ABM-4S small block making machine

Small Block Making Machine

Small block making machine takes up relatively little space compared with large size of brick machine for sale. If your project is not very big, or your project doesn’t need too many bricks, you all can purchase the small block machine for sale. In order to meet the requirement of our customers, our engineers improve our machine and produce mobile type small brick block machine. So there are stationary type and mobile type small brick making machine that you can choose. Mobile type simple brick making machine is more convenient to move. Our small machine for block is widely used for the construction of houses, gardens, roads and so on.

a small block making production line
small block making production line

Advantages of small block making machine

1. Small occupation area. Different models of brick making machine needs to equip with different parts. Compared with large size of brick machine, the specification of small brick machine for sale parts is smaller. Therefore, the occupation area of whole machine is small, which greatly saves your cost of construction site.

2. Less investment cost and higher return on investment. Even if you don’t money, you also can invest in a small scale block maker. Moreover, as long as you operate our machine correctly, you can get the profits quickly.

3. Easy operation and maintenance. Simple structure and advanced control system of mini brick making machine makes it operation easier. In addition, it is simple for you to maintain it when there are something wrong with this machine.

ABM-3S small block making machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle moldingPcs/Hr
hollow bricks390*190*19015-20s540-720
solid blocks200*100*6015-25s1500-1800
interlocking bricks225*112.5*6015-25s1200-1400

ABM-3S small block making machine in Manila, Philippines
ABM-3S brick machine works in Manila, Philippines

4. Various of models that you can select. The models of our simple block making machine have ABM-3S, ABM-4S, ABM-4SE and ABM-6S. Get the one for your project.

5. Meet your project’s demand for bricks. Although the scale of small hydraulic brick machine is small, it also has the features of stable performance and good production efficiency. It can totally meet your project’s demand for bricks.

ABM-4S small block making machine
ABM-4S small block making machine

BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s2504-3200
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s1565-2000
hollow bricks390*190*19015-20s720-960

different bricks
application of different bricks
hollow bricks

different finished bricks product

Small concrete block machines for sale

According to the different raw materials of small block making machine for sale, small block machine has different types, such as, small concrete block making machine, small cement brick making machine, small fly ash bricks machine, small clay brick machine, etc. Among these types, small concrete block machine is the most popular product.

customer visit our factory
customer visits our factory
inspect our small brick machine
inspect our machine

transport ABM-4S small block making machine to Philippines
transport ABM-4S to Philippines

Small concrete block machines for sale mainly takes cement as its raw materials. Cement is a common raw material. So it is easy to find and purchase. What’s more, the cost of cement is not very expensive. More and more customers are willing to buy the small concrete block machines for sale. Of course, besides cement, you also can takes other waste resource as your raw materials, such as, fly ash, clay, cinder, gravel, crushed stone, slag, etc. You just need to buy any two or three materials, then you can get the high-quality bricks.

ABM-4S small block making machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle moldingPcs/Hr
hollow bricks390*190*19024-26s580
solid blocks240*115*9022-25s1400
perforated bricks240*115*5322-25s3300

ABM-6S small block making machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s3287-4200
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s1878-2400
hollow bricks390*190*19020-25s864-1080

Small brick making machine manufacturers

When you plan to buy a small block making machine, you need to look for a credible manufacturer. Maybe some customers think that small brick making machine for sale is easy to produce, so any manufacturer can produce good machine. This idea is wrong. Although automatic small brick machine is small size machine, in order to ensure its quality and service life, you still need to find a trustworthy small brick machine manufacturer.

the map of Philippines
aimix office in philippines
Aimix office in Philippines
aimix group in philippines
Aimix Team in Philippines

Our Aimix Group has rich production experience to produce small block making machine. Moreover, we know the Philippines market well. Maybe you have heard of our company’s name. Whether you want to buy a small scale brick making machine or other construction machinery, you can contact us. Different from other overseas companies, the biggest advantages of our company is that we have our branch office in Philippines. This is more convenient for us to serve you better.

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