AS-4.0 Self Loading Transit Mixer Was Delivered to Batangas City, Philippines

Good news! In Dec. 2022, another unit of self loading concrete mixer truck was ready to export to the Philippines. This time we exported the AS-4.0 model of the self-loader mixer that would be used for villa construction projects in Batangas City, Philippines. It was the client’s first time buying construction equipment from Aimix Group.

AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer in The Factory Before To the Philippines

Testing The Mixer Before Exporting to The Client

  • After communicating with the client, we recommended he purchased the AS-4.0 self loading mixer truck. After consideration, the client took our advice and made the order at the end of Nov. 2022.
  • We started to manufacture the mixer in the Aimix factory as soon as possible after receiving the order. After ten days of manufacturing, it was finished.
  • Then our engineers in the factory began to test and debug it thoroughly. Last, we would arrange for exporting it to our client before confirming that the self loading mixer truck was with stable performance.

Testing Aimix AS-4.0 Self Loading Transit Mixer Before To the Philippines
Testing AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Before To the Philippines

Choosing Aimix Self Loading Mixer Is A Wise Decision

Indeed, among various self loading concrete mixer manufacturers in the Philippines, choosing Aimix manufacturer is a wise decision. Here are some reasons why the client can choose us without hesitation.

1. Now Aimix has a resident sales team and engineers in the Philippines. Clients in the Philippines can find and visit us easily.

2. Aimix engineers can come on-site to solve all kinds of after-sales issues face-to-face. They can install, debug, check, and maintain the self loading transit mixer once it is out of order.

3. We promise to visit clients at the construction site at least two times one year. During the visit, we would provide a free checking service for clients.

Exporting AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer to

Therefore, the clients in the Philippines can choose to buy the mixer from us. We are bound to provide considerate service for clients. If you are interested in Aimix self loading mixer for sale, welcome to contact us for the latest price right now!

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