX Mobile Crusher to Customer

Congratulations! AIMIX mobile crusher plant has finished manufacturing in the factory. Then we tested and debugged it carefully to ensure its excellent performance before exporting. Here are some pictures taken during the testing process in the factory.

Manufacturing Mobile Crusher in Factory
Mobile Screening Part

Mobile Crushing Plant for Crushing Volcanic Rock

  • In the beginning, the customer sent us an inquiry about a mobile crusher for his project. He bought a mobile crushing plant that is mainly for processing volcanic rock.
  • Thus, according to the types of mobile crushers for sale, our sales has recommended him two kinds of crusher. One is tire type, and the other is crawler type. After consideration, he chose the tire-type mobile crushing plant.
  • According to the construction scale of the project and requirements of the raw material, we have customized 100t mobile crushing and screening lines for him. He was satisfied with the customized solution and decided to make an order from us without hesitation.

100T Mobile Crushing Plant
Jaw Crusher for Mobile Crusher Plant

Configurations of Mobile Crushing Plant

Due to the special requirements for the customer’s volcanic rock crushing, the AIMIX engineer has designed the crushing plant layout and customized the main components for the equipment.

1. It adopts the jaw crusher equipment as the primary crushing. Because the particle size of the rock raw materials is relatively larger. Besides, the input size of the jaw crusher for sale can meet the feeding requirements. Therefore, it is also named after the mobile jaw crusher plant.

2. Because the volcanic rock raw materials are not concentrated together, the customer needed a mobile type that can move easily at the construction sites. After comparing the tire type and crawler type, he chose the tire type. The main reason is that the tire type is cheaper.

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