ABM-3S hydraulic block making machine for sale

Hydraulic Block Making Machine

As its name implied, hydraulic block making machine takes the hydraulic transmission as its power to produce various of bricks. Besides producing different types of bricks, hydraulic brick making machine has the two main advantages. One is that it can produce colored pavement bricks, which makes the bricks have wider application. The other is that hydraulic brick machine adopts oil cylinder to pressurize, so its forming effect is better. Therefore, hydraulic block machine becomes more and more popular. The hydraulic operated concrete block making machine has its own features of high production capacity, less labor cost, stable performance and easy operation.

a complete hydraulic block making machine
a complete hydraulic block production line

the raw materials
raw materials
different finished bricks
various bricks

Why should you invest in a hydraulic block making machine?

If you are in the early stage of investment, choosing a good construction machinery to invest is very important for you. There are many types of brick making machines on the market, such as, hollow block machine, concrete block machine, cement brick making machine, solid brick machine, interlocking brick machine. Why should you invest in a hydraulic brick making machine?

On the one hand, hydraulic block machine for sale has wide application. Our hydraulic brick making machine for sale can produce all kinds of bricks, such as, insulating bricks, maple leaves bricks, hollow bricks, porous bricks, lawn bricks, decorate bricks and so on. You can use these bricks for different projects.

bricks sample
sample of bricks
ABM-4S hydraulic brick making machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s2504-3200
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s1565-2000
hollow bricks390*190*19015-20s720-960

On the other hand, hydraulic block machine has high return on investment. For those people who want to invest, their biggest concerned thing is the return on investment. In this respect, investing in a hydraulic brick making machine for sale is a good choice for you. You don’t have too much investment cost and you can buy a good hydraulic brick making machine. Moreover, as long as you operate the machine correctly as required, our hydraform block machine for sale has high productivity. Therefore, after buying a hydraform block making machine, you can get the great profit in a short period.

ABM-3S hydraulic block making machine for sale
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle moldingPcs/Hr
hollow bricks390*190*19015-20s540-720
solid blocks200*100*6015-25s1500-1800
interlocking bricks225*112.5*6015-25s1200-1400

ABM-4SE hydraulic block machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle moldingPcs/Hr
hollow bricks390*190*19024-26s580
solid blocks240*115*9022-25s1400
perforated bricks240*115*5322-25s3300

ABM-6S hydraulic block making machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s3287-4200
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s1878-2400
hollow bricks390*190*19020-25s864-1080

ABM-8S hydraulic block making machine
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s4382-5600
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s3130-4000
solid blocks240*115*5315-17s9000-10000

ship ABM-4S hydraulic block machine to Philippines
deliver ABM-4S to Philippines

Components of hydraulic brick making machine

components of hydraulic block making machine
components of hydraform block machine

Block molding machine: Mainly be used to finish the production process

Block conveyor: When the bricks is produced, the block conveyor can transport them to the stacker machine.

Hydraulic system: It is mainly used to provide the hydraulic power for the whole machine.

Control system: Our control system adopts PLC control system, which can improve the working efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.

components of hydraform block machine

Of course, besides these basic components, a complete of hydraulic brick production line also needs other spare parts. For example, the cement silo can store the raw materials; the mixer machine is used to mix the raw materials into finished bricks; screw conveyor can transport the cement to the mixer machine; the batching machine can weigh the raw materials before mixing them.

If you want to purchase a complete set of hydraulic block making machines, you can contact us. Our salesman will give you some professional advice according to the condition of your projects. If you have any confusion, welcome to consult us!

ABM-10S hydraulic block machine for sale
BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
paving blocks200*100*6018-23s4852-6200
interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s3287-4200
solid blocks240*115*5315-17s11011-12480
hollow bricks390*190*19020-25s1440-1800

hydraulic block making machine works in the construction site
hydraulic machine works in the construction site

What do you need to prepare when buying a hydraulic block machine?

Purchasing the hydraform brick making machine is important decision. So when you buy the machine, you should prepare something in order to purchase a good machine.

ABM-12S Hydraulic block making machine for sale

First of all, you need to have some raw materials. As we all know, the hydraform block machine can take some waste resource as its raw materials, such as, fly ash, cement, cinder, crushed stone, sand, construction refuse, etc. You just need two or three kinds of raw materials to produce your bricks.

Then, you need to have a construction site. Whether your construction site is small or large, you can pick up a corresponding size of hydraulic block making machine. If your construction site is large, you can make a large investment. On the contrary, small size of hydroform bricks for sale is ideal for you.

Finally, you need to hire three to five workers. Our hydraulic block making machine is easy to operation. So you don’t need too many labors. Three to five workers are enough. Our engineers will train them until they can use the machine safely and correctly.

To sum up, if you plan to buy a hydraulic block making machine, please don’t hesitate to choose our company!

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